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Find out the 7 Best Locations in Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong is a stunning location with various tourist attractions. It lies within Dandenong Ranges Region. It is located in Greater Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia. Mount Dandenong has multiple scenic views.

The top attractions of Mt Dandenong are cool fern glades, deciduous trees, waterfalls, and natural views of mountains and trees. When you reach the uppermost reach of Mt Dandenong then you will see many panoramic views.

The sky-high Mount Dandenong is the prime attraction for visitors. In the Dandenong ranges you can enjoy snacks from Sky high restaurants and cafes. There are many national parks, William Ricketts sanctuary, walking trails, stunning pathways, and well-maintained gardens.

1. History of Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong
Image Source: Depositphotos

Mount Dandenong was a small township situated in Melbourne, Victoria. If we go 35 km east of Melbourne’s central business district. It was established in 1893. It has a 10.1km sq. area. The population of Mt Dandenong is 1,271.

In earlier times, this place was used for harvesting timber. After that, the place was maintained properly. The people started visiting this place. In 1922, the first motor car was seen here. In 1938 a plane crashed here.

2. The Climate of Mount Dandenong

This place has very warm summers and very cold winters which are known as an oceanic climate. Snowfall is also observed in this place. The best time to visit here is in March, April, October, November, and December.

January is the sunniest month of Mt Dandenong whereas July is the coldest. May is considered the driest month.

3. Places to Visit In Mount Dandenong

There are many beautiful locations on this mountain. There are various hiking trails, forests, walking trails, national parks, valleys, sanctuaries, parks, native plant species, and native wildlife. Let’s have a look at all these places in detail.

3.01. Dandenong Ranges National Park

This national park is divided into five main sections. These sections are known as Ferntree Gully, Olinda Forest, Doongalla Forest, Sherbrooke Forest, and Mt Evelyn Forest. This national park has sky-high lookouts.

The best picturesque destination in this place is One Tree Hill. There is a trail that is for fitness enthusiasts because that is a very challenging and steep trail. This national park has many picnic grounds. If you have experience with hiking trails then you can do it in an hour.

Pet animals are not allowed here because of the native wildlife of the place. If you want to explore the national park then take a map of the national park and move forward.

Mount Dandenong
Photo by 3523Studio on Unlim

3.02. Mount Dandenong Arboretum

It was established in 1928. The purpose of introducing it is to preserve the deciduous trees and conifers. It has an environmental significance. The plants which were initially introduced to the arboretum were donated by the Australian Horticulture Community.

If you visit this place then you will catch fresh air and stunning views. You will enjoy your time in the shade of the large trees and can have your snacks. This arboretum has eight registered species of significant plants. Those species were registered by National Trust.

3.03. Yarra Valley

Mount Dandenong
Image Source: Depositphotos

Yarra Valley is situated near the Yarra river in the region of Melbourne, Victoria. This valley is very famous for day trips. It is a tourist spot and an agricultural field. It is also used as the filming location.

This place is the largest wine-growing industry in Australia. This area is very cool and the climate supports the production of pinot noir, high-quality chardonnay, and sparkling wine. The nearby towns of the valley are Yarra Glen, Warburton, Coldstream, and Healesville.

3.04. William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts Sanctuary is a beautiful place situated on the outskirts of Melbourne city. You will see many amazing clay sculptures of earlier times. You will see many Aboriginal art forms and sculptures.

There are approx 92 clay sculptures that represent their lifestyle, culture, spirituality, and wildlife. This sanctuary was named after famous artists who build many sculptures here. His name was William Ricketts.

There is a calm and relaxing pathway of approx 500 meters. You will feel very relaxed after having a walk there.

3.05. Mount Dandenong Walks

Mount Dandenong has a stunning landscape. It has beautiful sky-high Mount Dandenong ranges, tall eucalyptus trees, adjacent deciduous forests, native wildlife, and colorful flowers. Imagine yourself having a walk in this adorable place.

There are many walking trails present here. Some of them are very steep and difficult. The famous walking trails of this place are Kokoda Memorial Walking Trail, Kyeema Track, and Gully Nature Walk.

3.06. Kalorama Park

Kalorama Park has many breathtaking views. This could be your favorite place if you want yourself surrounded by nature. It has a simple, relaxing, and peaceful environment. There are many picnic spots and walking trails.

It has dense forests which have tall eucalyptus trees. This tress provides shade to the people during summer. It also has two barbecues. You can also see many beautiful native plants and flowers. There are many fruit orchards as well.

3.07. Mount Corhanwarrabul

Mount Corhanwarrabul is one of the sky-high Mount Dandenong ranges. It is a Great Diving Range found in Victoria, Australia. This mountain has an elevation of 633 meters. It is formed by a massive volcanic eruption.

It has many forests, parks, wildlife, and various plant species. The lookouts of this mountain are very stunning. If you reach the top of the mountain you see many breathtaking views.

4. Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: What are the top attractions of Mount Dandenong Ranges?

Ans: The top attractions of Mount Dandenong are beautiful gardens, walking trails, grassy pathways, natural scenery, wildlife sanctuaries, a national park, an observatory, an arboretum, and many more things.

Q 2: In which country is Mount Dandenong Located?

Ans: Mount Dandenong is located in Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Q 3: What are the free things which you can visit at Mount Dandenong?

Ans: The free things you can visit at Mount Dandenong are Kalorama Park, Mount Dandenong Arboretum, Dandenong ranges national park, and Mount Dandenong Observatory.

Q 4: For which purpose Dandenong ranges are used?

Ans: Mount Dandenong ranges are used for agricultural products, tourism, and the production of timber.

Q 5: Which kind of wildlife is found in Mount Dandenong?

Ans: You will find wallabies, deer, lyrebirds, wombats, platypi, possums, and kangaroos.

Mount Dandenong
Photo by 3523Studio on Unlim

5. Final Note

In this article, we discussed Mount Dandenong. It originated from Mount Corhanwarrabul. It has majestic views and sky-high Mount Dandenong ranges. It provides many facilities to the visitors.

The locals also help tourists to explore Mt Dandenong. You can go on a walk on grassy pathways. You can also enjoy hiking here. You can also enjoy bird watching and watching many animals.

These ranges have the longest trees and they are around 85-90 years old. You will also enjoy snowfall here during the late spring and winter seasons. Have a break from your daily routine and visit this place once. This is going to be your memorable trip.


Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
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