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5 Amazing Things to Do in Wagga

Do you love to travel to Australia? In that case, you must know about the top things to do in Wagga, a growing spot in economy, finance, and agriculture.

Australia is undoubtedly the most favorite holiday destination in the world. From iconic cities like Sydney and Melbourne to Wagga, Australian cities are always the top preference.

If- you are an Australian lover like many others, and Wagga is your next port of call in Australia, this article is a must-read. You can make your to-do list in Wagga- with the help of this article. So, let us first introduce the lovely destination to you.

1. All about Wagga- South Wales

Wagga falls in the Riverina region of the Australian State of Wales. It is a heavily populated city- with a population of approximately fifty thousand, approximately.

Having existed since the 1800s– the city was earlier a town. It is located- on the banks of- Murrumbidgee River.

An interesting fact is- that the city is named- after many crows. It is because the city houses more than thousands of birds.

Today, Wagga is the center for agriculture, military, and transport in Australia. With a population of around thousands, it is growing in economy, finance, and more.

The list of popular attractions and things to do in Wagga certainly is long. From the theatres and museums to wineries, its landmarks are famous all around the globe.

The inland is indeed worth a visit. Further, there are many amazing things to do in Wagga, which we have covered here.

Now, let us dive deep into famous things to do in Wagga.

2. Incredible Things to Do in Wagga

2.1 Discover the Botanic Gardens

It is among the top attractions of Wagga. Though Wagga has several other beautiful gardens, this one certainly will have a special mention.

Botanic gardens are divided into sixteen parts. To mention a few- the Australian native flora section, miniature railway, Shakespeare Gardens, Wollundry Lagoons, and Camellia Gardens.

Official Website of Botanic Gardens- Things to do in Wagga
Image Source: Botanic Gardens

Discovering the gardens indeed takes a lot of time. So, it is advisable to look for Sundays for the visit. Also, if it is a pleasant day, it will add to your favor.

There is also a picnic area and playground area for the kids. Located near the city center- the botanic gardens receive the footfall of visitors- in thousands.

The botanic gardens are vast and indeed worth paying a visit to. It is certainly- among the most exciting and amazing things to do in Wagga.

2.2 Explore the National Art Gallery

It is one of the best-recognized art galleries in the world. This art gallery houses more than hundreds of pieces of art styles and techniques. It is, in fact- the leading glass studio in Australia.

There are many events organized at the art gallery for art lovers. Guided tours are also available for visitors. It also hosts several outdoor events for people of all ages.

Several facilities are there at the gallery, like the huge spaces for exhibitions and events.

The art gallery certainly is the highlight of Wagga’s visit. Visiting the National Art Gallery is among the best things to do in Wagga.

2.3 Have Fun at Wagga Beach- the inland beach

Wagga Beach- Things to do in Wagga
Image by Nathan Cowely on Pexels

Visiting Wagga Beach is among the most fun things to do in Wagga. The beach is very famous and well-recognized. Wagga Beach certainly is-  the best place to spend a Sunday.

You can enjoy at the beach. Either opt to swim in the sea or play in the sand. Apart from this, you can also enjoy having a nice walk.

There is certainly nothing to worry about the options to eat if you feel hungry. Treat yourself to delicacies from the stalls or walk to the nearby markets and have a delicious lunch.

Located close to the Wagga CBD (Central Business District), it is the iconic landmark in the Wagga countryside.

2.4 Enrich Your Knowledge at the Museum of Riverina

It is among the best places to learn about Australian history and one of the amazing things to do in Wagga.

As the name suggests, it is a part of the Riverina region. It is among the best-recognized museums in the country.

Further, it has existed since the 1900s. There are unique collections ranging from artefacts and photographs.

Image Source: museumriverina.com

The vantage point certainly is the Sporting Hall of Fame. This hall has names of the sports legends of the city. From Wayne Carey to Geoffrey Lawson, there are names of hundreds of distinguished sports personalities. Further, the hall also houses iconic uniforms and sports equipment. So, if you are a crazy sports fan, this museum is a must-visit.

The second site of the museum is Wagga Civic Theatre. It is the most famous theatre that has around five hundred seats and a team of fifty professional singers and musicians. The theatre is the best place to showcase the rich culture of Wagga.

You can enjoy the events simultaneously- treating yourself with a drink from the in-house bar. In fact, the building also houses the arts community theatre.

So, I hope you have got to know why visiting the Museum of Riverina is among the famous things to do in Wagga.

Learn more about the Museum of Riverina in detail here.

2.5 Visit the Victory Memorial Gardens

Image Source: Victory Memorial Gardens

Without mentioning the Victory Memorial Gardens- the list of the top-most things to do in Wagga will certainly- be incomplete.

Though there are many other gardens in Wagga, this one is the Wagga Wagga favorite.

The Victory Memorial Gardens are among the most famous in Wagga. It is indeed the top attraction at Wagga.

Situated on the banks of Wollundry Lagoon- it is just the perfect place to relax for an hour or so.

Full of fig trees, flower beds, and rose bushes- the atmosphere- is lush green. You can feel the greenery in the air, which is peaceful.

Interestingly, it is a popular picnic spot for the Wagga Wagga.

3. Some More Things to Do in Wagga 

There are also other famous tourist spots in Wagga. Apart from the ones mentioned, there is more to the Wagga travel. You should also consider visiting them if you plan a long trip. Here is a list of other famous things to do in Wagga-

3.1 Collins Park

It is a famous park in Wagga with trees, a playground, and a picnic area. Collins Park is a perfect place for a Sunday lunch.

3.2 Wagga Rail Heritage Museum

The Wagga Rail Heritage Museum is a heritage site. It is among the most famous buildings, Wagga houses. It has a range of unique artifacts and photographs. There is a separate building that has the heritage model.

3.3 Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre

Owing to the indoor and outdoor facilities, the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre witnesses visitors from around the year. There are pools for adults, children, and toddlers.

3.4 Lake Albert

Lake Albert, in Wagga, was made by a man. A famous boating location for the people of Wagga, it is indeed a must-see.

3.5 River and Wren Market

It is time for shopping now! The River and Wren Market is an indoor market of Wagga. You can shop from around a hundred local vendors here. The market has products from local artisans.

There is a wide variety of products, ranging from- home accessories, clothes, art and craft products, jewelry, and more. Craft wine and seasonal produce from nearby farms are also available for visitors. Most shoppers opt for a good refreshment by a glass of wine.

3.6 Wollundry Olive Groves

Though there are many olive groves at Wagga, Wollundry Olive Groves is special.

The most exciting part is that the visitors can meet the growers of these groves. Wagga gets most of its olive oil from the Wollundry Olive Groves.

On the top, the olives are also available for tasting. To add on- the aroma and smell in the air will amaze you. Overall, visiting the Wollundry Olive Groves is an exciting experience. Like many others, if- you also love nature- this is a must-visit location.

Wagga has many olive groves, but Wollundry Olive Grove is indeed mentionable.

3.7 RAAF Aviation Centre

It was built- in the 1900s. Today, it is the headquarters of the Royal Australian Airforce College. There is a unique collection of jets for visitors. It is among the rare historical sites preserved in Wagga.

Detailed information about these travel sites is here.

4. Where to Stay During Your Visit?

Are you thinking about- where to stay during your visit to Wagga?

There are indeed several options for staying at Wagga. From five-star hotels to resorts and guesthouses, there are many options. If you wish for a comfortable visit, preferably book a hotel.

On the other hand, if you want to experience a day at Wagga, preferably- look for guesthouses. The reason is- that guesthouses are owned- by the locals themselves. Therefore, you can get a sight of a day at Wagga.

Booking in advance is always advisable. Check out the available options of accommodation in Wagga here.

5. Conclusion

In summary, Wagga certainly, is a place worth visiting. On the top, if you are in love with Australia- Wagga certainly- is an unmissable location. During your Wagga tour- make sure to add the landmarks I have mentioned- to your travel itinerary.

So, when are you planning your visit to Wagga? I hope it is very soon!

Goshmi Abrol
Goshmi Abrol
Goshmi Abrol is an avid writer and loves to write. She is currently pursuing her writing hobby side by side with her bachelor's degree. Her niche in writing is travel. The articles she writes are about the places to visit in Australia. Goshmi puts the best of her efforts to present the best to you. She hopes that you enjoy reading her articles and find them worthful.

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