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How to Change the Background in Teams? Explore Your Options

Microsoft Teams lets you change your background during meetings. This feature will save you from tricky situations where you are not in an optimal environment, yet you might have to attend virtual meetings with your clients on teams. This article instructs you on how to change the background in Teams. Let us explore further.

1. Understanding Microsoft Teams Background Customization Feature

How to change the background in teams
Source: Microsoft Teams Website

Before looking at the process of changing the background in Microsoft Teams, let us know more about this feature. MS Teams offers various pre-set backgrounds. Some are office settings, while others are landscapes and artistic designs. These backgrounds help you to avoid distractions and maintain privacy. 

But here is the exciting part: Teams lets you use images in the video background too. Custom backgrounds can be an image or a video background, which will help improve your video call experience. So, let us explore the video call background customization feature in Teams meeting!

2. How to Change the Background in Teams?

You shall learn the various steps involved in changing the background in Microsoft Teams.

2.1. Changing the Background Before Starting the Meeting

Change Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Changing your background in Microsoft Teams is a very simple process. Let us look at the steps involved.

  • On your desktop, open your Microsoft Teams app. Then, you can either commence a meeting or join an in-progress one. 
  • If you start a new meeting, ensure your camera is activated to use the background effect feature. 
  • Click on the background filters. This will open the background settings pane. Now, you can select the blur option to blur your background or choose a new Microsoft Teams background. Access the available images from the extensive gallery of pre-installed backgrounds in the background settings pane.
  • Select a background image as per your preference.
  • Select ‘preview’ to see if your background is applied properly. Click on the ‘apply’ button. The background image will be applied in your video call.

2.2. Changing the Background Image during a Meeting

Microsoft Teams Backgrounds | How to change background in Microsoft Teams meeting | Custom Logo


You can also change your background when you are in a meeting. The steps are given below.

  • During your meeting, from call controls, select the button bar with the ‘more‘ option. From the drop-down list, click on ‘background effects‘, and add a background image of your preference from the available background effects.
  • Select the ‘preview’ option to see if that background looks good. Select the ‘apply’ button if you feel satisfied with the outlook. You can choose this as your virtual background for the current meeting.

2.3. Uploading Custom Images as Background on Microsoft Teams

How to upload a custom background in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft allows its users to personalize their virtual meeting environments. Hence, you can add your own background. The meeting will appear more engaging and reflect your individual choices and brand identity.
Here is the process to upload your images as background in your meetings:

  • During the meeting, click on the ‘More’ option (three dots) icon on the meeting control panel at the top of your computer screen to open the background effects panel.
  • Then, select the ‘Add New’ option or ‘Plus sign‘ to upload your custom background image. It will open your file manager.
  • Now, you can scroll through your device and select an image you want to upload. Then select the ‘Open’ button at the bottom of the background settings control side panel to apply it as your background.
  • On the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a preview of your meeting with the custom image as background. If you are satisfied with your preview, click ‘Apply’ and set it as your virtual background for the in-progress meeting.

3. Microsoft Teams Background: Exploring Advanced Customization Options

Apart from the basic choices, you can also find some fine advanced options to enhance your background experience further.

 Let us check out some of these advanced background choices:

3.1. Background Effects for Live Events

New Teams Meeting Video Effects (Filters & Backgrounds)

You can use special background filters while hosting a live event or webinar. These background filters will make your video look more attractive and professional. Everyone in the event can use the same background to make things appear more consistent.

3.2. Dynamic Backgrounds

How to add animated backgrounds in a Microsoft team Meeting ?

Microsoft Teams has introduced an interesting feature- the dynamic background filter. This allows you to replace your background with various scenes, or you can even blur your surroundings so that it doesn’t distract anyone during the video call. This will be helpful if you want to hide a messy background or make your meet appear creative.

3.3. Third-Party Integrations

There are also third-party applications that offer additional background customization options. These apps provide you with a wide range of creative background filters, virtual environments, and even augmented reality effects. You can try these apps and discover a whole new world of background possibilities!

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Can you upload your images for custom backgrounds?

Yes. You can upload your custom background image to personalize your virtual background. Click on the ‘Add a new background’ option and choose the desired background visual from your device.

Can you change the background in the midst of a meeting? 

Yes. You can change the background behind you during the meeting. Click on ‘Background effect’. Select the desired background from various available background options, and click ‘Apply’.

Can you change the Microsoft Teams background on your mobile?

Yes. You can change the background on both desktop and mobile devices. However, certain advanced background customization options are limited on some mobile devices.

Is it possible to use a green screen for changing your background in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams supports green screen technology. This will help you replace your background with any image(vector or BMP file) or video using a green screen setup. It is more flexible to use as it offers more customizing features.

Can you change your background if you are not in a meeting?

Yes. Microsoft Teams enables you to change your background even if you are not in a meeting. Start a new meeting. There, you can change your background before joining any meeting.

Is custom background available in all versions of Microsoft Teams?

Custom background effects are available in the desktop versions of Microsoft Teams for Windows and Mac. However, it is vital to note that Linux users cannot access change background effects features on teams. And if you are using Microsoft Teams through optimized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), you cannot use the change background feature. It is also unavailable in its web version. So, ensure you use the latest version of MS Teams on your desktop.

5. Conclusion

Microsoft Teams offers a wide range of exciting background effects options. Knowing how to change the background in teams will make your video meetings more alluring. This way, you can also personalize your virtual meetings. So, don’t hesitate to explore the background settings options, change things up, and take your video calls and meetings to new heights of creativity and professionalism !!!

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