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Uncover an Eerie Side of Old Melbourne with this Ghost Tour!

Buy your tickets for the Old Melbourne Ghost Tour from Fever and get ready to have a spooky and adventurous expedition in the lanes of Old Melbourne, organized every Friday and Saturday from 8.30 pm and embarking from the Young & Jacksons Hotel.

Get to discover a plethora of untold and unheard eerie stories in the dark at this 2 km-long ghost tour in Old Melbourne.

About the Melbourne Ghost Tour

Old Melbourne is famous for the horror and spooky stories that it holds. Many don’t believe the tales and address them as just speculations. While others say that they did experience some paranormal activities around them. 

Take this tour with a group and get to know the validity of these claims and if you are someone who has always kept an interest in spooky and eerie kind of stuff, this tour is definitely for you.

This is a well-guided tour, so you do not have to worry about anything as your tour guide will ensure your safety and will let you know all the infamous tales of the city.

Uncover an Eerie Side of Old Melbourne with this Ghost Tour!
Courtesy: Fever

Get to unravel the hidden stories in the Old Town Of Melbourne and learn about the rich and dark past of Melbourne.

You will also be taken to one of the most spookiest and haunted pubs in the area where you may grab a drink or eat a meal, and satiate your hunger pangs before the trip starts. 

Areas to Explore at this Tour

Through this tour, you will get to visit and explore a lot of amazing spots in Melbourne that hold a story of themselves. 

Explore Chinatown where the spices masked the smoke of opium dens and where the poor houses supplied bodies for the sake of the advancement of medical science. 

Next, head to the famous spot where the very popular opera singer Federici gave his last performance. It is said that after his performance he plunged to his death dramatically and according to legends, his spirit still haunts the place.

General Information

Various dates are available for this tour and usually, this tour is held on Fridays or Saturdays. 

This tour is around one and a half hours long, mostly starting at 8:30 pm and you will be required to arrive outside the Young & Jackson Hotel, which is the meeting point of the tour. 

It will be a two kilometers long walking tour and the best part is that it is suitable for families; so don’t let anyone miss out on the fun.

However, only people above the age of eight are allowed to take this tour and it is mandatory to be fully vaccinated to be part of the eerie Melbourne Ghost Tour.

Melbourne Ghost Tours


Purchase your tickets for the Melbourne Ghost Tour from the Fever website which is priced at $39.00 each.

Prepare Yourself for the Spokiest Tour in Melbourne and Buy Your Tickets Now

  • What: Old Melbourne Ghost Tour.
  • Where: The meeting point is outside the Young & Jackson Hotel. 
  • When: Multiple dates available (Every Friday and Saturday).
  • Time: 1.5 hours long tour with the tour starting at 8:30 pm
  • Tickets: Buy tickets from Fever.

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