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Theme Park in Geelong: Thrilling Adventures Await

One only can imagine spending time in a private cabana with drinks in a dreamland. Thus, this article will talk about the major theme park in Geelong, Victoria.

Working life can sometimes be boring and give headaches. It is also disbalance the family harmony.

However, there are major theme parks all over Australia, so why wait? Visit these amazing amusement parks with family and spend a fabulous time with children.

For instance, Luna Park, Funfields, Gumbuya World, Collingwood Children’s Farm and many more. Which are near Geelong in Australia. Let’s start.

1. Introduce to Theme Park in Geelong, Victoria

The Adventure Park and Fairy Park are the two biggest theme parks in Victoria, Australia. Well, the Adventure Park hold more review than any other park in Australia.

These theme parks are available with mini golf courses and exciting other fun stuff to do and obliviously older kids are acceptable.

1.1. Adventure Theme Park in Geelong

adventure theme park in geelong
Image from Adventure Park Australia

Adventure Park has been Victoria’s biggest theme park in Geelong. Adventure Park is located 1 hour—distance from Melbourne, Australia.

The Adventure Park is located at (1249 Bellarine Highway, Wallington, Geelong  VIC 3222).

This amazing water theme park is filled with exciting activities, Attractions and breathtaking rides for both water and dry themes.

Apart from having only Water Playground and water rides such as Aqua Racer, Wild West Canyon, and Gold Rush Rapids.

Little Buggy Speedway are some of the exciting water rides and many many more available in this fantastic Amusement park.

Adventure Park also has dry action rides such as the Ferris wheel, Crazy Coaster, Giant Carousel and many more rides.

All this excitement and fun, in this amazing amusement park is fully worthy of bucks and time.

However, rides are not the only attraction of this water park, the food service.

The availability of private cabanas makes this place a whole package of fun for families, kids and dates too.

With all the rides, a vast variety of food, snack and drink service, and free parking.

In summer visiting this amazing water-themed amusement park is the best place to hang out and have fun with friends, families and even dates.

Services like accommodation, arranging birthday parties, private parties, school excursions, guest services.

Transportation services are also available which tempt people more to visit. The Info service team are also available for queries about booking tickets etc.

With two licensed alcohol bars they also provide booze service, and for smokers, there is a fixed place near the parking lot.

1.2. Fairy Park

Discover the Magic

Fairy Park is where kids see their favourite Disney cartoon character scenes moving.

Camelot Park is where the kids fulfil their fantasies of becoming knights, princes, and princesses, and feel joy. 

Fairy Park the land of fantasy also known as Fairytale Park, fairy a fairy-themed park, built by Peter Mayer in 1959. 

This amazing animated theme park is located at Anakle, an hour from west Melbourne and half an hour from Geelong, Victoria Australia. 

This park’s main attractions are Camelot Park, 22 Cartoon animated handcrafted scenes, and a Display of train models.

An amazing 360 park view from Elephant Rock is suited at the top of Anakle Hill. Fairy Park also has excellent food, snack & drinking service. Tickets are easily available.

2. Conclusion

In summer, water-themed parks like Adventure Park are the best place to go with a full family and even a date. 

All the food, drink service and rides at this park prove its claim to be the best and biggest water amusement theme park in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 

Ater-themed parks like Aqua Orb and Waterworld are also available with good snacks and drinks service and good rides.

However, Adventure Park is not the only one in the whole of Geelong, there are other water, animated-themed parks too.


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