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The Best Student-Friendly Countries to Visit

Traveling is one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences ever. The overwhelming majority of college students are continuously looking for a fascinating destination to visit abroad, as it is always an opportunity to dive into a different culture, learn something new, and broaden their outlook. However, it is indispensable to mention that not all countries are the same student-friendly, so it is indispensable to do a little research to enjoy the trip and take advantage of it. 

What are the aspects to consider? Unfortunately, a lot of students who plan on traveling or studying abroad are focused on the affordability of the place and its attractions, ignoring much more important aspects. It is impossible to deny that affordability is one of the basic elements to consider while going abroad. However, additionally, the student should pay due attention to the following issues:

  • Quality of teaching
  • Perspectives 
  • Opportunity to build a career
  • Language 
  • Culture

Once you have analyzed the most critical aspects, you are ready to make the final choice. It may never be easy to come up with the final decision, but hopefully, the following list of the most student-friendly destinations will help you succeed. 

South Korea

If your main goal is to achieve new educational and career goals while exploring a different country, South Korea may be the top choice. The country will impress you with lots of opportunities, impressive attractions, fascinating landscapes, and a plethora of other options to enjoy.

The destination is suitable for those learners, who enjoy hiking in the mountains and immersing themselves in the pristine nature, as well as the ones who cannot imagine their lives without busy city life and non-stop entertainment. Unique culture, extraordinary traditions, unusual customs, and fantastic cuisine will hardly leave anyone indifferent. 


Planning the next trip abroad, consider heading to Spain, which is known for its unique culture and lifestyle. Students who choose to go to the country never regret it, as the place is filled with unique options. Thus, no matter if you just want to travel or you strive to study in the area, Spain may be worth a try.

Tons of museums and exhibitions, fascinating architecture, and breathtaking views will contribute to your experience. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention welcoming and friendly people who are always ready to help you adapt to the country and see the most beautiful parts of the country. 

The Netherlands

What do you know about the Netherlands? In the overwhelming majority of cases, the country is associated with canals, bicycles, cafes, and lots of entertainment. There is no way to deny that all these options are there, but the country has much more to offer. The country offers an extraordinary combination of coziness and liveliness, triviality and uniqueness, which make the destination universal and appreciated by lots of people. 

Prospective students who strive to study abroad should consider the Netherlands as one of the best options, as the country offers a lot of English programs and English-speaking people. If you are afraid to get bored in the place, forget about it. Irrespective of the city you opt for within the country, you will get tons of activities to enjoy. 

At this point, it is critical to mention that heading to the Netherlands, you should be ready for adventures. Thus, if you just want to spend an unforgettable weekend, make sure you are done with all your college assignments. There is always an opportunity to deal with WritePaperForMe or similar services, getting complicated projects done stress-free. 

Czech Republic

Talking about student-friendly destinations, it is possible to single out lots of places. However, the Czech Republic will always remain the one worth ultimate attention, as it has much to offer. The mix of inexpensive life and an immense number of attractions makes the destination ultimately appreciated by learners who strive to spend quality time, relax, or study abroad. There is no difference if you go to the capital city or focus on the more distant areas, you will get an extraordinary chance to switch from a trivial routine to fantastic works of architecture, culture, and history. Hospitable locals, delicious cuisine, and picturesque landscapes will make your trip unforgettable. 


When it comes to Germany, there are too many aspects to consider. The country is a fantastic place for international students, irrespective of their goals, desires, and needs, as each and every person will definitely find something special in the place. The country offers an ultimate diversity of landscapes that are not even limited to mountains, forests, meadows, and beaches. Should we mention lots of national dishes known around the world? What about German beer? 

But, as a student, you should not forget about the extraordinary educational opportunities available in the country. Reputable and world-known universities welcome international students who are ready to get unique experience, broaden their outlook, and get a degree in one of the leading spheres. 


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