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Rivers in Geelong -A Nature Lover’s Paradise

If you want to know about the best rivers in Geelong, this post is for you!

Imagine you are on a trip to Australia with your family and friends. Apart from its blissful environment and adventurous theme parks, you want to explore something new that gives you peace and solace.

Then, the beaches and rivers of Australia should be added to your destination. Rivers in Geelong especially have to be visited at least once to experience the pure bliss in your soul. This article will help you to explore the rivers in Geelong.

1. Beauty of Geelong

Geelong is a coastal city located on the left bank of the Barwon River, to the southwest of Melbourne, Australia, which is the state capital of Victoria. It is the second largest city in the Victorian State and also Australia’s second fastest-growing city. There are many rivers in Geelong.

Geelong is surrounded by Western Victorian regional centers that include Ballarat, Torquay, Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool, Hamilton, Colac, Winchelsea, and the Central Highlands, which results in its identification as the “Gateway City.

It is because Geelong Vic is located on the shores of Corio Bay, which is a southwestern inlet of Port Philip Bay, that resulted in its identification as a coastal city. Rivers in Geelong are a must visit place if you are on a trip to Australia.

The specialty of Geelong is that you can view the distant Melbourne Skyline from higher areas of Geelong across the waters of Port Phillip when the weather is clear. Geelong is known for its commendable number of rivers. During the prehistoric times, the lowlands of Geelong started to get covered with water.

Geelong is an ideal city to experience all four seasons. It has moderate precipitation, warm summers, and mild to cool winters. If you want to enjoy your trip in the rivers of Geelong, then February is preferable since it is the hottest month in Geelong.

You should avoid your trip to the rivers of Geelong in the month of July as it is recorded as the coldest month in the history of the rivers of Geelong.

2. Rivers in Geelong

As mentioned earlier, Geelong is a coastal city, and it is known for its beaches and rivers, especially the rivers in Geelong.

These rivers are a must-visit spot if you are in and around Australia. They give you peace and bliss to relax and spend quality time with your friends and family.

There are two prime rivers in Geelong, and all other rivers are its tributaries. Come on let’s dive in to know more about the rivers in Geelong.

2.1. Barwon River

Barwon River is the largest and one of the best rivers in Geelong of the Victorian State. It is located in the Bellarine Peninsula Regions of Australia. Among the rivers in Geelong, Barwon River is a perennial river, which means it flows throughout the year without any scarcity.

Barwon River is natively known as the Worragong (Wathawurrang). There are many townships around the Barwon River that include Winchelsea, Inverleigh, Greater Geelong, and the Barwon Heads.

The water source for this river to be a perennial one is the Otway Ranges, located to the south of Birregurra at an elevation of 295 meters, which is approximately 968 feet.

Mouth of the river is at the Bass Strait, which is situated at the location of Barwon Heads and is spread across a length of 160 kilometers.

Barwon River, one of the rivers in Geelong, has many tributaries, including Boundary Creek, Atkin Creek, Birregurra Creek, Warrambine Creek, Leigh River, Sandy Creek, and the Moorabool River to its left, and Matthews Creek, Dean’s Marsh Creek, Brickmaker’s Creek, Retreat Creek, and the Scrubby Creek to its right.

  1. It is also the origin for a waterfall that is known as the Buckley Falls. Barwon River is the major source for the purpose of agriculture among the other rivers in Geelong.

2.1.1. Bridges Across the Barwon River

Barwon River, in total, has 13 tributaries that flow in all four directions. No other rivers in geelong have these many tributaries. Several bridges are constructed above these branches of the river for easy transportation and water facilities.

Go further to know about the bridges across the branches of the Barwon River. Barwon River Bridge

The bridge at Winchelsea, which was constructed in 1867, is known as the Barwon River Bridge. It was constructed for the Council of the Shire of Winchelsea.

This was designed and constructed as a replacement for an earlier timber structure, which was used since 1849. Its architecture is of a three-span arch structure.

This bridge connects the city of Geelong with the Western District. Queens Bridge

Queens Bridge is the link between the cities of Highton and Newtown. It was reconstructed two times after its initial construction in 1861.

The first time, the wooden bridge was destroyed due to the 1870 flood. A new wooden bridge was opened in 1872, also wrecked by a flood in 1909.

If you had to cross this bridge in the early years, a toll was charged, which was removed by 1877. The current Queens Bridge was built using one-lane steel and was opened in 1930. Princes Bridge

The two-lane Princes Bridge is the connection between Belmont and Newtown. It was named after Prince Albert, who was the consort of Queen Victoria. He died in the year 1861.

This bridge was constructed after his death, so it was named after him as a memory. Princes Bridge was not tolled like the other Bridges. Due to reasons of this, Princes Bridge became the most used one.

To prevent any commotion, a fence was put around it, but it was removed by unknown people continuously. So, a guard was stationed to check and have a look at it. In 1959, it underwent many repairs to accommodate the heavy traffic.

These are the primary bridges across the Barwon River. The other bridges across the river include the Mclntyre Bridge, James Harrison Bridge, Temporary Barwon Bridge, and, in addition the Barwon Heads Bridge.

2.1.2. How to Spend Time at Barwon River?

There are many ways to pass the hours of your time when you are at the Barwon River. The rivers in Geelong are usually meant for rowing, waterskiing, canoeing, fishing, and much more.

Similarly, Barwon River provides you with these facilities to spend hours of your time with family and friends. Water Skiing

If you want to have some fun in the water while skiing in the waters of the Barwon River, you should visit it on Sundays.

You are permitted to ski in the waters between the hours of midday and sunset on Sundays. People have to ski on the downstream side of the river to enjoy skiing time.

There are two clubs to provide permits and discounts for the activities. They are the Barwon valley water ski club and the Geelong Water ski club.

The CMA recreational Boating permit fee is 35 dollars. This money is worth the time you are going to spend there in the waters of the Barwon River.

rivers in geelong
By El jusuf at pexels Entertainment for Kids

Barwon River, one of the rivers in geelong, has an outdoor solar-heated swimming pool and a separate kids wading pool. You can relax in these pools for refresh.

The opening hours of these pools are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. It also offers a half-size basketball court whose opening hours are from 8 am to 7 pm. You can get your own ball or one from the store’s reception beside the basketball court.

It also offers a has a jumping pillow for kids. They can bounce to their heart’s content and enjoy themselves. This jumping pillow has a slide, which increases their enjoyment.

Barwon River has two playgrounds for the kids to spend their time. Pedal Gokarts are available from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on an hourly hire basis.

Barwon River is an ideal place to spend time in both the waters and entertain yourself.

2.2. Moorabool River

Moorabool River is a tributary of the Barwon River. It runs across several towns and cities, including Meredith, Anakie, and Staughton Vale. This joins the perennial river Barwon at Fyansford.

It is one of the rivers in Geelong that starts from the Moorabool reservoir at Fyansford. It has only one tributary to its right, known as the Lal Lal Creek.

2.2.1. Bridges Across the Moorabool River

Moorabool River has historic bridges running over it. These were built in Colonial Bluestone. The most prominent ones are the Batesford Bridge and the Fyansford Bridge. Batesford Bridge

The place where this Batesford Bridge is located was originally a site of Ford. This was the first bridge built by the Corio that was constructed in the year of 1846.

Initial construction had a toll to use the bridge. The first bridge collapsed in the year of 1847. This collapsed bridge was reconstructed using wood in the year of 1848.

That bridge also did not sustain the floods in 1852. Later, in 1859, the Bluestone Bridge was constructed. This bluestone bridge is being used to date. Fyansford Bridge

Fyansford Bridge was also constructed on a Ford site location. It was first built using wood in 1854.

This initial bridge was tolled till the year of 1877. In 1898, its condition was deprived and subjected to reconstruction.

A new bridge was constructed in 1900, which was a three-arch bridge. Due to heavy traffic, this bridge was replaced in 1970. This one is known as the Hamilton Highway.

2.2.2. Entertainment at the Moorabool River

Moorabool River, one of the rivers in Geelong, is home to native fish species. Other rivers in Geelong also have native fishes, but not as many as here. These include the Australian Grayling, River Blackfish, Australian smelt, short-finned eel, flat-headed gudgeon, and much more.

The river provides the facility for fishing. In addition, It helps you spend quality time with your friends and family.

Apart from this, the view from the bridges across the river is splendid. It mesmerizes the visitors, which attracts more people. This river also has a camping site known as the Moorabool River camping area.

It provides the facility of a Fire pit, where you can have a camp night. In addition, there is also a walking track where you can have a walk with your better half.

The most interesting thing is that camping here is free. It does not require any prior bookings.

There is a thing that may disappoint the pet lovers, especially the dog lovers. Carrying your pets with you to the camping area, especially the dogs, is prohibited. You also should be careful about snakes in this camping area.

rivers in geelong
By cottonbro studio at pexels

If you want to spend time basking your feet in water for free, then Moorabool River is the ideal place.

3. Summary

Geelong is a city in Australia that is one of the most visited cities in Australia. The rivers in Geelong are attractive places in the city. The people visit these rivers to relax themselves with family and friends.

There are two prominent rivers in Geelong. One is the Barwon River, and the other is the Moorabool River. These are the only two famous rivers in Geelong.

These Rivers are ideal for a picnic spot. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your journey into the waters.


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