4 Best Higher Education Loan Program to Study in Australia

Australia is the smallest and most beautiful continent and is one of the largest countries in the world. Famed for its Natural beauties, Flora Fauna, Great Barrier Reef, alluring Beaches, Culture and tradition, Desserts, Forests and Wildlife, and Quality Education along with Higher Education Loan Program that gives financial assistance, you can have so much more to get in Australia.

If you are really into studies and willing to look for a great career in the future, then you should hit Australia for further higher studies. Australia is considered to hold the third position as the most renowned study destination after the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

A quality higher education, amicable ambiance with great cultural diversity, and financial assistance for gaining educational loans are all such amenities that make it a desirable destination for studies.

Choosing what to study and from where to study is one of the crucial decisions a student always has to go through! It takes a lot of brainstorming for students to compare different courses and decide on them. The cost of various courses and programs varies accordingly. Therefore, seeking a loan program is a must!

higher education loan program
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If you are looking for higher education either within Australia or out of Australia, here are a few terms and conditions that a student must consider.

In the article ahead, we will be discussing information related to how a student can apply for Higher education loan program, types of student loans, the procedure of application forms, accommodation expenses, student loans, tertiary education expenses, non-tuition and tuition fees, financial assistance and subsidies provided by the government and all of the other necessary details.

What is Higher Education Loan Program [HELP]

The higher education loan program, also called HELP, is a loan program given by the Government of Australia that helps eligible students provide loans, who are studying higher education courses. The higher education loan program grants financial assistance to students to adjourn tuition fees until they earn up to a certain taxable income where they can repay the loans.

HELP loan is administrated by the Department of Education and Training and regulated by Higher Education Support Act 2003. It is run by the Funding and Grants Administration Division for covering tuition and non-tuition fees along with tertiary education expenses under the Ministry of education.

If you’re getting admission to a university or any other higher education provider, then chances are you might get yourself enrolled in Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). In this, the Government can help pay some of your student loan fee and the rest you are required to pay, which is also known as the ‘student contribution amount‘. It is said to be a subsidized enrollment by the Government. CSP is, therefore, a subsidy and not a loan that the students do not have to repay.

Higher education loan program funds are available for accredited programs and acclaimed courses of study at authorized Tertiary Level Institution (TLIs), which further grants any of the following; Degree, Certificate courses, Diploma; Bachelor’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree.

The Department of Education & Training’s Higher education reports is the primary source of information on the HELP Loans statistics.

Who can be eligible for HELP?

Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders living in either Australia or New Zealand, your citizenship and residency status, students who are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, and those having a Unique Student Identifier (USI) are all such necessities that make you eligible for attainting loan facilities and CSP. The application forms for HELP are available at the Ministry of education.

For students who are pursuing their program in Trinidad and Tobago, the loan amount does not run over $35,000 per annum for three years and $75,000 per annum for three years for students pursuing in regional campuses.

higher education loan program
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Find and compare the right choice and other student loans which are available for you!

Higher Education student loan Programs

The following are the four different types of HELP loans available to students, to help them with the cost of their relevant courses, which are:

HECS- Higher education loan Program

It is a type of loan fee that is provided by the Australian Government to pay the amount of your CSP course, which is the Student contribution amount. It does not include the number of accommodation expenses, notebooks, or gadgets like laptops.

Once the students enroll in a particular program or course, they then have to register in the subjects for the semesters upcoming. Either you will be paying the total amount up front or you will opt for a HECS- HELP loan, the amount of which is to be deferred by the census date; otherwise your enrollment will stand to cancel.

Loan borrowers can borrow up to $109,206 from HELP loans. If you have already studied in Australia before, then you can also check your HELP balance. When you start earning enough which is $47,014, to be able to pay the HELP debt, you can repay the loan.

The Australian Government from 1 January 2021, has come up with a revival of up-front payment discount for all those CSP students who can make payment before the course semester census date. The amount should be greater than $500. The HECS HELP will give a straight 10% payment discount on the up-front amount paid.

FEE- Higher education loan Program

FEE-HELP loan assists students in paying the complete or a partial amount of their tuition fees. It is a loan for students seeking higher education in studies to pay tuition fees. This type of higher education loan program does not support accommodations and other expenditures of students.

The cost of the courses under the FEE-HELP loan program may vary as different higher education providers set it. The program’s cost is not limited by the Australian Government or follows the limit of the HELP loan.

For applying the same, you will need to have a Tax File Number (TFN) and a FEE-HELP loan form for filling out the information. You are required to submit the application form before the census date. Also, you can cancel your enrollment before the census date, so you do not have to face any cancellation charges. Like the previous loan, in FEE-HELP also, you need to earn above $47,014 to repay HELP debt.

higher education loan program
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SA- Higher education loan Program

It is a higher education loan that is available for students to help them pay off their Student Services and Amenities Fee(SSAF). SSAF is a fee that a higher education provider may charge on students for non-academic student facilities provided to students. It can be further used in the following services sports, food services, recreational activities, childcare, career advice, employment, etc.

The loan fee varies for full-time and part-time students. This loan program is available only if you opt for higher education. There is no limit set on the amount of SA- HELP loan you can ask for. It will be covering the amount charged by the university, which is $315.

higher education loan program
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OS- Higher education loan Program

OS-HELP is the loan that is available for students who are citizens of Australia and who must have enrolled in CSP, and want to pursue their part of higher education from overseas. The OS-HELP student loans cover expenses such as transportation costs, accommodation expenses, and other study-related costs.

The higher education loan is available only for students who must have done at least a full-time year of study in Australia. On your return, you should be responsible for completing the remaining unit of study in Australia.

You are eligible for getting an OS education loan program only two times in your life, and that cannot be granted within six months. The student must be eligible for repaying the HELP debt only after earning above $47,014.

higher education loan program
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Higher Education loan program for Non-Australian Citizen

If you’re not a citizen of Australia, then you do not need to worry at all. The Australian Government has a Department of Home Affairs, that manages and looks after all your immigration issues and other matters related to the status of your visa, approval, and timings of your visa. Your visa and residency status helps you in availing of CSP and HELP loans.

If you have any queries and issues related to visas and other immigration affairs, you can contact the Department of Home Affairs to get more information.

Repayment Plan

Loan borrowers are required to pay the debt on time even without prior notice or information. One must pay the mentioned amount as per your repayment plan. After receiving a loan, borrowers directly follow a standard repayment plan where one has to make equal payments for ten consecutive years.

If you do not follow it, you might get a temporary suspension or a reduction in making payments. Borrowers have to follow two ways of paying Help debt, which are:

  • Compulsory repayments- The compulsory repayment rate increases with an increase in your income. They are made through with the help of the income tax system.
  • Voluntary repayment- These are in addition to the compulsory repayments, and they are not refundable. As the name suggests, you can pay it at any point in your time to lower the burden of your debt.

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After considering all, you must seek a great career in Australia. One has a great opportunity to choose courses of your own choice and get help from the government. Higher Education Loan Program divides your amount so that you don’t feel loaded with paying the whole amount on your own and can focus on your studies. Let your dreams come true.

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