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How To Choose An Accent Wall? – Things You Should Know

Are you confused and wondering how to choose an accent wall ? In the interior designing world, there is a technique that can do wonders. It can change the overall look and vibe of the room.

Wondering what that is? Well, that trick is known as an accent wall. This article will teach you how to choose an accent wall

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Van_MLT on pixabay

1. How To Choose An Accent Wall ?

Just imagine entering a room, and a wall instantly catches your eye. Well, that is what the accent wall is.

It is designed to be the star of the room to enhance its look. It is strategically designed to be different from the rest of the walls. This gives the room an attractive edge.

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The accent wall adds a unique charm to the room, making it more interesting. But the question of how to choose an accent wall always remains tough.

But guess what? Not anymore. With this guide, you can feel at ease. You will know the ins and outs of the Accent Walls. So, let’s begin the journey.

2. Purpose of Accent Wall

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Curology on Unsplash

2.1. Attraction Point 

An accent wall becomes an attraction point for the person entering the room. It creates a place where a person’s gaze stops first in a room. 

2.2. Touch of Depth

The accent wall enhances the look of the room by adding more depth to it. It creates an illusion of extra space in a room. This trick can work for both small as well as large rooms.

2.3. Texture Change

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Pawel Czerwinski on unsplash

Usually, a room has four normal walls with some decor items and furniture.

But it feels very boring now since there is no texture to it. This gap is filled by an accent wall.

2.4. Portray Personality

How To Choose An Accent Wall
BY Airam Dato-on on Unsplash

The type of accent wall also shows the kind of personality a person has. If it is bolder with a pop of color, the person might be very outgoing.

If the accent wall design is more on the calm side, then the person might be an introvert.

3. Things To Consider While Choosing Accent Wall

3.1. Function of the Room

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By keresi72 on pixabay

Ask one question when you are deciding on “how to choose an accent wall”. What is the function of that particular room? Is it for relaxing, an office, a bedroom, a room for guests etc? These things are important because they help you create the vibe you are looking for.

For example, if the room is relaxing, you can go for a gentle, soothing accent wall. If you want to entertain guests or friends, you can choose a bold and vibrant wall.

Thus, knowing the function of a room is very important when choosing an accent wall

3.2. Color Contrast

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Tim Mossholder on pexels

Consider your room a blank canvas and decide on colors accordingly. If the room walls are already painted, choose the accent wall matching. This step is very important because the room’s beauty will be enhanced based on the color contrast. 

If the colors of the room are mainly gray or blue, then colors like orange or red. These are called complementary colors. They create a stunning contrast with these colors. It gives a fresh touch to your room and instantly draws the eyes of the people.

However, if your walls are nude or light colors, you can go for browns or yellows. These colors go along really well and give a more aesthetic look. You can also go for green shades like olive green. It gives off a very calm and relaxing feel and look. 

3.3.  Use of Textures

Some people might have a myth that accent walls are just about paint colors.

Well, these are more than that. It includes metallic frames, glass, wallpapers, etc. These help in adding more of a texture to your room.

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Pixabay on pexels

Using these textures depends upon everyone’s style choices. If you wish for a more modern and sleek look, go for metallic frames or glasses. It can help in making your room look unique and interesting.

If you are a lover of textures, then go for bricks like tiles, concrete, etc. It will make your room look more urban and make it more edgy. If you want a claiming space, go for soft wallpapers. It will make your room look more serene.

3.4. Room’s Features

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Darkmoon_Art on pixabay

Before picking out an accent wall for your room and understanding how to choose an accent wall, you need to remember some things.

First, take a good look at your room and note out important features. These architectural features could be a good corner, windows, doors, etc.

It is important because accent walls can help in enhancing these features. It can make your room look more edgy and cool. If you choose the right kind of accent wall, then it adds life to such architectural features.

3.5. Importance of Lighting

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By PIRO4D on Pixabay

Lighting is very important in order to enhance accent walls. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Assume that you have done a stunning gray accent wall in your room. The room gets natural sunlight in the morning, so the wall looks amazing. But as the day sets, the natural lighting goes, and the wall seems dull. 

Here comes the use of lighting. The right amount of light can enhance the look of the wall. It ensures that the wall can look amazing at night, too, when sunlight is absent.

Thus, if you decide to have an accent wall, make sure that there is proper lighting. It will do justice to the beauty of the accent wall.

3.6. Furniture Setting

How To Choose An Accent Wall
By Mikes-Photography on pixabay

To put together the whole look of a room, furniture setting is important. Your sofa, bed, dining table, etc., everything has to fall in its right place. This will complement the accent wall to make your room more amazing. 

Choosing what type of furniture depends on the room. The living room will have a sofa set, center table, etc. For the bedroom, it would be a bed, couch, closet, etc. Where these pieces of furniture are placed helps enhance the accent wall’s look. 

3.7. Styling it Your Way

Your room or house reflects your personality. The same goes for your accent walls as well. While choosing an accent wall, just think if it suits your personality.

If you have a bolder personality, go for rich, vibrant colors. If you have more of an introverted personality, then you can choose soft colors.

Overall, your room is a plain paper sheet, and you must write your story. Just go with the accent wall that catches your heart and eyes. Follow the saying: do what your inner voice is saying. Just let your personality guide you through the accent wall selection process.

4. Things to Consider While Choosing Accent Wall

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4.1. Observe Your Room

It is very important to observe your room if you want to know how to choose an accent wall. See where the main wall is, the best lighting, etc. Then, finalize the wall where you wish for the accent wall to be.

4.2. Color Material

Finalize the decision on whether you want a painted wall or some texture. Decide after taking a look at your room walls. Your own personality also needs to be considered. 

If you want to select a paint color, choose the one that will enhance the entire space. But if you like texture, observe how to set it with the background.


4.3. Do a Test

If you are confused about how your chosen color will actually look, do this test. Get a sample color or texture and place it in a patch on the wall. It will tell you whether it will suit the wall or not. 

This is important because it will prevent any unhappy feelings at the end. If you get a wall in mind, it turns out bad, then it will be disheartening. So, to prevent such a situation, do a patch test.

4.4. Make the Wall Ready

Before getting the accent wall, it is important to clean that wall properly. Remove any dust from the wall that might create a problem later. Just use a clean cloth and remove them.

It will help in smoothing the surface. It will give a proper, smooth look to your accent wall.


5. Conclusion

In summary, choosing an accent wall can be a confusing yet fun experience. Going through the various stages of it is an experience in itself. An accent wall is not just a design; it can change the room’s look.

It makes the room a place you are happy to show everyone. Just enjoy the whole procedure and follow the guide provided. Hopefully, this article answers your confusion about how to choose an accent wall.

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