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21 Mouth Watering Food in Australia to Never Miss!

Experiencing local Australian food is an important part of your trip to Australia. Whether you’re new to Australia, showing a friend around, or simply want to broaden your horizons, there are also plenty of different food options that suit all tastes.

Australian food has come a long way in the last few years, and it’s only going to get better. So much of it is influenced by the island’s unique cultural conditions What’s exciting right now in Australian food is its variety.

It reflects the country’s diverse land and the innovative chefs who have cultivated fresh and flavorful regional cuisines.

The sizzle of the grill, the sound of frying, and the fragrance of freshly prepared meat: Australian cuisine is a diverse menu with a rich variety of meat.

There is many popular Australian foods ranging from fresh fish to beef, and even kangaroo meat and emu meat.

But the tale of Australian cuisine would be incomplete without mentioning the enormous contribution made by other cultures such as the German, Italian, Greek, Asian, and South African immigrant communities, who brought with them both recipes and plant stock.

Let’s talk about 22 famous foods in Australia that are worth trying.

22 Famous Food in Australia that is Worth Trying

1. Chicken Parmigiana

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

This classic Australian food chicken parmigiana, with roots in Italian American cooking, is a mainstay on almost every pub menu in the country.

Australian food is originally made with eggplant but it is also available in vegetarian form. By adding tomato sauce and melted cheese it has developed into a chicken schnitzel.

Additionally, this Australian dish is typically served with salad and chips, though there is some debate about whether the chips should be served under the parmigiana or on the side.

2. Vegemite

Brewer’s yeast extract is used to make this dark brown food paste. This Australian favorite is as divisive as they come. You are gonna love it or you didn’t like it there is no middle option.

It looks rich and doesn’t smell bad, which is probably why many first-timers mistake it for a Nutella substitute. Even though its taste is not liked by everyone It is also on the list of famous Australian foods.

Food in australia
Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash

3. Meat pie

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

The local Meat pie favorite Australian food of all the things to eat in Australia, this one should be on everyone’s bucket list. Meat pie is packed with various meat combinations and can be served as a snack or a fancy meal.

Meat pie combine with gravy and mashed potatoes for a filling meal at one of the gourmet restaurants or simply get a piece from a local vendor. Meat pie, finely sliced beef in gravy, steaming hot and topped with tasty tomato sauce.

Meat Pies are a popular on-the-go Australian food, and almost every corner shop, bakery, and even specialty pie shop and supermarket will have a display case full of hot meaty pies to choose from. Even specialty meat pies are also there in Australia.

There are many different meat pies available in Australia, but they are typically stuffed with minced meat, gravy, mushrooms, onions, and cheese.

4. Fish and Chips

The country is surrounded by oceans, it’s easy to say that Australian fish recipes are the best. They have large-scaled river fish. The idea of frying fish originated in the United Kingdom.

There are many fish and chip shops. When it comes to Fish and chips, most English visitors will be skeptical because Australians have yet to perfect the art of mushy peas, chips, and gravy.

However, because the entire country is surrounded by water, you are almost always guaranteed to get a delicious and fresh piece of fish.

Many restaurants serve fish and chips, and they are a popular takeaway option when you don’t want to cook. Chips may also be served with chicken salt but never with mushy peas and it’s always accompanied by a wedge of lemon.

5. Anzac Biscuits

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

The delicious Anzac biscuits acronym refers to the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, which fought together during WWI. ANZAC Day is an Australian public holiday commemorating the men who fought for their country.

The Anzac biscuit is a sweet biscuit prepared of rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water, and desiccated coconut that is popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Anzac cookies have long been linked to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, which was formed during World War I.

During the war, wives baked this delectable ANZAC biscuit to send to their servicemen. They were inexpensive to produce and could keep fresh for long boat rides. Materials required to make Anzac biscuits with golden syrup, oats delicious, and coconut. You can also check out the famous food of New Zealand.

6. Tim Tams

You cannot miss out on this Australian food. If you have traveled to Australia you will have the opportunity to sample Australia’s favorite chocolate biscuit. The Tim Tam is very delicious. You cannot stop eating the Tim Tam after one bite.

Tim Tam is melted chocolate-covered biscuit biscuits with a twist, but they’re so much more. Tim tam is stunning. Tim tam slams are slightly crunchy, just right sweet, and delicious with peanut butter.

The three enticing flavors of Tim Tam are biscuit, cream, and dark chocolate. Every year, about 670 million Tim Tams are produced in Australia, the company’s home country. Only 2% of Australians have never heard of Tim Tam, and one out of every two households buys it.

Tim Tams contains eleven biscuits so that they can be divided evenly between two persons, a packet is truly only ideal for polygamous Mormon marriages with 11 members, each receiving only one Tim Tam. Looks like pastry cream.

7. Pavlova

The Aussies and Kiwi fruit both have contributed as an inventor of the Pavlova. A meringue cake base topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Whatever its origin, the pavlova is yummy. A Pavlova can most likely be found in a Cake Shop or Bakery.

You can also buy them a ready-made spongy whipped cream cake from most major supermarket chains The best way to eat them is the Tim Tam slam, which consists of biting the diagonal corners of the Tim Tams and drinking a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate will make you enjoy the taste of Tim Tam.

The Australian food is name is given after known Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who visited Australia and New Zealand in 1926. According to the New Zealand narrative, the billowy dessert was developed in her honor by the chef of a Wellington hotel at the time, who drew inspiration from her tutu.

8. Barbecued Snags

Barbecued Snags, which are available at almost every street vendor across the country, define Australian food culture. It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular snacks here, with a variety of meat rolled into a sausage, generously dipped in garlic butter, and then barbecued.

Snags are pleasantly flavored Australian sausages that are commonly cooked with a mixture of beef and pig, though they can also be made entirely of beef or with a more sophisticated filling like lamb and rosemary or beef and red wine.

A sausage sizzle can be characterized as a barbecued snag. It’s a salt-seasoned grilled or barbecued meat sausage (usually pig or beef) that’s widely served at community events in Australia and New Zealand.

It is a typical Aussie Barbecue snag but it has become a community event staple in both Australia and New Zealand.

food in australia
Photo by Branimir Petakov on Unsplash

9. Fairy bread

Fairy bread is sliced white bread that has been spread with butter or margarine. It is very popular among children’s parties in Australia and New Zealand.

Typically, it is cut into triangles. Fairy bread is simple to prepare, tasty white bread with a colorful and multicolored treat. Fairy bread is the favorite Australian food at children’s parties.

Any Australian will tell you that the only way to get a real Australian fairy bread experience is to buy sliced white bread from the grocery store. Many people will also claim that margarine is frequently used instead of high-quality butter and that there is a mystical butter-to-sprinkles ratio on the bread.

10. Emu Meat

This local cuisine is a type of red meat that is distinguished by its low fat and cholesterol content. Because of its low-fat content, it should be cooked carefully to avoid drying out the meat. The fan, top loin, and inside strip are the most tender cuts of meat.

Because of its mild flavor, it goes well with ginger, lemon juice, garlic, soy sauce, and honey. The meat can be roasted, broiled, fried in a pan, or grilled.

Emu meat is a unique protein in that it has more vitamin C, iron, and digestible protein than beef while having the same fat and cholesterol level as chicken. Monounsaturated fat accounts for 43% of the fat in each dish, which aids in the reduction of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.

11. Hamburger with beetroot

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

while many foreigners find the inclusion of a slice of beetroot in a traditional hamburger unusual, this is what distinguishes the Australian burger. It is a delicious combination of a crispy beef patty, soft burger buns, vegetables, and a slice of beetroot on top.

12. Sticks of crab

They are also called crab sticks, Crab sticks, a dish in which processed, pulverized white fish flesh is shaped and cured to resemble crab leg meat, are an essential part of the culture. And it’s still more crab-like than the deep-fried version from the neighborhood chip shop.

13. Chiko roll

Chiko Rolls are part of the Australian cuisine culture and are similar to the Chinese spring roll, with a variety of veggies and meat as the filling.

This filling is frequently different from store to shop. If you are feeling hungry then this is your snack and this tasty chick roll is available.

The Chiko Roll originated in Bendigo when resident Frank McEnroe desired a snack that could be eaten with one hand while watching football.

He recognized possibilities for a more full and hearty snack adapted to Australian tastes after being inspired by the spring roll.

As a result, for more than 60 years, millions of Australians have enjoyed a real Australian icon.

13. Salt and pepper calamari

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

The calamari are deep-fried after being coated in a salt-and-pepper batter. This Australian pub favorite is frequently served as a snack with a side salad and dipped in sweet chili sauce.

This crispy fried salt and pepper calamari is a fantastic starting snack, and you can finish it with togarashi sauce for a fiery kick. It goes well with a crisp dry white wine, such as Iona’s Sophie Te’blanche Sauvignon Blanc.

14. Lamington cake

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

The lamington is a delicious, sweet piece of sponge cake drenched in rich chocolate sauce and coconut filling. It’s a renowned local delicacy that many regards to be the national cake.

Lamingtons may be available at several bakeries in a range of cakes that use unique tweaks on the original recipe. Some bakeries like to fill the center with jam and cream for a sweeter flavor and richer texture or to top with salted caramel or dulce de leche for a decadent dessert.

15. Australian prawns

The mild temperature and year-round sunshine produce an abundance of luxuriant seafood, including sweet, delicious prawns in a variety of flavors. King prawns have a sweet, deep flavor and soft meat that is ideal for a cocktail meal with dipping sauces, but they may be served in a variety of ways.

Tiger prawns are a gorgeous and delectable medium-flavored type that is frequently added to soups or coupled with mayonnaise or aioli. Most prawn species are deliciously battered, crumbed, fried in tempura, or mixed with various regional ingredients in casseroles, paellas, and laksas.

16. Australian Barbecue

The Australians are well-known for their barbeque expertise, and almost every home owns a grill. Sausage, prawns, and lamb are the top options for Australian barbeque, followed by hog, chicken, emu, and even kangaroo meat.

A traditional Aussie barbecue consists of sausages, burgers, steak, fresh seafood, bread, and tomato or barbecue sauce; salad is occasionally served, but it is mostly about the meat and fish (and, of course, a few stubbies — beer to non-Australians).

Australians love barbecue at any place. Local governments provide barbeques for the general public to use in famous tourist destinations such as beaches.

18. Iced VoVo

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd single-handedly sealed the biscuit’s position in Australian folklore when he cited Iced VoVo in his 2007 election speech.

The wheat-flour biscuit is sweet, soft, and crispy, with a strip of pink fondant on either side of raspberry jam and dusted with coconut.

It was created by Arnott, an Australian culinary institution that is now a division of the US-based Campbell Soup Company.

19. Milo

Milo is essentially a chocolate powder that may be blended with water or milk to form a milk chocolate drink or sprinkled over cakes and other baked goods.

You can now get pre-made milo cocktails and other snacks; the only reason it made this list is because it is now accessible in snack form; nonetheless, you should attempt to buy it in the famous green tin.

Milo is available in a variety of countries, however, it was created in Australia before Nestle began marketing it.

Hope you will enjoy the taste of the variety of dishes that Australians eat from fairy bread, Anzac biscuits, chicken parma, or deep-fried fish and chips. You are gonna love it and will also remember the trip to visit Australia.

But I think the complimentary drinks with Australian foods will also make your mouth watery.

food in australia
Photo by The Free Birds on Unsplash

20. Dim sums

food in Australia
source: deposit photos

Dim sum is a popular Chinese-inspired pork and vegetable dumpling-style snack meal in Australia.

The snack is called a “dummy” in Australian vernacular and is made out of minced meat, cabbage, and spice wrapped in a wrapper similar to that of a classic shumai dumpling.

Many dim sum meals are heavy in fat and salt and are high in calories, which may contribute to an elevated risk of heart disease. Many dim sum meals are heavy in fat and salt, which may contribute to an elevated risk of heart disease.

21. Witchetty Grub

The best way to experience some proper Aussie Bush Tucker is a Witchetty Grub. These tiny guys taste a little like chicken and have the same amount of protein as a complete piece of steak!

For years, the first Australian indigenous people ate them, and the nutritional advantages may just help you overcome the texture.

Witchetty grubs, the huge, white wood-eating larvae of many species of moth, have long been an essential element of Indigenous people’s meals, particularly in central Australia.

When briefly cooked, the grubs are abundant in protein and have a flavor comparable to scrambled eggs.

Other than this,

5 Famous Australian Drinks You Must Try with Dishes

1. Ginger Beer

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a well-known Australian beverage that you must taste. The drink is made in an old-fashioned way. They begin by grinding dried ginger, which is cultivated locally and retains its flavor.

This ginger is then combined with sugarcane and water, boiled until the ginger’s spice is released, and then fermented with a specific yeast. After fermentation, the beer is filtered via handmade filters to remove all but the tiniest ginger particles.

2. Jagerbombs

Jagerbombs are a fun and flashy beverage that combines the best of both worlds in one glass. Essentially, this drink combines an energy drink with an alcoholic shot. The cocktails are entertaining to look at and, of course, to consume.

When you order Jager Bombs shots with your mates, you’ll get two glasses: one filled with Red Bull and the other empty. To consume, Jagermeister shots are placed around the borders of each of these glasses.

3. Archie Rose

This Archie Rose gin is another well-known Australian beverage. This gin, handcrafted especially for you, is silky smooth and well worth the investment.

The flavor is fantastic, and you may experience the gorgeous taste of this incredibly smooth spirit by mixing it with a decent tonic.

Many gin connoisseurs are turning to Archie Rose for a taste of Australia. Archie Rose is a true flavor of Australian gins and a wonderful difference in your booze cupboard, even if it is a little on the pricey side.

4. Australian Peach soda

The aroma of freshly harvested peaches brings back memories of summer. When you open a bottle of Bundaberg Peach sparkling drink, you’ll be greeted with a powerful scent of real, luscious peach.

You can take the soda with barbecue on the side, combine it with Prosecco to make a wonderful Bellini, or make a fruity punch with fresh fruits.

5. Lemon Lime and Bitters

This is a very Australian drink it’s widely drunk in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a non-alcoholic drink!

Bundaberg Lemon Lime and Bitters, made with the fragrant spices and herbs found in bitters and combined with lemon and lime juice, is the perfect cocktail to mix with your favorite spirit or to enjoy over ice with a slice of fresh lime.

This flavor is available at Cost Plus World Market locations around the country.

Putting All Together

You can’t miss the list of Australian foods given in the post and don’t forget the complimentary drinks that are given in the post. Plan your trip to Australia. You can check this to apply for an Australian passport.

But don’t be sad if you cannot visit the country. The recipes for the delicious Australian food are available. Visit the site and fill your plate with mouth-watering food.

Apart from the list given there are many other foods are there in a list that are popular in Australian food.


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