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When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine? – A 101 Guide!

Love is a tricky business. One that the poets, doesn’t matter whether the romantics, the Victorians, or the modernists, have warned and prophesied us sublunary beings about. The intertwining of technology and capitalism has only made this equation more difficult to fathom. So much so that you can be in an exclusive romantic relationship and still waste your windy days of January thinking about, “When do you ask someone to be your valentine?”

If only it was as easy as writing a sonnet for your “dark lady” as Shakespeare did. But alas, it is not and one must follow a certain set of rules which are doomed to be forgotten. 

Lucky for you, I did some research to help you plan a perfect proposal for your partner, or even your potential partner for that matter.

1. When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

If you are a person who neither gets the point of the festivities of Valentine’s Day nor has a romantic nature, asking your special someone can be comparatively difficult for you. 

Now if we were to look at a time frame as to when to ask your girl or guy to spend Valentine’s Day with you, I would say at least ask them a week before the fourteenth.

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine? - A 101 Guide!
Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

You see waiting till the last minute can make your significant other feel that they were your last resort.

Something which is not true, or you wouldn’t be here scouring the internet for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Even better if you ask them in early February itself!

It might make them feel that you were dying to spend time with them and hence, asked them this early.

And don’t worry, it won’t look desperate since the holiday falls in the second week of February. 

2. Loving is Knowing

Now that we have gotten down to the “when”, let’s focus on the “how”. It doesn’t matter if you are a romantic couple or not, you should ask your guy or girl in a special way.

A method that is an amalgamation of some creative ways, your surplus knowledge of their likes and dislikes, and a few other romantic elements.

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine? - A 101 Guide!
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

You can ask their friends for help; you can plan a romantic gesture for them or think of a thoughtful gift or even a handmade gift.

A gift of small rocks from you would still be the best Valentine’s Day gift in their eyes.

But here we believe in raising the bar. That is why I’ve come up with three classic ways in which you can ask your destined valentine to spend Valentine’s Day with you. 

2.1. Valentine’s Day Card

The most traditional method of asking your person (preferably a girl) to be your valentine is by gifting them a traditional romantic card.

It is a great idea, and you can even find many creative cards in the market.

You can make it yourself by adding a handwritten note or a handwritten line (a private message meant for both of you). It does not have to be a lengthy message, just a small line about your feelings for your partner.

This can convert the card into a creative way of expressing your feelings and you can also accompany the card with delicious chocolates, chocolate kisses, or candy hearts.

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine? - A 101 Guide!
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels

This method requires nothing but a DIY card and for you to simply write down your feelings for your valentine.

Gifting chocolates is the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

2.2. Mixtape

If your valentine is a girl, I would suggest, you prepare a special Valentine’s Day version mixtape for your person.

She will love it. If you both have been dating for quite a while now, it is safe to say that you know her favorite song. Include it and other love songs in that mixtape of yours.

Gift the mixtape with a beautiful bouquet containing their favorite flowers.

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine? - A 101 Guide!
Image by Angela Fischer from Pixabay

Your valentine will remember this message of yours not only till Valentine’s Day but eternity.

It might be cliche but trust me, it is cliche for a reason. Your person will cherish that mixtape more than their life. 

If you do not have the means of making a mixtape, you can even make a Spotify playlist.

Just remember to make it full of songs that remind you of your Valentine.

2.3. Romantic Dinner Date

The best time to ask your person to be your Valentine is after spending time together. Moreover, this would work especially if one of their love languages is spending quality time together. 

Now, you can either take them out on an exclusive date to their favorite restaurant or prepare a fancy meal for them at home only.

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine? - A 101 Guide!
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

However, you have to know the preferences of your valentine before planning the evening.

Since you might be busy booking reservations at their favorite cafe, they are hoping for a quiet night in.

After all, you do not want to spoil the mood of your guy or girl before asking them to be your Valentine!

3. End Notes: Love is Fun

Amid all this planning and plotting, do not forget to soak all the love and friendship that you and your valentine share.

I get it that you want to make the whole experience memorable and special for them. But trust me, your presence and efforts in their life is all that matters to them.

After all, Valentine’s Day is less about celebrating capitalism and more about celebrating love.

You can opt for any one of these ways and best believe me that your valentine will appreciate it. However, do remember to have a backup plan just in case things go wrong.

Also, do not ask someone to be your Valentine just out of desperation, rather be with someone who makes real life feel like Valentine’s Day. Because after the festivities of the day are over, you would not want to go home to boredom. 

I sincerely hope that your valentine likes your surprise. Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!


Charu Shambhavi
Charu Shambhavi
This is Charu, an English major from Banaras Hindu University. She tries to be a writer, loves to disguise her passions as poetry and is an avid reader through and through. With her penmanship, she can communicate her thoughts in the simplest manner possible with proper diction and lack of grammatical mistakes. (She sincerely hopes to live up to her English professors' expectations someday.)

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