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John Forrest National Park – A Hidden Gem

John Forrest National Park is a stunning place. It gives a closer panorama of nature to the visitors. This National Park is located close to Perth City. It is full of scenic views, bicycle, and walk trails. Additionally, it has historic buildings along with lots of wildlife.

This National Park is located at thirty minutes’ distance from Perth. It is east of the city at just 24 km distance. Spring and winter are the best visiting months. It’s because the forest has running fountains these seasons.

The Standard park entry fee applied for John Forrest National Park is $15.00 per vehicle and the concession park entry fee is $8.00 per vehicle.

This National Park is also accessible on foot or you can also have a mountain bike via the Railway Heritage trail.

While visiting the national park the visitors can also purchase the Park Passes online. It is needed for the entry of visitors into the National Park all over WA.

It consists of three entry points. You can track those entry points by GPS. You can also find out the best route with scenic views into John Forrest National Park.

The city views are outstanding and breathtaking. In this National Park, there are many beautiful spots including adorable wooden huts.

John Forrest National Park Perth, Western Australia

1. History Of John Forrest National Park

During the early years of 1898, this land was reserved for conservation. It was labeled “Greenmount National Park” after two years. And finally, in 1947, the name of this national park was changed to commemorate Sir John Forrest. It is done because he was Western Australia’s first premier.

John Forrest National Park was clustered in the 1890s. It was cleaved by the Eastern Railway. Till the time railway reserves traffic passed through it.

Avon Valley route was one of the reasons to construct it. The “National Park” railway line is a famous spot in this place. It is an alignment through the Swan View Tunnel and the park.

Hovea was the near railway station for 2 past years. The railway station of this national park was entrenched in 1936. During the years between the 1890s to 1960s, it was a very famous railway excursion location.

The formation of this railway was under the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail. The railway line was removed after closing it. It vests on the Mundaring Shire Council. This part is called Jogn Forrest Heritage Trail.

2. Geography Of John Forrest National Park

It is located on the border of the Darling Scarp and east of Perth. In addition, it is located on Great Eastern Highway’s north.

This park has Swan View suburb on the west. Likewise, it has a naturally occurring western road as a boundary. And there are suburbs adjacent to it are Darlington and Glen Forrest. They are also present on the Great Eastern Highway South. And finally to Hovea’s east.

Major damaging bushfires occurred in the park during the year 1990s and 2000s. They occurred in the western and the northern sections. In November 2010, a bushfire was believed to occur deliberately and it caused damage to the most significant areas of the National Park. Additionally, it includes the parts of the Eagle’s View Trail.

ferns 303016 1280
Image by Patty Jansen from Pixabay

3. Features Of John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park is acknowledged as an ancient conservation area in Australia. However, it is also the first National Park. This is about western Australia.

The John Forrest National Park has many significant features. Some of them are excellent bushwalking, Cycling along the Railway Reserves Trail, and most important scenic drives.

There’s plenty of wildlife in this National Park. There are many native birds and bandicoots. Moreover, if you are visiting this national park during the spring, you can observe that the wildflowers color the landscape and also there are various great picnic facilities available in this National Park.

The most significant features that anyone can’t miss during your trip to John Forrest National Park are :

  • Go for a walk along rugged wilderness trails.

  • Or along the historic Swan View Tunnel.

  • Spectacular Waterfalls during the winter.

  • Magnificent views in city and metropolitan areas.

4. Cultural Heritage Of John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park is mainly known for its main picnic areas. These areas are perfect for family picnics and barbeques. There are also many waterfalls located in this area. The remaining part of the national park is largely undeveloped for the people who enjoy the wilderness.

The perfect visiting time to the National Park is Winter or Spring season. The National Park Falls’ estimated walk is about 2.5 km, and it will take you about an hour for a loop walk. This will ultimately take you around the National Park Falls, you will walk along the Railway Reserves Trail, and also along the Jane Brook.

John Forrest Tavern is popularly known as The Wildflower Tavern. It is pinpointed in the mid of John Forrest National Park. It is a conservation area. This is a noble place to stop for snacks.

The visitors can sit outside the courtyard. They will encounter many birds and kangaroos. The John Forrest Tavern is open every day. It provides a special Monday night roast. They offer a choice of beef or chicken with six vegetables at $10.00.

The most famous relaxing spot in this national park is John Forrest Tavern. People visit here after they are done with hiking trails. The other one of the important spots in this National Park is Hovea Falls. These are the falls that cascade down to a sheet of rock.

5. Famous Walks Of John Forrest National Park

There are many walks in John Forrest National Park. They are full of beautiful and mesmerizing views. Some of those walks are the Wildflower Walk Trail, the Christmas Tree Creek Walk Trail, the Eagle View Walk, and the Glen Brook Trail.

The Glen brook walk is also located in John Forrest national park. It starts main picnic area. It’s ideal for a quick stroll. It is a wonderful place for families. It is a 2.2 km loop. 

John Forrest National Park has many trails. They are amazing spots for visitors. Here you can witness flooded gums jarrah, the spooky Swan View, and paperbark trees.

John Forrest National Park
Image by Penny from Pixabay

6. Things To Do In John Forrest National Park

There are many things that you can enjoy at John Forrest national park. This national park has kangaroo troops. The people visiting the John Forrest national park can have a stroll to the back of the Tavern. It is located near the picnic area.

This is a place where people climb boulders and build houses out of tree branches.

This national park has two famous waterfalls. They are Hovea Falls plus National park falls. They are perfect for rainfall. The phenomenon of water falling over granite rock is fantastic.

Let’s take a look.

6.01 Walking Tracks

There are several walk trail options available in this national park. This national park has the best walk trails in Perth. These trails start from the picnic area.

The longest hiking is the Eagle view walk. It has a 2.2km Glen Brook dam walk. It also has the John Forrest bridle trail. Also, it has a 300m jane brook promenade and national park falls Walk.

The 340-meter Swan View tunnel was constructed in 1893. It was built by Western Australia’s Engineer-in-chief, C.Y. O’Conor.

The visitors also enjoy the walk through a tunnel and falls. This hiking trail is known as Swan View Tunnel via Falls. It is an 8.4 km long trail. 

There are many other trails in this national park. Some of them are Rocky Pools Circuit, Heritage Trail, and  Wildflower Trail.

The longest trail in John Forrest National Park is Railway Reserves Heritage Trail. It is 41.4 km.

The Best Hiking Trails In John Forrest National Park | Hiking in Perth

6.02 Ancient travel route

There are many ancient routes in this national park. The indigenous people use these routes. Visitors walk through the forest to follow routes. These routes take you to the natural beautiful sites of John Forrest National Park.

There are many ancient routes. Visitors can travel and reach the national park by these routes. Some routes used by indigenous people are not in use now. But there were some routes which you can visit now also.

6.03 John Forrest Picnic Areas

One amazing picnic spot is located in the John Forrest national park. Being the state’s oldest national park comes with wildlife beauty.

The nature and surroundings are unique. This place has over 500 species. Western Grey Kangaroos have their home here. These types of Kangaroos are seen in the early morning and afternoon. They are spotted at picnic areas. 

From the main picnic area, the national park falls walk is just a kilometer away. The top of these falls is stunning, and we can have a look at Jane Brook and beyond

The major highlight of visiting this area is visiting the Swan View Tunnel. This tunnel was opened in the year 1896. This tunnel has some mythical creatures. It’s said that the tunnel is haunted. It has the spirits of men.

They lost lives during tunnel construction, thus making the Swan View Tunnel one of the risk areas of this whole place.

6.04 Trickling Mountain Streams

There are various mountain streams in John Forrest National Park. Furthermore, the visitors love to see the stunning views of these mountains. Many visitors who love adventure, do many adventurous activities here.

waterfall 7186945 1280
Image by Lee Chandler from Pixabay

7. Flora Of John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park is set in Jarrah forest. It is a Bush site. Jarrah and Marri’s uplands are majorly seen here. Two Smooth-barked trees cross with Jarrah and Marri on the slope of the valley. Smaller trees are Bull Banksia and Sheoak.

The woodlands of the slopes have a rich understorey with Calothamnus, Grevilleas, Hakeas, Dryandras, Myrtles, Pimelias, Blue Lechenaultia, etc. Besides, this you can see 12,000 species of wildflowers.

A common feature of this location is granite outcrops. Soil becomes shallow and annuals herbs abound. Several plants like orchids, sundews, and resurrection grow in moss swards.

Lastly, this place is full of a varied variety of plants. You can observe many endangered types of plant species here. 

8. Fauna Of John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park is significant for conservation purposes. Essentially, it includes flora and fauna of wide diversity. Here species are regarded as threatened. In addition, here other species are limited in their group.

Flora and fauna represent the ecological ecotone. They lie in the middle of the Darling Plateau & Swan coastal plain. It has 41 of 207 mammal and 439 reptile species in Australia. Additionally, it has 1,600 fish species present in the water bodies of this national park.

While exploring this National Park visitors can also notice several animals like Motorbike Frogs, Glauert’s Froglet, Ornate Crevice- Dragon, Southwestern Earless Skink, Shingleback Lizard, Southern Marbled Gecko, Sand Goanna, and many more animals here.

kangaroos 946577 1280
Image by Welcome to All! ツ from Pixabay

9. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1. What Are The Opening Time Slots Of John Forrest National Park?

Ans. The timings of this park are Sun-Sat 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM.

Q 2. How Can We Reach John Forrest National Park?

Ans. You can reach here by taking the Great Eastern Highway up into the Perth hills and then following the signs onto Park Rd. The main parking area is just next to the tavern. It has plenty of bays.

Q 3. What Is The System For The Car Park Here?

Ans. The visitors visiting this place should know that the standard vehicle would have to pay an amount of $15.00 per vehicle, and the large vehicle would have to pay an amount of $7.00 per person.

10. Final Note

In this article, we have discussed the famous Australian national park John Forrest National Park. This national park has a vast history. Its landscapes are very beautiful and connect you to nature.

The indigenous people of this national park are maintaining their cultural heritage. Moreover, it has various walking tracks and picnic areas. And this could be an excellent place for family and friends vacations.

You can also enjoy hiking and birdwatching here. You will come beyond many animals as well. For more information, visit the official site of John Forrest National Park.

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