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10 Mesmerizing Tourist Attractions in Canberra

Canberra offers unique and distinctive tourist attractions. Australia’s capital city is Canberra. This magnificent city is located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. This city’s view was selected in 1908.

American architect Walter Burley Griffin designed it. He created it with his wife, Marion Mahony Griffin. They also won an international competition. It was for developing the city so gracefully. It integrates vast geometric shapes and greenbelts.

In Canberra, there are many exciting tourist attractions to see. You can go on a vacation with your loved ones. Beautiful festivals are another reason for the city’s increased fame. It also features the well-known Floriade celebration.

1. Tourist Attractions in Canberra

The top 10 well-known tourist destinations in Canberra are listed below. It includes the environs and the epicentre area of Canberra.

1.1. National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia was inaugurated in 1968. It is a valuable inventory of Australian manuscripts, books, historical documents, and newspapers. The music, pictures, and oral history are also part of this. Its most precious assets are Captain Cook’s Journal. It was from 1768 to 1771. And the Will’s Diary of his journey with Burke from 1860 to 1861.

If talking about its architecture, this building has a considerable contradiction. It is between the High Court and the National Gallery. It is built in a Greek Temple style. Its symphonic effect is emphasized by the gorgeous use of travertine and marble on the walls and columns. Marbles from Australia, Greece, and Italy were used in the interior decoration.

There are excellent stained glass windows. It is at the entrance of the library by Leonard French. The 3 Aubusson curtains are made from Australian wool.

The Treasure’s Gallery shows the best parts of the library collection. The exhibition gallery also features unique visiting displays. These require booking on the lower floor.

1.2. Mount Ainslie Lookout

If you genuinely want to appreciate the design and beauty of Canberra. It would be best if you headed out to Mount Ainslie. So, you can take an incredible lookout at the entire city. This is among the most famous viewpoints of the city.

It has an excellent bike and a walkway. It is over two kilometres from the back of the Australian War Memorial. You can stop on the way to look at memorial signs. So, you can learn more about momentous Australian Battles. There are possibilities that you might encounter some kangaroos. Also, you can watch a flock of beautiful tiny birds.

You can also drive up the mountain to a lookout on the way. Walter Burley Griffin’s sight has helped make the guards align perfectly. The alerts include a remarkable arrangement by Lake Burley Griffin and the Anzac Parade. The old Parliament House and the burnished lines of the new Parliament House are in the background.

And make sure to bring a jacket with you on breezy days, as it’s pretty chilly up there. Many other watchtower points cover Black Hill in the West. The Red Hill in the South is a good example.

1.3. Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is the most majestic tourist attraction in Canberra. It was inducted in the medial of World War II. It is an enormous Byzantine-style memorial building. It honours the Australian War Calamities.

This site has an excellent art gallery, museum, library, and archives. The remembrance courtyard at the entrance of the monument is an evocative introduction. Since 1885, every Australian’s name has died in the war. The words are inscribed in bronze on the walls of the arcades. But the list’s length is hair-raising.

Australian War Memorial tour in Canberra

Different galleries recollect the stories of Australian Armed Conflicts. It is from colonial days to nowadays. The indications constantly expand. But, its highlights include the anthology of old aircraft. It also consists of a kids-friendly Discovery Zone.

Visiting this thought-provoking monument is one of the most recommended things in Canberra.

1.4. Telstra Tower

Tourist Attractions in Canberra
Image from Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower is the supreme tall building. It is among Canberra’s top tourist destinations. This imposing tower soars to a height of 195 metres. It is higher than the Earth. It is visible throughout the city. It offers a complete 360-degree perspective of Canberra. Observation deck as well.

It is a telecommunications tower. It provides specific communication facilities in Canberra. It facilitates a state-of-the-art lighting system. It allows illumination of the building with various colours in many different ways.

It’s Canberra’s landmark. It is set to be reinstalled as Ngunnawal Culture’s celebratory destination.

Here, you can get insight into the beautiful panoramic views of Canberra. You can also waft fresh air. It has its café. There, you can enjoy its native delicacies with family and friends. The building has received a few awards. It is one of Canberra’s must-visit tourist attractions. It gives a beautiful and memorable experience.

1.5. Black Mountain Nature Park

The Black Mountain Nature Park is an excellent frontier experience. Blend with a stop-by to the adjoining Australian National Botanic Gardens. It resides on the City Center’s West side.

You can look at many creatures of native birds and other wildlife. It includes wallabies on the walking trails by the shrubland. The Black Mountain Summit Trail is a famous 2.7-kilometre single-way trail. It fetches you to the Telstra Tower. And here you can appreciate the vast sights of the city.

Black Mountain National Park

It is the most diverse nature park in Canberra. It shelters about five hundred species of plants. A hundred species of birds and five thousand species of insects are sheltered here. You can appreciate the beautiful wildflowers in the spring and early summer.  

The Australian Institute of Sport is at the Black Mountain’s foot. It is a coaching centre for the best sportsmen and women in Australia, a tennis centre, and a swimming stadium.

1.6. New Parliament House

The New Parliament House is the wonder of modern architecture. It has a boomerang-shaped architecture that embraces Capital Hill. Capital Hill was designed to reinstate the Provisional Parliament House. It is better known as the Old Parliament House now.

On May 9, 1988, the Queen formally opened Parliament House. A New York-based builder won an International Competition for designing this latest building.

In 1901, this date was elected to observe the inaugural acquaintance of the Federal Parliament in Melbourne. In 1927, the initial acquaintance of the Parliament in the Old Parliament House.

It has a broad grassed walkway that forms the roof. Here, you can appreciate the panoramic sights of Canberra. You can also look at the city’s street layout, which Parliament House focuses on.

The architectural features of the monument consist of two gigantic circular walls. These are comprised of granite. It reflects the bends of the hill, the Ceremonial Pool, and the 81-meter leading flagpole. The 48 columns of brightened greenish-grey marble generate the concept of an Eucalyptus Forest. It also displays specific incidents in Australian history.

It has an alluring gallery. It is on the first floor. It includes free guided tours, public galleries, functions, etc., which are the attractions in the building.   

1.7. National Portrait Gallery of Australia

The National Portrait Gallery of Australia. It exhibits about four hundred portraits. These portraits are of the nation’s most influential and famous people. It is situated near the National Gallery and the High Court of Australia.

It’s an excellent place to take a two to three-hour tour around the gallery. You can take a look at Australian Shakers and Movers. It is conducted to live by photography, sculpture, and paintings.

Tourist Attractions in Canberra
National Portrait Gallery by portrait.gov.au

It facilitates multimedia presentations. It proclaims captivating details about the lives of all people. The people who contributed to shaping the nation. It also has remarkable exhibitions that provide many exciting new things.

Among Canberra’s most well-known tourist destinations is the well-liked gallery. It’s pretty soothing. Here, parking is available. Enjoy yourself at a famous café featuring a bookstore. Spending time in this portrait collection is exciting.

1.8. National Carillon

On Aspen Island in Lake Burley Griffin, the White Carillon Tower is also known as the National Carillon. It was a present from the side of the British government. It was on Canberra’s 50th birthday in 1963. The 50-meter-high tower encompasses three smooth columns. These are clothed in quartz and opal chips.

It is located on Queen Elizabeth II Island in Lake Burley Griffin. It is maintained and managed by the National Capital Authority of Australia. It facilitates medium-sized function privileges for small get-togethers and gatherings. The place also offers beautiful sights of Canberra and Lake Burley Griffin.

Fifty-five bronze bells inside the tower range from 7 kilograms to 6 metric tons. It is an excellent place to have a picnic with family and friends. You can also relax on the neighbouring lawns.

1.9. Beijing Garden

Beijing Garden is another one of Canberra’s well-known tourist destinations. It is a historic Chinese garden at the intervals of Lennox Gardens, on the origination of the Lake Burley Mythical Monster.

Here, a traditional Chinese gate welcomes the guests along with a Chinese pavilion. It offers a place for a silent retreat. So, you can appreciate the garden’s serenity.

Beijing Gardens Canberra

The paths drift past Chinese stone sculptures, along with beautiful lake views. It is towards numerous landmarks of Canberra, like Telstra Tower and the National Repository.

It is designed in the Chinese imperial garden style of the Qing Dynasty. It was from 1644 to 1912. It is a style that symbolizes refinement and luxury.

Symbols and creatures from Chinese mythology show a celestial constellation, a season, and one cardinal point. You will see many types of beasts and birds in this sculpture. These are an azure dragon, a white tiger, a vermilion bird known as Phoenix, a black turtle, etc.    

1.10. National Zoo and Aquarium

The National Zoo and Aquarium is Australia’s solitary. It is a merged Zoo and Aquarium. It is a privately owned wander. It gives you a fantastic time with your families.

It is an incredible place for animal lovers and those who want to visit wildlife and aquatic life. This spot is barely five minutes away from the City Center.

National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra

The National Aquarium shows a vast span of marine life. It varies from the tiny inhabitants of the shelves to the gigantic sharks.

Now, while taking a look at the neighbouring zoo. You can see all the particular species of Australian creatures. It includes the remote species: bears, tigers, cheetahs, lions, etc. The most popular thing here is the animal greeting to do. It also allows the guests and visitors to go behind the scenes. You can interact with tropical creatures.

You can greet a meerkat here. In this zoo, you can also get close to the sun bears, cheetahs, rhinos, and giraffes, among many other animals.  

2. Wrapping Up

Canberra is the National Capital Territory of Australia. It is especially famous for being a hundred per cent renewable energy city.

Tourist Attractions in Canberra
Image Source: Depositphotos

It is a beautiful city. It comprises nature reserves, art galleries, landmarks, cityscapes, lakes, etc. Having all these aspects in just one city is incredible. It is an excellent vacation and holiday spot.

You can see native Australian animals. It includes Kangaroo, Koalas, Wombat, Emus, and Platypus. Along with this, it has nature parks and wildlife reserves. It also allows you to explore the world of terrestrial, aquatic, and flying animals.

Its monuments considerably represent its history, lakes, and towers. It shows the beauty of the city. Specifically, the mountain panoramic views from high above the ground. Along with the wind, trails are truly remarkable. Many other historical and modern buildings and monuments are imposing.

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