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Theme Park in NSW- 5 Fun Filled Favorite Spots

New South Wales is a paradise with iconic attractions, including beautiful sandy beaches, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and more. But the noteworthy ones here are the theme parks. They are thrilling, and each park holds an exciting adventure for you and your family to create unforgettable memories. So, without further delay, let us quickly undergo a magical journey at any theme park in NSW.

1. Theme Park in NSW- Favorite Five

1.1. Luna Park

Theme Park in NSW
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash/ Copyright 2017

Luna Park is one of the most popular theme parks in the NSW region. It is in Milsons Point near Sydney Harbour Bridge. Furthermore, the theme park is easily accessible by train, car, and ferry.

This park is an iconic place where entry is free. Hence people of all ages are welcome to have a fantastic time while also enjoying the view of the Sydney harbour.

Moreover, the rides and games are so much fun. Hence, you can find it full during holidays, weekends, and especially in summer. The atmosphere here is also always vibrant.

1.1.1. Rides 

XXXL Ride at Luna Park Sydney

The rides at Luna Park are many, varying from child-friendly carousels to terrifying roller coasters. Whether a child or an adult, this park has something to offer you.

If you crave an adrenaline rush, you will love the Wild Mouse, which will send shockwaves through your spine as you will be taken rapidly over Sydney’s waters.

Then there is the Tumble Bug- one of the most thrilling and heart-pounding rides you will ever be on because it will flip and fling, up and down, side to side, round and round.

However, you can also find activities if you want something calm and relaxed. The Ferris wheel is a fun slow-moving ride where you can enjoy a comfortable ride while viewing the entire park in NSW from above, and you can also catch a view of the Sydney harbour.

1.1.2. Activities for the Kids 

Kids Rides @ Luna Park Sydney

The colourful magic castle and whirly wheel are great for little children, especially if they don’t prefer heights.

Furthermore, Luna Park has also retained some of its old fun activities, namely the original classic sideshow games where you could win many prizes by participating.

You can also find the renovated Coney Island. Aren’t you excited to visit Luna Park? This theme park will let you experience adventure and unwind from your daily activities.

1.1.3. Food and Drinks 

Theme Park in NSW
Source: Luna Park Sydney

While visiting Luna Park, don’t miss the fairy floss, also known as cotton candy. Furthermore, you can taste the Pluto pups, hot dog sausages deep-fried in butter, and other mouthwatering dishes.

If you are not interested in the carnival foods, go to the Fish and Chips restaurant near Coney Island or try the burgers and hot dogs at the Lighthouse Cafe.

Furthermore, you can also find ice cream parlours at the park. You can even carry your food from home and enjoy a good picnic lunch. Several grassy spots in the park allow you to sit unbothered, but many people love to sit under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Also, you must be careful about your food choice before jumping onto these rapid-moving rides.

1.2. Raging Waters Sydney

Raging Waters Sydney - Bombora | TornadoWave Waterslide

Raging Waters Sydney is a water theme park with wave pools and several popular rides providing a wild and extreme experience. Previously, it was known as Wet’n’Wild Sydney Park until it was renamed the Raging Waters Sydney.

Thrill seekers will love this theme park. Nevertheless, it is also visited by families and other people looking for a good time.

This theme park has several rides for all ages, so there is something for you to enjoy here regardless of your age.

1.2.1. Rides

Wet 'n' Wild Sydney - Double Bowlseye | Water Slide with TWO BOWLS!

Take a Bowlseye ride with your friends or family. However, there is an age restriction for kids to take this ride. Hence, young children are not allowed, but older children will have the time of their lives.

This park comprises extreme adventure rides. You can encounter some thrilling rides here. If you are apprehensive, you can watch the rides before gathering the courage to get onto one.

Or, if you are looking for the wildest adrenaline rush, don’t miss out on the 360 Rush. Next, you will also have an exhilarating experience on the Aqua Tube in Raging Waters. The Aqua Tube is the country’s first-ever double Bowlseye. Do try this ride.

There is also a surf deck where you can surf. It is comparatively safer than surfing in the ocean.

Hence, as the name suggests, time spent at Raging Waters Sydney can be described as nothing less than an adrenaline-filled adventure.

1.2.2. Activities for the Kids

Here, the little ones can have their share of thrill as well. They can ride the Curler Flume, Typhoon, and Junior Interactive Splash Pads. With these, they can still have equal fun as the older children.

You can find several food joints for snacks, drinks, and lunch. Additionally, there will be burgers, chips, chicken, and all kinds of treats that children love.

1.3. Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo Action Park | Sydney Weekender

Jamberoo Action Park is one of the NSW region’s water theme parks, conveniently located slightly away from Sydney.

This theme park is great for a family day out. It has picnic areas where parents can unwind and play with their children while also enjoying several activities and attractions.

There are several rides and amusements in this theme park. Ranging from adrenaline-pumping rides to calm and relaxed activities, you cannot afford to miss anything.

Here are some of them.

1.3.1. The Perfect Storm Ride

The Perfect Storm Water Slide at Jamberoo Action Park

The Perfect Storm is a unique ride that will impress thrill seekers. First, the name is enough to excite you before you look at this mayhem machine. Also, it is one of the longest and tallest.

Being inside this ride will make you feel as though you are caught up in a terrible thunderstorm. Moreover, this is just a brief description of the thrilling and terrifying experience that awaits you on the ride.

Finally, a minimum of two and a maximum of four riders per raft are allowed, and it is best to go with family and friends. Remember not to miss out on a ride on this Perfect Storm.

1.3.2. The Funnel Web Ride

Insane FUNNEL WEB Slide | Jamberoo Action Park

This water ride is famously known as the world record holder for its most enormous spider sculpture. It is a beautiful site and you will love it more when you experience it personally while riding through it.

This ride is the best in the theme park and is great for taking photos. While you and your loved ones race past the scary fangs of the giant funnel web spider and continue down into the dark spider’s lair, take a photo worth keeping forever. It is a thrill you should not miss out on.

1.3.3. The Taipan Ride

Taipan Snake Water Slide at Jamberoo Action Park

This theme park ride is another adrenaline-pumping adventure waiting for a thrill seeker daring to try it. It is a figure of a Taipan snake with a head opening, thus exposing its giant fangs at the entrance of this ride.

You will find it dark and terrifying as you venture into the snake’s belly. Therefore the weak at heart should stay outside. The intensity is high as you navigate the inside of Australia’s most fearsome snake.

However, you must consider the height, weight, and number of people on this ride. Emphasis is on adult supervision.

1.3.4. The Banjo’s Billabong Ride

Banjo's Billabong Water Slide at Jamberoo Action Park

Here is something fun for the little children to experience their share of thrill too. There is so much for the children to do on this ride because there are water slides, climbs, bridges, cannons, and a giant bucket constantly filling the slides with water.

The Banjo’s Billabong comprises four storeys and seven hundred square metres. Thus the park has an endless list of activities that will keep you and your children busy. However, adult supervision is also required.

In short, Jamberoo Action Park is a wild, adventurous, family-fun-filled water park where you will make memories worth keeping forever.

1.3.5. Other Activities

Theme Park in NSW
Photo by Yellowj from UnlimPhotos

You may not be interested in wet and wild fun activities. And that is okay. Jamberoo has something else too. Head over and play Landscape Golf because it is the perfect way to relax and have a calm, fun day with your family and friends.

However, there is a deposit to pay for the golf balls and clubs. The park rules state that the children should utilize it only under the supervision of adults.

In addition, get a breathtaking experience as you view the entire place 500m from above on the chairlift, and you will be able to see as far as Jervis Bay.

Then have a romantic ride on the Jamberoo Express train. The train ride here could be the final ride you and your family take to end the family day together.

1.4. The Big Banana Fun Park

The Big Banana Fun Park!

Judging by the name, you may assume this is for small children. Surprisingly, there are rides and attractions for all ages at Banana Fun Park.

Nevertheless, you will find several enjoyable family fun things to experience with your children at this theme park.

1.4.1. The Big Banana Structure

This giant banana structure is something you should see to believe. Many come to take pictures with the big banana since it is something of an icon for Australia. Families and tourists also come here to see this impressive structure.

1.4.2. The Water Park

The Big Banana WATER PARK!

The Water Park is the central part of this theme park, and families come here to cool off during the hot summer. Several features of this water park will impress you, and the little children will love the thrill of using the water slide. They can use the slides, either dry or wet.

1.4.3. The Big Hippo

Kamikaze Mat Water Slide at The Big Banana Fun Park

An inflatable water slide that will blow your mind! The Big Hippo is large and is said to be three storeys tall. That is quite the experience while moving through to get to the pool, and children will love this one.

1.4.4. The Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating at The Big Banana

Big Banana has an ice skating rink, so prepare your skating boots and go around the ice repeatedly until you feel your head spinning. This ice skating ring is something that you can never see in any of the other Sydney theme parks in the New South Wales region.

1.4.5. The Laserforce Arena

Laser Tag at The Big Banana

Do you like playing laser tag? You, your family, and your friends can form teams and battle each other to the last man! Fear not! It is just a game.

Come and have the most exciting time in a combat challenge where you are armed with laser phasers.

1.4.6. Try the Mini Golf Course

Mini Golf at The Big Banana

Mini Golf could be your last activity in the evening, where you can test your aim on the 36-hole mini golf course before you leave the park. It is also very challenging. Do try this without fail.

1.4.7. The Giant Slide

"The Racer" Giant Slide at The Big Banana Fun Park

This ride is one of a kind and has six lanes. The giant slide is similar to something taken from a child’s dream and brought to life. Don’t let your child miss this real-life experience.

1.4.8. The Toboggan Ride

Take a thrilling ride with your child on this scenic world-famous Toboggan ride, where you can hold each other while navigating the track and enjoy a stunning view of blue mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Furthermore, your child must be at least three years old, and children below eight years must ride with a parent.

Toboggan Ride at The Big Banana

1.4.9. The 4D Ride Simulator

The thrilling experience gets wilder as you venture further into this theme park. The XD theatre features four of the best 4D ride films in the world and is powered by the best simulator. It has a variety of films for you to choose from, namely Speed Racer, Moon Thunder, Dino Safari 2, and Canyon Coaster.

However, riders should satisfy the appropriate criteria for participating in this experience. Undoubtedly, the park has something for everyone.

XD Theatre - 4D Ride Simulator at The Big Banana 2019

1.4.10. The Demolition Derby

Aren’t you overwhelmed? The adventures are not yet over. This theme park will take you on the wildest ride of your life. Children can participate in the demolition derby ride, and each car holds up to four passengers.

Moreover, as per requirements, riders must be 90 centimetres tall to ride with an adult and 110 centimetres tall to ride alone.

1.4.11. Escape Rooms

The Big Banana has everything, including escape rooms. Could this theme park get any better? A team of people is locked in a room with only clues to guide them in solving a series of interactive puzzles and scenarios to find their way out of the prison.

The Escape rooms have intriguing names, including Temple of Doom, Prison Break, Hostel, and School of Magic. Each name promises you, your family, and your friends a thrilling adventure.

1.4.12. Theatre and Plantation Tour


You will find this activity fascinating because you get the whole theatre experience in the theatre complex; seats, closed doors, and dim lights. A state-of-the-art projector projects images and film onto a screen.

You can view a presentation on the bananas detailing the discovery and history of the park. Then you can leave the theatre complex for a short plantation walk to the re-established shed, where you can view another short film about the banana plantation. Don’t miss this.

1.5. Cables Wake and Aqua Park

Cables Wake Park Penrith NSW

Cables Wake Park is a water theme park located in NSW, Western Sydney and is the best theme park of its nature in Australia.

This park is said to be extremely fun and a family-friendly one among the amusement parks in NSW. Furthermore, both children and adults can enjoy something in this amusement park.

This park has two parts: Aqua Park, where you will find all the water rides children love, and Cables Wake Park, where you can experience the most thrilling obstacle and wakeboarding activities reserved for professionals. However, experts are available to train beginners.

1.5.1. Aqua Park

inflatable Aqua Park @Penrith cables

Similar to all New South Wales theme parks, Cables Aqua Park has a bunch of rides waiting for you. The rides include inflatable slides, jumping pillows and runaways. This park is an excellent spot for birthday parties and several festive celebrations.

Next, children must be five years and older and accompanied by a parent. You should know swimming, as non-swimmers cannot enter the water. Nevertheless, you will find other activities to entertain yourself.

If you are not interested in water games, you can visit restaurants, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a BBQ-sheltered facility.

1.5.2. Wake Park

Cables Wake Park Penrith // 2019

This is where the park gets more exciting because it offers the best world-class wakeboarding experience in NSW. You can have the most exhilarating time in the water with proper guidance. The facilities are so good that Cables Wake Park even hosts some of the best competitions in the country.

6. FAQs

What are the other theme parks in New South Wales?

The other theme parks in NSW include:

  • Amazement Farm and Fun Park
  • Treetops Adventure Park
  • Manly Waterworks
  • Central Coast Aqua Park
  • Aqua Island
  • Splash Water Park

What was the Wet’n’Wild Sydney theme park renamed as?

The park was renamed Raging Waters Sydney. Yet many still refer to it as Wet’n’Wild Sydney.

7. Conclusion

The New South Wales region has countless attractions that will leave you longing for more. However, the theme park in NSW is what will leave a lasting impression. You can experience various thrills, enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides, splash yourself with water, and have endless fun. You can also create unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever.

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