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Top 8 European Christmas Markets

December is a fairytale season, a time of anxious waiting for the most important winter holiday. In Europe, Christmas is celebrated in many countries, and in honor of this event, different cities organize Christmas markets.

Moreover, you can visit some European Christmas markets already in November! So, what are the most beautiful Christmas fairs in Europe? Stop gambling at online casino and add these European cities and Christmas markets to your bucket list!

Christmas Market in Covent Garden (London, United Kingdom) 

In the British capital London at the beginning of winter, the weather is changeable and capricious, but it will not prevent you from enjoying the fair at Covent Garden, because this event is held in a large indoor pavilion, protected from the vagaries of nature, in the center of which is a huge beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with thousands of sparkling and flashing multicolored lights.

Here you can see everything that creates a magical holiday atmosphere: a choir singing Christmas songs, reindeer walking around, stalls with hot drinks, doughnuts, and other treats, as well as Christmas pubs welcoming guests. No one will get cold or bored here.

Weihnachtszauber Gendarmenmarkt (Berlin, Germany) 

Germany has a great sense of festivities and, of course, every year the whole country celebrates Christmas. This event attracts 600 thousand people every year to the German capital Berlin to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real magical fairy tale and unbridled fun.  The fair will delight all visitors with an amazing entertainment program with a large skating rink, mouth-watering treats and unique delicacies from different parts of the world, sledding tracks, as well as a huge selection of handmade products, including souvenirs and even jewelry.

Marchés de Noël (Strasbourg, France) 

In general, this city can be deservedly considered the real Christmas capital of France, because here every year in honor of Christmas are organized numerous fairs. “Marchés de Noël”, which translates as “Christmas fairs”, started on November 22nd, and will end only on the eve of the New Year – December 30th. Here everyone can have fun, and buy a variety of souvenirs, toys, and colorful bright books. Mini-villages are organized for kids, as well as areas with numerous festive sweets. There’s sure to be plenty to do.

Wiener Christkindlmarkt (Vienna, Austria) 

This event takes place every year in the Austrian capital of Vienna. And since the Austrians are a bit conservative when it comes to holidays, visitors will be able to see a large decorated Christmas tree, which is the symbol of Christmas, at the heart of the City Hall.

Around it, a winter fair is organized with lots of treats and gifts and traditional Christmas creches. It is worth bringing back a classic souvenir – a painted Viennese cup, the design of which is updated every year to reflect the symbols of the year and fashion trends. The Town Hall itself hosts concerts for adults who respect classical music, as well as performances for younger audiences and other festive fun events.

Vánoční trhy (Prague, the Czech Republic) 

The venue for this Christmas fun event is Old Town Square, located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. This country has long been associated with amazing mesmerizing beauty, colorful festive atmosphere, and the spirit of a magical fairy tale come to life. That is why the fair will traditionally delight guests with almost all winter attributes of the main holiday: fragrant and tasty gingerbread, warming and invigorating mulled wine, wine sausages, caramelized nuts, and other dishes.

Naturally, you can’t do without a huge Christmas tree, creches, and even a small zoo. And if you walk around the square, you can meet Czech Santa Claus – Mikoláš, who is the analog of St. Nicholas or Santa Claus.

Tallinna Jõuluturg (Tallinn, Estonia) 

If you are lucky enough to be in Estonia in December, you should attend this event: there is an atmosphere of fairy tale and magic, imbued with local traditions and the color of the country. The fair has already started on November 15, but everyone will have time to visit it, because it is scheduled to end on January 7, i.e. on Orthodox Christmas. Children and adults alike will not get bored here, as you can meet real live reindeer, drink warming mulled wine and other drinks, and eat local specialties (wieners, sauerkraut, sausages, and potatoes). To see and feel the spirit of Christmas, you should come to the Town Hall Square of the Estonian capital.

Adventi Ünnep (Budapest, Hungary) 

Visitors to the Hungarian Budapest will be able to get to this event. The fair is organized in the heart of the Hungarian capital – near the Basilica of St. István in the central city square. Here you can taste fragrant traditional strawberry wine and handmade sweets, taste world-famous spices. Here you can taste aromatic traditional strawberry wine and handmade sweets, taste the world-famous paprika-spiced salami sausage, listen to local folklore, warm yourself with hot drinks, and go ice skating.

 Mercado navideño (Madrid, Spain) 

This fair from November 23rd takes place practically in the heart of Spanish Madrid – in the Plaza Mayor: the square during the holidays is transformed from an ordinary landmark into an amazing fairy-tale town, where magic and festive atmosphere are concentrated.

Guests will be able to skate on a huge outdoor ice rink, visit numerous souvenir shops and buy gifts for themselves and their families, taste local dishes and specialty liqueurs, watch local artists perform and take part in one of the competitions, take a sightseeing tour and see Madrid celebrating and rejoicing from the inside. All in all, it will be fun and exciting!

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