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Fremantle – 17 Exciting Things to Do

Fremantle – a lively city in Western Australia, is a captivating destination with exciting things to do. It’s a special place of history and culture.

There are art galleries that are full of energy. You can also find some local crafts that you’ve never seen before. And guess what? The people there are nice, so when you visit, you’ll feel like you’re part of their special city.

If you want to visit a fun and exciting city, you should think about Fremantle. It’s got a bunch of awesome things to do!

1. Things to do in Fremantle

From going to cool old places to trying out awesome things from different cultures, there’s tons of stuff to enjoy in Fremantle. It doesn’t matter if you love old stories, art, yummy food, or pretty views of the ocean – Fremantle has it all.

Are you all set to find out what’s waiting for you and have the most amazing adventure ever? There are many exciting things to do in Fremantle. It’s like a shiny treasure of Western Australia near Perth.

1.1 Discover Fremantle’s Vibrant Markets

Make your way to the beating heart of Fremantle’s cultural vibrancy and explore the iconic Fremantle Markets. Ever since opening for business in 1897, these markets have consistently buzzed with activity. They showcase an ever-growing diversity of experiences for everyone who comes through.

Destination Perth: get to know Fremantle Markets

From handcrafts to mouthwatering street food, there’s something for everybody. Beyond that, you can easily find amazing things to do there. It’s as if you’re delving into a proper street art of Fremantle.

As you walk through bustling aisles, you’ll encounter local artists who are ready to engage. Take a moment to look around and enjoy the atmosphere that defines Fremantle on a Sunday afternoon. Additionally, visit the south Fremantle market and pick up some unique souvenirs from the gift shop. That will forever remind you of this trip down this street art of the Australian city, Fremantle.

1.2 Visit Fremantle Prison: A Journey into History

Step back in time as you step into the historic Fremantle Prison. Furthermore, it is a World Heritage Site that houses an intriguing look into Western Australia’s past. Additionally, It’s conveniently close to the Fremantle train station.

Fremantle Prison captivates tourists

Explore fascinating stories that have defined Australia’s history as you walk through the convict prison and forgotten passages of police lockup. During these guided tours tell insights into the life of convicts. About the convicts who once walked these halls. You will understand their struggles, triumphs, and what they had to overcome.

Hear stories of daring escapes that took place within these stonework walls. Learn about the ways convicts broke free. The way they gambled to regain their freedom. These are tales of escape, resilience, and a testament to the human spirit’s quest for overcoming adversity.

 The night torchlight tour at Fremantle Prison must not be missed. Enjoy the most adrenaline-pumping things to do in Fremantle. Feel the chilling atmosphere inside the prison after dark. You will also learn the stories of paranormal occurrences. 

1.3 Uncover Fremantle’s Maritime Heritage

Visit Fremantle and immerse yourself in maritime history at Western Australia’s Maritime Museum. Engage with interactive displays and historic ships. They also get to know about the rich and captivating narratives of Maritime history.

Things to do in Fremantle
By Stocksnapper by Unlimphotos

If you want to understand the history even better, embarking on a journey to this museum would be the best thing to do in Fremantle. Notably, this museum celebrates the region’s ancient connection with the sea, making it a truly remarkable world heritage-listed building.

You can also venture into one of Australia’s most famous things. HMAS Ovens offers a captivating glimpse into life under the sea. Walk through narrow passages, and see cramped living quarters. Furthermore, confront the courage required to embark on an undersea mission.

As you walk through the museum, you’ll acquire a wealth of knowledge about Fremantle as a bustling port city. Additionally, you’ll discover fascinating insights about maritime exploration and trade routes as well. Find how there are indigenous people’s ties to the sea. Learn how over time particularly Maritime trade, has profoundly shaped cultural exchanges.

1.4 Adventure to Rottnest Island

If you are yearning for a nature-filled escape or things to do in Fremantle, then Rottnest Island is the ultimate place to be. This mysterious island has something to offer to the ardent nature lover. From its pristine beaches and scenic coastal views to various species of wildlife, Rottnest promises an unforgettable day trip.

To truly immerse yourself in Rottnest’s natural beauty, renting a bike is a fantastic idea. At every turn, you’ll see another hidden treasure.

Things to do in fremantle
By alfotokunst on unlimphotos

Rottnest Island is a paradise for water lovers. Explore the underwater world in Fremantle. Find colorful coral reefs inhabited by exotic fish and many other marine beauties.

One of the island’s most likable features is its atmosphere. Escape from the busy life of city the life as you get lost to feel relaxed in island vibes. Visiting Rottnest Island should be on your bucket list of things to do in Fremantle.

1.5 Relax at Bathers Beach

If serenity is what you’re after then Bathers Beach is the port beach to go. At Bathers Beach, you’ll find sparkling waves and stunning sunsets. 

Bathers Beach
Picture by Pammy1140 on Unlimphotos

The Ocean will tickle your toes. You can soak up some warmth from the sun or take a stroll along the waterfront. For some tasty food, you can go to the Bathers Beach House. The Bathers Beach House is very famous for its fish and chips. You can enjoy food in Australia’s port city with a view of the ocean.

1.6 Fremantle Arts Centre: Creative Exploration 

Fremantle Arts Centre is an artistic center. It is located in the mainstream part of Fremantle. From well-arranged interactive workshops to free exhibitions, there is everything to enjoy. 

QUICKWORD: Fremantle Arts Centre

To explore the world of art visit this place. They display an impressive range of artwork. From paintings to sculptures or works of international artists. You will find many exceptionally good works there.

Whether you’re a serious artist or just beginning your journey, the art courses are perfect for you. From painting to digital media—here, skilled artists guide you along that creative process. You will learn to work on new techniques which will help you to get your ideas out there. 

Fremantle Arts Centre is not only a place where you will see visual arts but also witness live performances. A live music venue that would surely capture your heart. It will make your trip to Fremantle memorable.

1.7 Explore Esplanade Park in Fremantle

Esplanade Park has a peaceful ambiance. That environment makes it best for taking a stroll. It’s an amazing picnic spot for relaxing and good reading. The well-maintained lawns and shady trees make everything look comforting.

Esplanade Park in Fremantle
By fremantlefishingboatharbour.com

Norfolk Island pine trees, planted in the late 1800s, stand as a reminder of the city’s past. The park’s War Memorial is also a remembrance of the past. It displays Fremantle’s contributions during times of conflict and is a tribute to those who served in World War I.

Esplanade Park also provides mesmerizing views. We can see the beautiful view of Fremantle Harbour and the Ocean. It’s a buzzing meeting place for the cultural activities of town and festivals almost every year.

From music performances to arts and crafts markets, activity thrives in the park. There’s also Live music to make your trip to Fremantle memorable. It also presents an opportunity to become familiar with the dynamic arts and culture scene in Fremantle.

1.8 Harbor Haven: Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

A dynamic waterfront destination with entertaining activities for visitors of all ages. This charming harbor lies nestled on the coast of Australia. This Fremantle fishing harbor offers many exciting experiences.

From gourmet seafood to famous dishes, one can find a variety of food there. The restaurants serve some of the finest catches straight from the ocean. You can have a memorable meal with a view overlooking the harbor’s beauty. That will make your dining experience unforgettable in the port city of Australia.

As you walk, you will find cute shops, boutiques, and galleries. It is a great chance to get unique souvenirs for memories of the Fremantle fishing harbor.

Whether you’re looking for a chance to relax on a boat or want to go on a fishing adventure, there are multiple options for you. Many events and festivals take place at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour each year. From seafood festivals to performances by local musicians, there is something always going on. That gives more than just your average dose of thrill in Fremantle.

1.9. Charming Exploration: Fremantle’s Historic West End

Fremantle’s historic West End is a place of joy that await discovery. If you want to explore all the exciting things in Fremantle, look no further than the fabulous West End. This area offers shops, and cafes with local experience. The shopping district has it all.

Fremantle Town Hall to the Historic West End


Whether you are seeking something unique to gift or a personal souvenir. This place is heaven for shopaholics as well as treasure hunters. Wander the streets that line with boutiques, vintage stores, and artisan shops.

From one-of-a-kind fashion pieces to handcrafted crafts. That place is all about Fremantle’s rich past and its vibrant present. You can also find Fremantle’s luxury accommodation there.

Explore Fremantle’s artistic side as you explore the West End’s galleries. Discover a range of artworks there. From contemporary masterpieces to quirky creations, there’s something for everybody in the busy indoor market.

1.10 Crafted Delights: Little Creatures Brewery Fremantle

Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle is a famous hotspot. It is more than just a brewery, it’s an experience that includes tasty drinks and yummy food. If you like to drink beer or simply just want to have fun, Little Creatures Brewery is great for everyone.

When you are at the Little Creatures Brew, you can watch how they make the beer. You can see the skilled people making all sorts of craft beer. You will get the opportunity to understand the making process of delicious beer.

Little Creatures brewery , Perth , Australia | beer factory in Australia


The best thing to do here is enjoy their beers. You can taste a whole bunch of craft beer. Even take home which one you liked the most.

And don’t forget to eat! They have a restaurant that serves yummy food. They make their food using fresh and local ingredients. It’s an excellent way of enjoying beer tasting and spending a holiday. From wood-fired pizzas to hearty burgers, there’s something for every palate.

1.11 Fremantle Round House

Fremantle Round House is an old heritage building in Australia. It was built in 1830. This pretty round structure stands proudly on Arthur Head. Therefore, it overlooks the Indian Ocean.

The Round House - Fremantle Western Australia

The Fremantle Round House is open to visitors. Guided tours are also available. Tours enrich the understanding of its convict history. Cherish the great past of Fremantle. Learn about its origins along with its development.

This roundhouse is different in its circular design against the modern backdrop of Fremantle. Its limestone walls give you a look of 19th-century architecture. It also makes you visualize yourself at the center of Fremantle. 

Get ready to see stunning views of the ocean and coastline of this beautiful city. 

1.12 Explore the Cappuccino Strip 

If you want to enjoy a lively taste of culture besides some good food the Cappuccino Strip should be on your list of things to do in Fremantle. This place of cafes, restaurants, and shops showcases a taste of local culture, alongside some delicious treats. 

The Garden Gurus - Cappuccino Strip Fremantle

It’s a lively road in Fremantle that charges through with energy. It has many dining, and shopping options. This lively old strip got its name from all of the coffee blends, pastries, and international cuisines being offered. Named after the numerous cafes lining this famous strip. 

This place is heaven for food lovers. Apart from its dining offerings, you’ll find boutiques and stores selling interesting things, clothes, and souvenirs. In other words, the perfect place to pick up something that you’d like to remember from your Fremantle visit. 

This Strip is also a buzzing place for local activity in Fremantle. It’s where people gather, and visitors are given the taste of Fremantle´s welcoming and diverse community.

Exploring the Cappuccino Strip becomes easy and uncomplicated. The street is located in the heart of Fremantle, making it easily accessible by foot.

1.13 The Basin

The Basin is a beautiful swimming spot on Rottnest Island in Fremantle. Getting there is pretty easy as well. Hop on the ferry from Fremantle to your destination The Basin. 

The Basin - Rottnest Island

It is a very gorgeous swimming spot within Rottnest Island itself. With its clear turquoise waters and vibrant marine life, The Basin is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing day by the sea. Embark on a journey to the underwater world of unique fishes and marine creatures.

The Basin stands surrounded by lush greenery and rocky formations. It’s an amazing view that nature lovers and photographers would love to remember forever. The rocks stand in contrast with the green dense vegetation, creating a haven of natural beauty.

It’s an ideal location where one can relax and recharge themselves while enjoying the beauty of nature in Fremantle. 

The Basin is also meant for families with kids. The shallow areas ensure safety and enjoyment for kids to play in the water. It’s also a good chance to introduce them to the fun of snorkeling under proper guidance.

1.14 Visit Little Salmon Bay

Don’t forget about Little Salmon Bay if you want a pretty and calm spot to chill in nature. This cool beach is like a paradise of nature. It’s peaceful and super pretty for people who like quiet times. Also, it’s a spot where things look kinda like a dream, but they’re real.

Things to do in Fremantle
By Pilens on Unlimphotos

Little Salmon Bay is a small, white, and pristine beach located on Rottnest Island just off the coast of Perth in Australia. 

The water at this place is super blue and clear. The area around it is also super amazing and cool. People enjoy coming here to relax and feel like they’re in a nature dream.

When you’re here, it’s like you’re not in the real world anymore. You can forget about regular things and just enjoy this special island.

The water in Little Salmon Bay is so clear and pretty. It’s the best spot for swimming, using snorkels to see underwater stuff, and checking out sea animals. Plus, it’s a great break from normal life and a chance to feel calm.

You can do fun stuff like reading, having picnics, and looking at the big sea. Little Salmon Bay is the perfect place to take it easy.

1.15 The Army Museum of Western Australia

If you have some interest in the Western Australia Army history, then you must visit the Army museum. Moreover, the army museum is the perfect spot to understand the past of the Australian Army. It’s a glorious historic building in Fremantle.

Discover many interesting things there that will catch your eye. You’ll get to see old uniforms, guns, and tools used by soldiers and other things at the museum. You can also check out old vehicles like military tanks and more that were used in Fremantle at different times.

Army Museum of Western Australia
By armymuseumwa.com.au

The museum also shares some interesting history about the army in Western Australia. You can learn about various wars and conflicts that soldiers have been a part of. Some parts of the museum allow you to try out things like sitting inside a tank or viewing through binoculars for educational purposes.

In addition, special exhibitions are held by the museum concerning specific topics relating to the army and military history in Fremantle.

It’s a good chance to get knowledge about the history and brave men who have served in the army. Seeing authentic artifacts and vehicles from different times teaches a lot. It gives a natural feel of what it was like during that time. Furthermore, it’s a place for people of all ages everyone can enjoy and learn in Fremantle.

1.16 The Fremantle War Memorial

It is a historical and respectful place where people pay respect to the brave soldiers who served in the wars. Notably, it is an important monument situated in Fremantle, Western Australia. The War Memorial stands as a solemn statue, dedicated to remembering people who fought in wars.

Moreover, it’s a very calm and silent place in Fremantle. People visit there with the idea of coming visiting a place to think about the past and peace. They also think about why peace is so important while looking at the statue of a soldier.

Additionally, this place serves as a way of remembering the soldier’s courage and strength. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to learn history and understand why peace must be hard-earned.

This historical site in Fremantle is always open for people to visit. Upon arrival, one should go there, look at the statue, and take a moment to think about the past. Delve into what it was like back then in Fremantle. Have second thoughts about the importance of peace in your life as well.

1.17 The Bathurst Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands tall on the western end. It is located on the Rottnest Island. This famous tourist spot is one of the most beautiful places in Fremantle. It displays historical significance and stunning views.

Things to do in fremantle
By alfotokunst on Unlimphotos

Built in 1900, the lighthouse guides ships on the coast for safety. If you are planning to explore memorable places in Fremantle, never leave out Bathurst Lighthouse on the list.

The beautiful surroundings of the lighthouse make great photo opportunities. The lighthouse has an old historic significance. It can be dated back to over a century. It is a known island landmark.  Additionally, it represents the island’s maritime past as well as navigational aids.

It’s a favored spot for all the visitors. Visiting Bathurst Lighthouse will add richness to your experience. That place will allow you to explore both its man-made attractions and historic sites.

If you’re into maritime history, then the lighthouse gives you a good idea of how vital the island was in guiding ships and keeping sailors safe. You can create some memories against the backdrop of this historic landmark.

Head for the Bathurst Lighthouse is easy. You can either take a stroll or bike ride from the main settlement Island in Fremantle. The lighthouse area is public. You can go there anytime for exploring its exterior and enjoy the view.


Fremantle is a super special place! It’s not like any other place. There are many fun things and outstanding places to visit and enjoy that will make you excited. You can see old buildings with cool stories from the past. There are colorful markets where you can find all sorts of amazing stuff. Visit Fremantle and discover yourself.

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