How to Make a Thread on Twitter: 2 Easy Ways

Now you might want to publish a post on Twitter, and you have got a lot to say, but Twitter doesn’t let you say it all in a single tweet, not more than 280 characters. Isn’t it annoying? When you are stuck in a situation like this, Twitter threads are there at the rescue, if you know how to make one.

Once you know about the twitter thread or tweet thread, Twitter won’t be able to make a barrier before your flowing words. Twitter threads allow you to express your ideas, be more elaborate on it, tell stories or share useful information to your followers.

Keep scrolling to learn how to make a thread on Twitter and make your Twitter posts say everything you have got on your mind.

How to make a thread on twitter
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How to Make a Twitter Thread

There are two methods by which you can create a Twitter thread, and worry not, both ways are way simpler than you think. Whether you want to make a thread from the website or the app, both methods are applicable on both platforms.

First Method: Using the Reply Function

Let us find out how to make a thread on Twitter using the reply function:

  1. Log into your Twitter account after launching the Twitter app or website.
  2. After logging in, if you are using the web version, tap the Tweet button, or go to the Home page where you will find a dialogue box saying What’s Happening? Type your first tweet there.
  3. If you use the mobile app, choose the Compose icon to start typing your first tweet.
  4. Once you are done composing your first tweet, tap Tweet.
  5. After your tweet is live, tap the Reply function under it.
  6. When your new tweet is ready to be published, tap on the Tweet icon to make it live.
  7. After your two successful tweets, you will find a Show this thread message below your second tweet.
  8. To continue multiple tweets under the same thread, use the Reply function till you reach your last tweet.

An Alternative:

  1. After 2nd step from above, instead of selecting Tweet, tap on the Plus sign to compose a new tweet.
  2. After your second tweet, tap again on the Plus sign to add a third tweet.
  3. Following this way, write the rest of your tweets to make a thread.
  4. After you write your concluding tweet and are ready to publish your Twitter thread, click Tweet all. This will tweet your entire thread.
  5. If you want to delete any of the tweets from your Twitter thread, open the tweet which you want to delete. Tap the three dots and then select Delete from the right-side menu.

This method is easy for sure, but it has an issue. You must know beforehand that if you are using this method, other Twitter users will be able to reply to your tweets as you make each of your tweets from your upcoming complete thread go live.

Users might not know that you are trying to create a thread and therefore may start commenting on your tweets and you may have to reply to them, thus ultimately destroying the entire thread that you intended to make.

If you end up using this method, don’t forget to add #thread in your first tweet from the thread, and keep numbering your consecutive tweets from the thread so that users know that your tweets are part of a thread.

But to save you from this haphazard situation, there is another method mentioned in this how to make a thread on Twitter guide.

How to make a thread on twitter
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Second Method: Using the Twitter Threads Feature

To avoid the situation mentioned above, there is a built-in thread feature in Twitter that you can use to create a Twitter thread. This feature lets you create your thread all at once with several tweets before publishing it.

Let us find out how to make a thread on Twitter using the Twitter threads feature:

  1. Log into your Twitter account after launching the Twitter website or app.
  2. After logging in, if you are using the web version, tap the Tweet button, or go to the Home page where you will find a dialogue box saying What’s Happening? Type your first tweet there.
  3. If you are using the mobile app, choose the Compose icon to start typing your first tweet.
  4. After composing your tweet on the website, click the Plus icon which you will find at the lower right of the tweet. Once you click on it, a new tweet box will appear.
  5. If you are using a mobile, tap on the Continue thread option to keep writing tweets.
  6. Type your second tweet, next tweet and the rest of the tweets in this manner till you reach the end of the Twitter thread.
  7. When you are finished creating your thread, tap the Tweet all button, and your thread will be posted to Twitter.
  8. Click on any specific tweet and select Add another tweet to add more tweets to your published thread.
  9. To delete any individual tweet from your thread, open that particular tweet and tap on the three horizontal dots you will find on the right-hand side and tap on Delete.

With this how to make a thread on Twitter guide, you got to know two easy methods using which you can now make threads on Twitter.

What Sets Twitter Threads Apart from Tweetstorms?

  • You may have heard the term Tweetstorms before, and now that you got to know about Twitter threads, you might end up confusing yourself. Twitter threads and tweetstorms may seem the same thing, but that is not the case most of the time. You need to be able to distinguish between the two.
  • A tweetstorm comes into the scenario when a user posts several tweets rapidly. But if these tweets are a reply to one another and are also connected through a context, then they are called a Twitter thread. The “Reply” feature is what distinguishes them. It creates a thread by connecting the tweets.
  • If the tweets aren’t connected to each other, then they aren’t part of a thread but might be a part of a tweetstorm. A single tweet might be related to the previous tweet from the tweetstorm, but usually, they are not connected tweets.

Note: Several Twitter users tweeting about the same topic using the same links or hashtags can also be called a tweetstorm, but nowadays people don’t describe this situation as a tweetstorm.

  • In a Twitter thread, there should be a link between the tweets. The tweets should be directed to the same content. If they don’t, they won’t be referred to as a thread. In a tweetstorm, one can tweet whatever they want without relating to the previously published tweet.
How to make a thread on twitter
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How Can You Create Engaging Twitter Threads?

Engaging in conversation in tweet threads is a fantastic method to boost interest in your profile and posts. It helps you get discovered by others and brings you more followers. But first things first, if you want to get noticed, you need to know how to create engaging thread tweets.

A good thread can bring you more impressions. Let us know how can you can write and create engaging Twitter threads so that you can get more retweets and replies:

  • Maintain the structure of your thread. Don’t go out of context that may pull your audience out of the thread. Forming a good structure requires time and dedication but it isn’t something that one can’t do.
  • When you compose threads, you must not forget to use hashtags. Hashtags are like seasonings. In every one of your posts, include at least one hashtag. This helps your tweets get noticed by other users.Use hashtags, but remember, don’t stuff your tweets with them.
  • Rather than writing an artless tweet for your threads using only texts, add images, videos, GIFs, polls and links. These will keep your audience engaged and add life to your tweets and threads. This trick works well when you intend to make long threads.
  • If you intend to keep your thread short, try numbering your posts, for example, 1/5 of the thread, 2/5 of the thread and so on, to make the thread look more organized. It will also help the audience read your tweets in the correct order and as a continuous post. Avoid numbering your posts if your thread is going to be a long one because it can seem daunting to your audience.
  • You must also have a basic knowledge of the Twitter algorithm to make your threads more engaging. Interact with the people commenting on your threads and try replying to them as early as possible to keep the discussion on track without a halt. The more engagement you get in your post from your followers, the more you will get noticed by users who don’t follow you yet.
How to make a thread on twitter
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do Twitter threads work?

A Twitter thread is a group of connected tweets that are published subsequent to one another. By combining several tweets, you can make a thread. To make twitter threads, scroll up and read how to make a thread on Twitter.

2. How many tweets make a thread?

You can make a maximum of 20 tweets per post, and 20 consecutive tweets per tweet. Twitter doesn’t allow more than this.

3. Can I draft a thread on Twitter?

Yes. Twitter allows you to draft threads. Select the “Delete” symbol to draft a new thread.

4. Is replying to your own Tweet the same as a thread?

Making a Twitter thread is the result of replying to your own previous tweet. Other people may also reply to your tweet in a thread, but that won’t be counted in the thread.

5. Can I retweet an entire Twitter thread?

Yes. You can retweet an entire Twitter thread. A single tweet can be retweeted by selecting the “Retweet” arrow by tapping the “Show this Thread” button at the bottom of the tweet. This will retweet the whole thread.

6. How do I make a Twitter thread in advance?

You can schedule your Twitter threads in advance by using third-party tools. SocialBu is one such third-party tool that allows you to make a thread in advance.

7. How do I retweet a thread?

When viewing a single tweet, hit the “Show this Thread” symbol at the bottom and choose the “Retweet” arrow to share it with others. This will tweet the entirety of the thread.

8. What makes a good Twitter thread?

A good Twitter thread is one with which the audience keeps interacting more and more. To know how to create a Twitter thread that brings impressions, scroll above.


Twitter is one of the best platforms for users who want to connect to a large audience. This social media platform is quite beneficial for all creators out there, and therefore it is necessary to know how to make a thread on Twitter.

How to make a thread on Twitter
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Twitter threads are an awesome way through which you can communicate with your followers and attract more Twitter accounts way more easily and tell a good story. Rather than limiting yourself to a pool of words when you have an ocean to say, use this cool feature and let your thoughts flow without a 280-character limit.

Twitter threads receive more views than one tweet, therefore knowing how to make a thread on Twitter will turn out to be beneficial for you if you aim to be a creator and engage with a large audience.

Once you know about the Twitter thread or tweet thread, Twitter won’t be able to make a barrier before your flowing words. Twitter threads allow you to express your ideas, be more elaborate on them, tell stories or share useful information with your followers.

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