Surry Hills : 20 Best Things To Do

Surry Hills is a city in Australia. It is an evolving place famous for its stunning cafes and views. Cleveland streets with coffee shops, boutiques, and much more. Wine bars and galleries located around the Surry Hills Library are highlights of this beautiful city. There are a lot of things to do at Surry Hills, and this article will take you through them.

20 Best Things To Do At Surry Hills

Surry Hills positions as one of the top foodie destinations in Sydney, yet cross country. There’s a rich blend of all-over cuisines from the world in the streets of Surry Hills, from Middle Eastern to Japanese, French to American grill, and that’s just the beginning or less in the middle.

Surry Hills
Matheus Frade/ Unsplash. Copyright 2018

Fanatics of Italian food are especially very much served by different cafés where you can find pizza and pasta dishes that any Surry Hills native would be glad to call the food of their city. A flourishing bistro culture has likewise made Surry Hills one of the most well-known weekend lunch spots in Sydney, where a large number of the city’s best baristas carry out their specialty.

Below listed are a few places and activities that will help you explore the place more properly.

1. Bourke Street Bakery

Surry Hills
Samuel T/ Unsplash. Copyright 2022

There are a lot of best options at Surry hills to have your breakfast, but the most famous Bourke Street Bakery is a place where you should kick start your day with some delicious pastries and scrumptious bread. The Bourke Street Bakery is a well-known place among the locals and is recommended to travellers to make a stop at this amazing bakery.

Talking about specials, Sausage lamb roll with almond and harissa is tough to deny when at the bakery in addition to this are the mouth watering pies, tarts, and much more. When visiting Surry Hills, you must visit the Bourke Street Bakery.

2. Surry Hills Markets

Taking place on the first Saturday at the corners of Crown and Collins street each month are the well-known Surry Hills Markets. Famous for its vintage vibes, you can find antiques, home decor, handmade products, and much more at Surry Hills Market. Products made with the hands of local designers at the market, visiting here should be a must when in Surry Hills.

The funds collected from the Surry Hills Market are then sent to the local neighbourhood centres, which add some positive social impact to the shopping experience. To buy some stuff for the house, or have something local to keep the memory of the trip or gifts for the loved one, you can get all of it at the Surry Hills market.

3. Brett Whiteley Studio

Brett Whiteley Studio is a well-known destination in Surry Hills, famous for its artistic culture and exhibitions. Brett Whiteley was a young soul who bought a warehouse in 1985 in the Surry Hills and converted that place into a studio; now, after his death in 1992, the place is famous for his preservations of the studio and insights into his living area. The studio highlights show the professional and personal life of Brett Whiteley.

People in surry hills and travelers love the place. Brett Whiteley gave his early years of life on the lush green north shore of Sydney and went to the boarding school of Bathurst.

He was a person who had attachments to the landscapes. Brett Whiteley has a unique way of seeing things; curvaceous rock formations, tumbling waves, and rolling hills fascinated him. Whiteley’s style was of deep sensuality.

Brett Whiteley’s landscapes were added to Asian Aesthetics as he was intrigued by Japanese and Chinese art. His work has been a part of Australian artistic culture. When in Surry hills, you must visit Brett Whiteley’s studio to explore the art and unique style of Brett Whiteley.

4. Golden Age Cinema

Golden Age Cinema is located inside the Paramount House building. It is known as Surry Hills’ best arthouse theatre. The Golden Age Cinema includes a 60-seat theatre, and various programs of classics, film festivals, mainstream, and much more are hosted inside the theater. It is always recommended to reserve the seats beforehand to avoid any delay and watch the show smoothly without any disturbances.

Snacks like Cheese Toast, eschew popcorn, and mocktails make the experience of watching theatre much better. The reformed retro rooms inside the Golden Age Cinema display everything from classics to mainstream releases.

5. Belvoir Street Theatre

Belvoir Street Theatre is a place that has nurtured the art of some famous Australian personalities. It’s a maroon-coloured establishment that includes playwright Tommy Murphy and Cate Blanchett.

The Belvoir Street Theatre is owned by around 600 actors, patrons, and artists who are passionate about their theatre interests, and their theatre position as a theatre is Sydney’s one of the most important cultural institutions.

Belvoir Briefings is a talk that takes place before every play so that the audience can know about the play, actors, story, and production.
Belvoir Street Theatre is one of the most visited places in Surry hills. It’s been 30 years since, and continuing; the Belvoir Street Theatre showcases Australian playwrights. If you are passionate about theatre and its background, then you must visit Belvoir Street Theatres in Surry Hills.

6. Prince Alfred Park

Prince Alfred Park is connected with the eastern side of the central station. The park covers about 7.5 hectares of the lush green area of inner Sydney. Frequent renovations have taken place in Prince Alfred Park, and a major one with 18 million dollars has been concluded in 2013.

The park includes a heated pool outdoors which is 50 meters. One of the unique pools found in Surry Hills. Prince Alfred Park also includes basketball courts, Tennis courts, fitness stations, and much more. If you want to relax, then you can choose various spots with benches and grassy areas to sit in. Here your dogs can also play with their leash off.

After the latest renovation, Prince Alfred Park includes solar lighting, plant species, and a water tank with 2,50,000 liter of storage which supplies about 95% of the needs of water inside the park. Visitors can also plan to barbeque at the park with tables and proper seating provided. This place can be reached by bus or by train from Central Station. If you are in Surry Hills, then you must visit this wonderful place.

7. Catmostphere Cat Cafe

As understood by the name, Catmostphere is cat based cafe situated in the Surry hills and 100% devoted to helping and saving cats and kittens. The cafe process the partnerships with rescue groups and help the cats and kittens to find a safe place and provide everything for their daily needs and care for them also help a few of them to find homes.

The Catmostphere cafe is a well-known place in Surry Hills. There are various areas inside the cafes, such as the cafe lounge where you can spend time with adult cats, the treehouse which is tiki-themed, kitty land, the Catflix cinema where you can have a cinematic experience, and best of all, them is cat yoga. You must visit this amazing cafe in Surry Hills for an experience of a lifetime.

8. Crown Street

Crown Street is one of the most visited places in Surry Hills. The crown street covers about a distance of 2.3 kilometers and is famous for shops and restaurants. There are a lot of options for dining at the crown streets, so many that you can get confused about where to go.

In 1893 crown street resided the largest maternity hospital in the city, known as the Crown Street Women’s Hospital. Now the place where there was the hospital is used for commercial use and residential area. An electric service opened on the street in the early 20th century.

Now Crown Street is full of stunning boutiques, cafes, and bars, due to which the streets are vibrant. Crown Street is a famous spot for brunch, due to which it usually gets busy in the mornings and afternoons of Saturday and Sunday.

Four Ate Five, Hotcakes at bills and Bourke Street Bakery, and much more you can explore at the famous Crown Street. When in Surry Hills, you must visit this incredible place known as Crown Street.

The famous Chur Burger at crown street serves the best burgers in the city. Initially, the Chur Burger was started at Albion Street and then got spread all over the city.

Brooklyn Depot is also in talks with all the burger lovers in the city; you can also visit this place by walking, as this place is just a few streets away from the chur burger.

Famous The Winery is situated on Crown street, famous for its food. The famous eating and drinking place have a garden surrounding covered with lights, a drinks menu with various drinks, a food menu, and daily specials. You must have a meal at The Winery when in Surry Hills.

9. China Heights Gallery

China Height was opened in 2004 and has been one of the most visited places since then. The place highlights art galleries’ beauty and contemporary conceptual knowledge space. China Heights has been moved frequently, but now it is found at the Foster Street Warehouse on the third floor.

China Heights is a place that highlights its power in emerging the talents of all the talented artists and design enthusiasts. Commercial Commissions, self-reliant installations, and public projects have been processed by China Heights and have contributed to contemporary art in Australia.

Mark Dew and Edward Woodley run the gallery and have promoted a few most talented artists of the city, such as Trent Whitehead, Numskull, and Mark Whalen. Various exhibitions and work keep the visitors encouraged and interested. When in Surry hills, you must visit this stunning place to gain knowledge regarding art in contemporary surroundings.

10. The Indigo Project

Modern life eases the overall process physically, but mentally it affects much more than we can think. Mary Hoang and the Sydneysiders came to the rescue with their new innovative psychology product, The Indigo Project. The Indigo Project is for all those stressing under everyday pressure from work, family, and whatnot.

The place where people can go and destress themselves and generate inner peace. It is situated in the Surry Hills; the space is used for mindfulness and generates the relief people nowadays are in lack.
The Indigo Project includes workshops, therapy, yoga, nap classes, meditation, and local and international retreats.

Now The Indigo Project is a well-known program and is attended by a lot of people. To get familiarized with the procedure, you can take the demo yoga and meditation classes. The only requirement to enter inside is the need for a curious mind.

Once you get to know about the process and are ready to enter this relieving ride of calmness, then take up the program and get your mind and body in a better place. When in Surry Hills, you must visit this innovative place to help your mind calm down and understand yourself more with meditation in other programs.

11. Palace Cinema Verona

Earlier the area used to be a fashion area, but now it is famous for its design, media, and professional services. The place is unique, with diverse and colorful surroundings and stunning boutiques, brands, and various stores found in the Surry Hills.

You can check out the modern fashions and bohemian style in this amazing place. This is a prominent place for art galleries, antique dealers, pubs, and cafes. If you stroll around on a Saturday morning, then you can come across a few artists and students from Oxford street. It’s a great place to visit in Surry Hills, and you must visit if you are someone into media and fashion.

12. Albion Street

Albion Street is situated in the Surry Hills inside the local government area. The street is about 1 kilometer in the distance and is towards the east-west side of Elizabeth Street.

Albion Street is known for its heritage buildings and historical background. Various styles, such as Federation and Victorian styles, can be seen on Albion Street, and ecclesiastical architecture can also be noticed on the street.

Terrace Houses make Albion Streets famous. Few houses are three-storeyed and a few two-storeyed. Terrace houses with iron balconies can also be found inside the Paddington and Glebe suburbs.

Durham Hall is a well-known single-storeyed Georgian house that was built by George hill in 1834. St. Michael Church is also one of the most visited places on Albion street and was built in the year 1854 by Edmund Blacket.

Frog Hollow Reserve, located at the emerging point with Riley Street, is a well-known place in the Surry Hills. It was originated by Frog Hollow.

13. Messina

To have a proper Surry Hills native experience, you must visit Gelato Messina. This place is perfect for all those sweet tooth out there. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night, this place serves you the best ice cream flavour’s, such as white chocolate hazelnut, in various ways, like two scoops, cones, and more. Messina is a must if you are traveling to the vibrant city of Surry hills.

14. Reuben Hills

Reuben Hills attracts a lot of coffee lovers as the place serves scrumptious coffee. But remember, the quantity of coffee in each serving is a little less than expected. You must visit Reuben Hills at Surry Hills if you want to taste some good coffee.

15. Dog-Friendly City

Surry Hills is a city that welcomes everyone and let you enjoy yourself to the fullest with all your family, friends, and canine friend; yes, dogs are allowed in this amazing city. You can find more canine friends while strolling in the city, roaming around the suburbs, and at the cafes. Not only this, The Carrington Hotel offers a dog menu with dishes such as steak tartare and much more so that your little furry friend can have the best time of their life.

16. Badger And Fox Gallery

Badger and Fox Gallery is an amazing place famous for its artistic culture and environment. The gallery is the best place to reach out if you want to explore art. The art galleries inside the place have been listed under the heritage list of the city.

Promoting local artists are the main focus of this gallery. If you are someone who is into art and its forms, then you must visit Badger and Fox Gallery at the Surry Hills.

17. Nightlife In Surry Hills

You can have the best nightlife in Surry Hills as the place is famous for its amazing bar and restaurants. Rum, Italian Cocktails, chicken, and bars covered with fairy lights just set the right party mood among visitors. Gardel’s bar is a well-known bar in the Surry Hills with a relaxed and classy environment.

The place is near to the Portello Restaurant, which is also a great place to have a meal. LOW 301 Bar is also a great bar; here, you can cheer up your mood as the surrounding is vibrant and positive.

18. Australian Museum of Magical Arts

The Australian Museum of Magical Arts is situated in Darlinghurst, a few minutes away from Sydney CBD. The place is a hidden gem that stores artistic and historical stuff, which fascinates a lot of visitors.

The stunning museum is full of posters, literature regarding magic, drawing, illusions, levitation, and much more. This place offers you to enter a world full of magic and captivating opportunities. You must visit the Australian Museum of Magical Arts in Surry Hills if you want to have creative, inspirational, and rich experiences in a positive environment regarding various things.

19. The Clock Hotel’s Whisky Room

The Clock Hotel’s Whisky Room is a wooden-made hidden gem that consists of about 100 types of whiskies in addition to its whisky cocktails, boilermaker specials, and much more. Not only this the Clock also have a beer garden with a public bar and a terrace.

It’s an ideal location to have a classy and relaxing time with a glass of whisky. When in Surry Hills, you must check out this refined place.

20. Darlinghurst

Surry Hills
Cameron Bowles/ Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Darlinghurst is a great place in Surry Hills; there are lots to do when in Darlinghurst. The amazing Griffin theatre has its Headquarters at the SBW stables theatre, the same place where Cate Blanchett, the Oscar Winner, worked and graced the stage.

Eternity Playhouse is situated on Burton Street, which resides in the Darlinghurst Theatre Company. Other than this Sydney Jewish Museum is also located in Darlinghurst. Here you can roam around and learn about the Jewish historical culture.

Darlinghurst Gaol Houses is a National Art School; this place is hidden behind a sandstone wall and has remarkable galleries to troll around and explore. If you are in Surry Hills, you must visit this place.

In Darlinghurst, you can come across various boutiques, shopping places, and stores. Blue Spinach, located on Liverpool Street, is a stunning boutique that emphasizes luxurious fashion. Spunky Bruiser is a well-known clothing brand specializing in handmade styles made of sustainable materials and sources. Zink and sons are also well-known and daily visited tailoring shops in the locality. Darlinghurst is a must visit place in Surry Hills.

Well, that was the list of activities and places you can go through to explore this beautiful city, but before exploring, you must know how to visit Surry Hills.

How To Reach

Whether you’re going by bus, train, or taxi, arriving at this CBD-neighboring suburb is extremely simple. The gleaming L2 Randwick to Circular Quay line of the light rail stops on Devonshire Street from lively Crown Street, while Central Station is situated in the lower portion of Foveaux Street on the border of the suburbs.

By transport, Surry Hills is your clam, with administrations from different Sydney areas steered here. So that was all about the article. Surry Hills is an amazing city to visit and a great place to make memories of your lifetime. From having a pastry at Bourke Street Bakery to shopping for a graceful dress from Spunky Bruiser, there are a lot of things to do at Surry Hills.

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