What are the 4 Must-Visit Places in Sorrento Beach?

Sorrento beach
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Sorrento beach is in the village of Sorrento, on the sunset coast of Victoria in western Australia. This historical place is home to the first European settlement in Victoria.

Sorrento village is known for housing the oldest limestone buildings in the continent of Australia. It is one of the few places in Australia to have rugged and pristine beaches.


Sir Charles Duffy coined the name ‘Sorrento’ as the place was as beautiful as the Italian coastal town with the same name. The settlement was known for producing lines from the limestones present in the area.

sorrento beach
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While the city remained a popular tourist destination for affluent people in the late 19th century, many hotels and resorts for tourists were started in the early 20th century.

Travelling to Sorrento

Sorrento beach is located on the Southern tip of the peninsula of Mornington. One can travel from Melbourne by car and reach in 90 minutes. Sorrento beach is just a 20-minute journey from Perth.

Tourists usually prefer to spend the day relaxing in the quality resorts on Toronto beach, enjoying the sea view and the White sand. Most people prefer to drive to this beautiful city. Car parking in the city is mostly free, and multiple parking places are available there.

Accommodations at Sorrento

The place has plenty of resorts that can cater for a large group of tourists.

In addition, there are service apartments that provide rooms to accommodate a group of friends planning to have a weekend getaway. These hotels and resorts are known to provide free wifi, breakfast and an extra bed at a low cost.

The hotels also provide guest laundry services. Few hotels also offer spa services to their guests. Many of these hotels are surrounded by shops and cafes. One can spend and relaxing afternoon in one of these restaurants.

Popular Places to Visit

Sorrento beach has been a tourist place for more than 150 years. The proximity to Perth and its location on the sunset coast make it a weekend getaway location. Many famous places are located near Sorrento beach and some even have good ocean views.

You can even find accommodations for all types of travellers. Here are the few popular tourist places to visit in Sorrento.

1. Sorrento Beach

Sorrento is a suburban beach located south of Hillary’s boat harbour at walking distance. It has pure white sand and is a great location for a quiet and relaxing afternoon.

Sorrento Beach
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You can venture out to sea for a swim. The Sorrento beach enclosure was installed to prevent any case of shark attacks on humans.

2. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is an idyllic spot that is just a ferry away from Sorrento beach. 

There are regular ferry services to this island. It has around 61 beaches and numerous walking trails. The island also offers hotel rooms to spend the night.

3. Hillary’s Boat Harbour

Bustling Hillary’s boat harbour is within walking distance from Sorrento and has many restaurants and resorts. Hillary’s boat harbour is a perfect place for a day trip.

There are plenty of free places to visit, such as the dolphin wishing well, swimming cove, swimming pontoons and water slides. It also has a beach playground where children can enjoy playing in pure white sand. The harbour has a car park with space for 2000 cars.

4. Aquarium of Western Australia

A must-visit place a short walk from Sorrento Beach is the Aquarium of Western Australia. AQWA is just a short drive of 20 minutes from Perth. It houses marine life that is exclusive to Australia.

Sorrento Beach
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The standard ticket will be a walk-through with a guide. There are other packages wherein children can feed marine life. The aquarium of western Australia also hosts a special Halloween party for kids.

Additional Features in Sorrento Beach

1. Surf Life-Saving Club

Surf life-saving club is a volunteer service that organises various sporting events during weekends and public holidays. They train life-saving for free of cost.

The SLS also trains the lifeguards in radio communication and communicating for rescue using air resources. They are trained in life-saving at the Sorrento beach enclosure.

2. Resort

The city has numerous famous resorts in this idyllic spot. Many of the luxurious resorts are located near the beach wherein the guests can enjoy the sunset, go ocean swimming or get a sun tan. These resorts offer free wifi, spa, gymnasium and other luxuries.

Despite being a short drive from Perth, Sorrento beach is a life away from the city for a limited time. The resorts also offer a fine dining experience to the guests through their restaurants. These resorts offer a large spread of free breakfast buffets and also continental breakfasts.

The cafes and hotels offer good food and are open throughout the night. Few of these resorts also give flexible check-in times for their real guests. Portsea Village Resort, Boathouse Resort Studio and Suites, and Peppers Moonah Links Resort Continental are a few popular resorts.


Sorrento beach is an amazing tourist destination in Western Australia. Its proximity to Perth makes it a major attraction. One can start planning for a weekend getaway with a day trip to bustling Hillarys Boat Harbour or Rottnest Island.

The night can be spent relaxing on the pure white sand of the sunset coast in Sorrento beach or just enjoying the luxury the hotel rooms or the resort has to offer. Exploit the beach fun by swimming in a safe Sorrento beach enclosure.

It does not matter if you stay in a resort or a hotel or just travelling from Perth for beach fun, Sorrento beach is a place you can not miss.


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