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What to Know about Katherine Langford: 4 Intriguing Facts

Katherine Langford

We are not as the world thinks we are, and the world cannot think of us as we are. Difficult times are like mirrors that test our power and make us unique in the world.

Here is a biography of one such actress, who has taken her life from a height to the sky.

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Biography of Katherine Langford:

On April 29, 1996, the actress was born in Perth, Western Australia, to Elizabeth Langford and Stephen Langford. 

Katherine is the eldest daughter of her parents, and her younger sister is Josephine Langford. Katherine grew up with her family at Applecross Country Club.

Langford began her career in 2005 with voice lessons, jazz, and vocal music. Langford then attended Modern School in Perth and St Hilda’s Senior High School, where Langford specialized in sports and music. She even became a sports captain and national level swimmer. Moreover, Langford was also very interested in musical theatre, medicine, and politics during high school.

When Langford turned 16 in 2012, she took inspiration from playing the piano by attending a Lady Gaga concert. As such, Langford enjoyed music and art. Langford has written three songs and shared a self-video of her singing the song on social media

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Her Song, “Young and Stupid”, is particularly impressive. The songs- were inspired by the suicides of three youths who took their own lives in Perth. Langford wrote the song in 2013 with the intention of not committing suicide.

Langford was very talented in his music career, and this song is proof. Langford then stopped focusing more on physical activity and concentrated on music and drama competition. Due to this, Langford was also successful in many music and drama contests.

After completing High School in 2013, she attended Hotel Sorrento. From 2014 to 2015, Katherine Langford studied at the Principal Academy of Dance and Theater Arts, majoring in musical theatre. In 2015 she was one of the five students to attend the Advanced Actors Residency at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). After this, Australia’s Kat entered Hollywood.

Katherine Langford Career Journey:-

Katherine Langford, the Australian actress, began her career as Hannah Baker in the Netflix television series “13 Reasons Why” (2017–2020).

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The female lead of season one of the series is Hannah Baker, a teenage schoolgirl. The character talks about her 13 reasons for committing suicide in the series’s first season. It also drives the audience to think about a woman’s adversities at such an early age. 

She became the heartthrob of the fans by giving her best performances in 26 episodes of both the seasons of the Netflix series. She was also nominated- for the Golden Globe Award for her best performance in the series. 

However, Katherine was previously offered a Bachelor of Arts program in acting at the National Institute of Dramatic and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAPA) in 2015. 

Nonetheless, he played professional roles instead. 

Eventually, she landed the role of Hannah Baker in the Netflix series. The series marked its claim as the most talked-about series of 2017—all showered fame, praises and love.

But, before that, she started her career in 2015 by acting in several independent films. After witnessing her talent, the American media talked about Hannah Baker’s focal role in 13 Reasons Why. Since then, she has performed in several high-profile projects, including Love, Simon, and Knives Out. 

She made several short independent films, including Story of Miss Oxygen (2015), Imperfect Quadrant (2016), and Daughter (2016). She played the lead character in Daughter, which was released- at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival opening. 

In 2016, she- was given the lead role of the dark comedy Spontaneous (2020).

Katherine Langford Television appearances:

Katherine Langford played the role of Hannah Baker in the Netflix television series “13 Reasons Why”. She played Betty in Tom McCarthy (2015), Scarlett Short Film, Nexus Production Group, Sarah Jane (2015), The Story of Miss Oxygen, Featured Short Film, Afternoon Films, Rakib Eric (2015). All these film productions took place from 20 to April 22, 2017. Nexus Production Group directed ’13 Reasons Why’ with Dylan Minnette Katherine Langford on April 20, 2017.

Australian Culture/Australian actor and comedian Todd appeared in his feature film, The Misguided, an independent comedy-drama by Shannon Alexander, premiered in January 2018. It served as an earlier version of Morgan Stark in Avengers: Endgame; however, it was removed- from the final film as the character complicated it.

Langford co-starred in a murder mystery film, Knives Out Meg Thrombey, which earned critical acclaim. The movie landed her with various awards and nominations for the role, including a Critics’ Choice Award. 

She then also starred as Leah in 2018. 

Katherine Langford
Images by ImageCollect/unlimphotos.com/copyright2022

Reasons why “Kat” wanted to stay away from the film Industry:-

August 1, 2021, Katherine updated via her Instagram stories to 24.8M followers that on July 10, 2021, Netflix had cancelled the cursed series after the first season. The Hollywood Reporter wrote this, which brought out the fore shocking openness of Langford, which is a big deal! 

She instead pursued professional roles, ultimately enjoying them. 

After all this, Kat posted her photo on Instagram and went back to living in Perth with her parents. Later she left for Australia.

At 25, in Los Angeles, Kat re-shared a photo on her Instagram Stories with Sydney-based singer Odette at the Melbourne Live music venue 170 Russell. The update comes just before Langford shared a different picture of the scene from her plane window and an Australian flag emoji on May 10 and posted articles that she had come back to Australia to visit family in Perth.


After enjoying her performance in the entertainment industry, we cannot help but yearn for more. Hence as viewers, we are excited to see what more Katherine Langford- has to offer! Hopefully, they don’t take long 🙂


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