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How to Reset Oil Change Light?

How to Reset Oil Change Light? If you are looking for the answer, either your car needs attention or your oil change indication is malfunctioning. And, do not worry. You are at the right spot.

The car indicates when you need to change the engine oil to change the light through the oil change light. Otherwise,  the oil change light remains turned on even though the old oil is drained and fresh oil has been added. Let us find out how to reset oil change light of your car.

1. How to Reset Oil Change Light?

There are many solutions to  How to Reset Oil Change Light depending on the car.

1.1 Ignition Key

You can simply reset the oil lights by turning the keys twice over the ignition.  By doing so, the car obtains power and runs in a driving position.

How to Reset the Change Engine Oil Light on your Car

1.2 Reset Button on Dashboard

You can also use the reset button on the vehicle’s dashboard and gauge. Switch the ignition to the on position to light up the gauges and electronics light up.

Thereafter,  turn different odometer modes to know the exact mileage driven. Switch off the ignition. Subsequently, turn on the reset button and keep it on hold while you turn the ignition to the on position.

Reset Oil Maintenance Light - 2008 to 2012 Dodge Ram


When you notice the light blinking on and off for a few seconds, set free the reset button and turn off the ignition.

This method will work almost in all cars of older vintage. Let us know to find out How to Reset Oil Change Lights in the latest cars. 2.

2. How to Reset the Oil Change Light in the Latest Model 

The procedure for resetting the oil change light is slightly different in cars after 2006. You will need to switch the ignition key to the accessory position. When the oil message is displayed press the enter button on the driver information center.

When it is reset, it is acknowledged by the panel by moving the key to the off position.

How to reset oil change light
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

In certain cars, there is an option of message being displayed oil change is required. In such cases, you reset the oil while inside the car. Switch to first gear, position the parking brake, turn the keys on while closing the doors of the car, and prevent from starting the engine.

Thereafter,  press the key, and for a push button start, press the button without starting the engine. Press the accelerator pedal three times on the floor in less than 10 seconds. Switch off the ignition light vanishes while you reset the indicator.

To find the vehicle info, use the up, and down arrows on the display. find the oil life option, to set the reset option, hold on to the right arrow for less than a few seconds.

3. Benefits of Oil Change Light 

Having learned how to reset the oil change lights,  let us know the benefits of oil change Lights.

How to reset oil change light
Image by Skica911 from Pixabay

An oil change indicator lets you know when to change the oil and other issues such as problems related to low oil pressure or oil leaks. The oil filter works hand-in-hand with the oil change light to clear the debris accumulated over time.

This keeps the engine clean with optimal vehicle function. When the oil pressure in the vehicle’s engine has declined light illuminates with a caution to take action

  •  It saves maintenance costs by timely warning.
  • Ensures longevity of the vehicle’s engine
  • Improves engine performance
  • Decreases emissions
  • Makes your car fully functional by reaching its peak gas mileage

Clean oil is necessary to keep the engines lubricated and for the vehicle to run smoothly. The older oil reduces the engine’s performance with a reduction in viscosity and lubricity. Most cars must change their oil every three months.

4. Oil Change Resetting Not Working

If you have tried to reset the oil change light and it is not working,  then your car needs the attention of a mechanic.

4.1 Sensor Malfunction

In case of an issue in the sensor, your vehicle detects old oil. An oil change reset may not work and requires you to reach a professional mechanic for further assistance.

4.2 Variance in Car Model

How to reset the Oil change light may be different for different cars and vehicle models. If you are not able to follow the methods due to different vehicle models, the car manufacturer’s customer service guidance can help you.

5. Importance of Resetting Oil Change Light 

When getting a car’s or vehicle’s oil change light, it is crucial to reset the oil change light on the dashboard. Forgetting to reset the indicator may provide you with the same instructions for changing the oil.

Vicky shows how important is changing the engine oil.

Constant alerts at incorrect intervals may leave you confused about when to reset the oil change light. Instead of damaging the engine and spending extra on the oil change light, prevent these problems by resetting the light.

6. Indications for the Need for Oil Change 

There are many signs that you need an oil change before the indicator alerts you.

Check the oil. If you find it dirty and murky along with the smell of the vehicle’s cabin indicates a leak with engine burning oil. Be attentive to the unusual voice of the engine from the hood as these are indicators that oil is low and the engine is not able to function smoothly.

oil changes every 5k miles or 20k miles? #mechanic #repair #v8 #satisfying #spiderman


Any smoke emitted from the vehicle is not a good sign and may indicate a leak in the engine. Contact your professional mechanic if you come across these signs.

7. Conclusion – How to Reset Oil Change Light

A vehicle’s longevity and performance are dependent on the oil change of the vehicle at the right intervals. The benefits of an oil change light are ample for your vehicle to function optimally.

Although, there are several reasons for oil change not working, ensure you change the oil before you get unusual cautions and signs of engine damage. A vehicle’s engine is crucial in improving the vehicle’s performance and longevity.

Checking for the low oil levels and changing them will prevent engine damage and expenditure on your vehicle. Seek professional help if you are unable to follow the instructions in the manual as different car models operate differently.

The oil change light and oil filter work in tandem for the vehicle’s optimal function. Also, the oil change light is an important aspect of your vehicle to ensure you maintain your vehicle without damaging the engine.

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