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Things to Do at Mooloolaba Beach for Fun

A Mooloolaba vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can call it one of the best beaches in Australia. Choose Mooloolaba beach and enjoy one of the best experiences in your life this summer around the spit of the rivers and sea!

Want to have a low-key holiday to calm yourself and get away from the busy schedule of your life?

Origin of The Mooloolaba Beach

Beaches of Mooloolaba
Image by Kerree Mclover on Pixabay

The name Mooloolah Heads was given to the area which forms the roots or source of the Mooloolah River.

It is a river in the Southeast of Queensland, Australia, and flows to the present-day Charles Clark Park on River Esplanade similar to the Maroochy River in the north.

Mooloolaba comes from the word ‘mulu’ or ‘mullu’ which means the Aboriginal word for snapper fish or red-bellied black snake respectively.

10 Exciting Things to Do at Mooloolaba Beach

mooloolaba beach
Image Source: Depositphotos

One can never go wrong with beaches. Similarly the picturesque view of the sea, the clear ocean, the seafood, the small shopping spots around the sea.

Mooloolaba Beach is one such famous beach in Australia that attracts a huge number of tourists because of its phenomenal location.

After reading this article, you’ll know the miraculous and divine beauty of Mooloolaba Beach.

Moreover, at the end of the article, you’ll take with you information not just about the beaches of Mooloolaba but also tons of other exciting options available at the Mooloolaba beach for your next visit.

Everything from a hot coffee date to talking with the locals and knowing about the history too; make a note of all such things which can be done the next time you go there.

1. Sunbathing at The Mooloolaba Beach

Photo by Hrvoje Grubisic on Unsplash

What is a great beach without a good dose of Vitamin D and Sun rays? The shoreline of Mooloolaba is absolutely unique.

Likewise, when it comes to living up to expectations, Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast does not disappoint.

Mooloolaba Beach has it all, namely a beautiful coastline, livelihood around the wharf, outdoor dining options, drink bars, beachside cafes, and a lot more.

Make sure to catch a good amount of Vitamin D and make this winter worth remembering!

2. Paddle Around The Large Sea

Isn’t it fascinating? But it’s not hypothetical. With the use of paddles, one can walk on water.

Just a minimal charge of $30, in addition to that an extra $15 every hour can help you experience such a magnificent experience. Enjoy the scenic view, get pictures, and live your best life. Add swimming as well!

3. Try Seafood with The Locals Near Mooloolaba Beach

Try seafood
Photo by Anima Visual on Unsplash

Explore the undiscovered areas around the beach. Take the help of the locals of that area. Visit the nearby areas and try on the best seafood.

Experience this precious moment with the best company and delicious food. The freshly cooked and aromatic seafood is something that cannot be resisted. To all the foodies out there, add this to your to-do list!

4. Time for a Fishing Break

Take your kids and go fishing. Just go and spend quality time by the river and watch the sea.

It is one of the biggest attractions. The best thing is that fishing is an all-season activity that can be enjoyed by tourists.

The continuous and consistent flow of fresh and healthy fish in the river attracts a huge number of tourists.

To name some of the catches- Bream Cod, Perch, Grunter, Sweetlip, and Mackerel. Mooloolah River Bass is one of the best places one can opt for in case of fishing.

The continuous warm currents flowing offer habitat to large families of tuna, swordfish, dolphins, etc.

A reasonable $12 for a whole day is all you need to give for this magnificent experience. So what are you waiting for?

Get your fishing gears and tools read on rent at some Mooloolaba surf club or hire huts.

5. Can’t-Miss The Surfing Lessons in The Mooloolaba Beach

Photo by Brandon Compagne on Unsplash

A common bucket list item is to surf the Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast. A large staff of instructors is available at organizations like XL Surfing Academy or The Surfboard Warehouse, who help the newbies to learn. Numerous options like group surfing lessons, lessons only for ladies at a particular time, or private lessons are given to the learners.

Don’t worry about the time! You can take the lessons at any time of your choice. Generally, night lessons are avoided because of the high tides. Visitors frequently wish to be like the countless locals who zoom past on their boards.

This might result in big injuries and even death because of the lack of skills. The locals have proper expertise in surfing and hence cannot be challenged.

Thank goodness, the surf shops in Mooloolaba are aware of it. Strict restrictive preventive measures are taken by the Mooloolaba surf club.

6. Humpback Ride on Whales

Mooloolaba must have it on its list of things to do. Grab the chance to swim around with real Whales!

Yes, it’s true. If you’re looking for activities in Mooloolaba, there are plenty of trusted tour companies.

If you happen to be visiting during the whale season from July to October then you will have the opportunity to keep your eye out for the whales if you happen to be visiting during this period.

Further, the importance of choosing a tour company performing ethical practices must be considered while deciding on a tour company.

7. Walk Around the Best Parks with your Dogs

Photo by Courtney Mihaka on Unsplash

Mooloolaba is known for many things, but one of them is La Balsa Park, one of the best places to picnic on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

If you plan a visit to the Sunshine Coast, you should include this park on your list of things to do.

You can find the best accommodation facilities nearby as well which will surely make your stay at the Sunshine Coast a relaxing and calm one.

In the heart of the Mooloolah River, right around the corner from Point Cartwright, is a small sanction, tucked alongside the entrance of the river.

There is nothing better than to stop at La Balsa cafe for a coffee or milkshake or to indulge in a tasty meal, which you can enjoy from one of the most scenic viewpoints.

There are nearby restaurants located as well. One can take- away food and have a small picnic with the family.

8. Plan a Lunch at The Cotton Tree Park

cotton tree park
Photo by Jesse Collins on Unsplash

Mooloolaba Holiday Park, Cotton Tree Park is one of the most popular holiday parks close to Mooloolaba.

In addition to the Maroochy River being located in front of the property, it also has direct access to many beaches in proximity including the Maroochydore Beach in the north.

On a couple’s getaway? Rent a two-wheeler and enjoy lunch at the best of the restaurants.

You can take your bike to the Mooloolaba spit for a calm view of the countryside.

Upon arrival, there are plenty of options for swimming and chilling out, and you won’t be short of places in which to do it.

You can opt for a swim in the river nearby or enjoy a boardwalk in the town. The accommodation facilities given also include parking space with it. This makes the whole trip easier.

9. A Candlelight Dinner at The Best Restaurants

Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Planning for a date night to have quiet and alone time with your partner? The spit of Mooloolaba has got you covered.

Tons of options for restaurants are available for you. One such is Augellos Ristorante which offers a variety of food and wine and a refined style that makes it a popular place.

Every third of the tables comes with an ocean view, and as if it wasn’t enough to set the mood, things only get better with ambient decor, music, lighting, and excellent service to set the mood even further.

10. Explore The Shops near Mooloolaba Beach

shopping mall
Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

To emphasise Esplanade can be called the hub for shopping in the area. One can not stop their hands from buying things here.

The shopping sites are one of the biggest attractions around the area. This magnificent attraction is full of lively markets, shops, cafes, and hotels.

Unique boutiques and the trendiest of outfits can be found in the markets. It includes not only fashion but also ceramics, games, toys, pieces of jewelry, portraits and paintings, sculptures, and whatnot, Esplanade has it all!

Marvellous Mooloolaba Beach – Final Words

Image By Palinska on Pixabay

An experience like Mooloolaba Beach is something you can look forward to with the entire family while on holiday there.

Apart from the easy Mooloolaba accommodation facilities it provides as being one of the best tourist spots in the whole of Australia.

Discover the best places with your family and experience one of the best times of your life at Mooloolaba Beach.

The best part is its connectivity with the capital city of Brisbane. Plenty of things including a swim at the crystal clear rivers, scuba diving at ex hmas Brisbane, cycling out to the Mooloolaba spit, and capturing the beauty of the rock wall.

Don’t miss discovering new places to hog around along Mooloolaba’s glamorous beachfront esplanade and the Wharf full of cafes, cloud kitchens, and juice bars, shops across the fashion boutiques, long walks through the wharf and get the best pictures for the gram, meet and know about the community residing in the localities.

It’s sure that everybody is going to find something to keep themselves entertained for the entire family on the Sunshine Coast of Mooloolaba Beach.

Komolika Ghosh
Komolika Ghosh
Myself, Komolika Ghosh, a 3rd year BA LLB student. Apart from law, I dedicate my time on writing articles and blogs. Content writing has always been a hobby.

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