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Exploring The Spectacular Beaches In Dunsborough

Being located on the coastline Dunsborough Western Australia is a beautiful city with adorable beaches. It is a paradise for travellers who love to lure under the sun, sand and sea. It is renowned for its natural beauty of the coastline which attracts beach enthusiasts. So here we can explore the best beaches in Dunsborough to blend adventure and leisure.

1. Best Beaches In Dunsborough

The coastal city of Dunsborough Western Australia, located in the Margaret River Wine Region is a great and unique assortment of beaches. Their feature includes the clear waters and the golden sands. Also, it has a lot of ancient and traditional breweries and wineries increasing the value of the town. Altogether it is a great spot to enjoy the leisurely view of the ocean with family and friends.

So here is an ultimate guide to the best beaches in Dunsborough:

1.1 Meelup Beach 

Meelup Beach is a beach that is part of the Meelup regional park in Dunsborough. It is a great spot for nature lovers as well as beach lovers to take a respite from the stress of everyday life.

Beaches in Dunsborough- Meelup beach
Image by Joshua Leong from Unsplash

1.1.1 Features of The Beach

Meelup Beach is renowned for its beauty of white sand and turquoise waters. The gentle slope of the beach makes it a perfect and safe spot for people who are looking for snorkelling and the best swimming beaches. It is a safe and calm spot for families and children to enjoy.

It is rich with coastal vegetation and has a lush flora and fauna in the park which the beach is part of. The vegetation is said to have a great collection of Jarrah and Marri forests and different varieties of shrubs, grasslands, woodlands etc. in the park. The northeast orientation of the beach is another attraction of Meelup Beach.

1.1.2 History of Meelup Beaches

The history of Meelup Beach and the Park starts from the time when the indigenous group of Wadandi came to Australia and inhabited there. They lived by fishing the Australian Salmon from the freshwater lagoons of the beach. The beach was named as per the Dialect of Wadandi, where Meelup stands for ‘By the Location of Eyes’.

This beach has a great picturesque landscape with the backdrop of hills and granite formations and embraces the beauty of the beach and nature to travellers. Along with this, the panorama of the bay, and the coastal wind also add up to its beauty.

The travellers are also provided opportunities for adventures such as kayaking, paddle boarding, rowing etc. to explore the place at its affinity. Meelup Beach is an enchanting place whether it is dusk or dawn, as the glow and hue become an alluring view for the photographers as well as the visitors.

1.2 Old Dunsborough Beach

Old Dunsborough Beach situated at Bay View Crescent in Dunsborough City is a great coastal treasure for travellers. This sandy beach offers charming beauty along with nostalgia. It has a calm and splendid atmosphere compared to the other popular beaches in the region.

Beaches in Dunsborough- Old beach
Image by Terrian from Pixabay

1.2.1 Features of The Beach

The white sands of the beach and the view of the ocean offer the visitors a serene experience of the beach. It also has a lot of shady trees and grasslands for travellers to go on for picnics and barbecues. Also, the charming sunset over the horizon of the Indian Ocean is one of the breathtaking views that Dunsborough Beach offers.

It also has a boat ramp just 200m away from the beach and also offers travellers to fish fresh salmon from the Indian Ocean. The beach also has a safe swimming area covered by shark nets. Also, there are many play areas, showers, Toilets, picnic tables etc that make the beach a popular family destination.

If you are looking for a holiday with family or friends in a calm atmosphere, then Dunsborough Beach would be a perfect haven.

1.3 Eagle Bay Beach

Eagle Bay is a renowned beach at the northern end of the Margaret River Region in the city of Dunsborough. It is a beautiful coastline with crystal-clear waters and lush bushes on the coast. It offers an atmosphere visually relaxing for the visitors through the vivid landscape.

Beaches in Dunsborough- Eagle Bay
Image by Pallinska from Pixabay

1.3.1 Features of The Beach

The features of Eagle Bay include the crystal clear water along with the white sand beaches and rocky surroundings. This turquoise shade blending with the landscape of the beach gives a great visual to the visitors of the beach. The bay also has many viewpoints and pedestrian paths to enjoy the scenic view of the beach at its peak.

It is a perfect spot for hanging out with families. Enjoying swimming, snorkelling or kayaking through the big waves of the shore, and exploring the marine life such as dolphins etc. is the reason for this attraction the spot. Also, the calm atmosphere is suitable for reading, thinking and relaxing from the stressy days.

It also has brewing outlets nearby to enjoy delicious food along with a good drink and enjoy the view. This creates a great and romantic ambience for the visitors to the beach. This Beach is a must-visit in Dunsborough City.

1.4 Bunker Bay 

Bunker Bay is one of the amazing beaches located in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in Dunsborough City. It has a serene atmosphere which adds to the excitement of travellers to the beach.

Beaches in Dunsborough
Image by Blair Winters from Pixabay

1.4.1 Features of The Beach

It is a beautiful region with calm waters and rocks giving it an aesthetic vibe for visitors. It also has two lighthouses named Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. Bunker Bay has a large number of visitors every year from nearby towns.

Bunker Bay is a safer and ideal spot for swimming and surfing competitions due to the calm nature of the waters. Also, it is a great spot for marine explorers to observe the corals, marine species etc. Dolphins are seen more frequently from the beach which adds to the attractions of the beach.

Another attraction of this beach is that it has got to see many rare birds flying over making it a worthy place for the birdwatchers. The fresh breeze from the ocean can help travellers relieve all their stress.

Bunker Bay being part of a Popular national park in Australia, offers a great journey along with the taste of exploration mixed with a holiday mood. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind from the stress of the day, this will be a perfect choice.

1.5 Yallingup Beach

Yallingup Beach is a popular beach situated in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in Dunsborough. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere and the scenic beauty blending with the grassy areas. It is a great spot for surfers due to its great surf breaks and powerful waves.

BEaches in Dunsborough- Yallingup Beach
Image by Jake Allison from Unsplash

1.5.1 Features of The Beach

The name Yallingup comes from the local Wardandi dialect which means Place of Caves as there are many caves in the city. It is also rumoured as the Place of Love due to its popularity being a wedding and honeymoon destination.

The Yallingup lagoon is a great area to explore on land and water. The caves near the shore are a great spot to visit with friends and family and even for study tours. These plays provide a great insight into the Geographical facts of the place. Many places are suitable for photoshoots and other commercial programs at the beach that add to its popularity.

As always, make sure to follow any local guidelines while visiting the beach. Because it has a great collection of flora and fauna such as the Western Gray Kangaroo. So it is important to respect the natural environment of the beach.

1.6 Point Picquet Beach

Point Picquet is another beach near Dunsborough City, which is renowned for its rich white sand. Being situated between Dunsborough Beach and Eagle Bay, it is a great place for swimming and boating.

Beaches in dunsborough- Point Picquet
Image by Dan Senior from Unsplash

1.6.1 Features of The Beach

It has a unique coastal scenery with surrounding Limestone and granite rocks and grasslands. These cliffs can offer an elevated view of the panorama over the Indian Ocean. These viewpoints are very much blended with the landscape and are suitable for photography.

Point Picquet is a prominent spot for fishing enthusiasts who are also allowed to view and participate. However, an area is separated from the boat fishing, named Eagle Bay Special Purpose Zone where the marine species are conserved.

The best season to visit the beach is said to be in the summer. When going from June to November, it is said that we could even see whales at the shore.

This beach has walking paths through which we could walk experiencing the cold breeze from the sea. Point Picquet Beach is a very calm and alluring coastal area that could be a great choice to visit for a break from the tough days.

1.7 Geographe Bay Beach

Geographe Bay Beach is another beach that is situated near the west coast of Dunsborough in Western Australia. The bay is almost 2 km long to the north and is named after a French explorer ship, Geographe captained by Nicholas Baudin.

Beaches in Dunsborough
Image by Julien from Unsplash

1.7.1 Features of The Beach

The bay is a wide curvy coastline that passes the towns of Dunsborough and Busselton from the Cape Naturaliste. It is a shallow region therefore difficult for the ships to pass by. The longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, the Busselton boat ramp, is an attraction of the beach.

Another attraction of the beach is the Whales and dolphins that can be viewed from the bay. Also, it is a very suitable place for surfing and other activities.

The gentle waters and the shallow coast make it family-friendly for sporting activities like swimming and surfing. Also, it offers a relaxation factor for the visitors in the cool breeze from the ocean enjoying the scenic view of the ocean.

Geographe Bay is a versatile place to hang out with family and friends enjoy the beauty of nature and seek relaxation. It also provides an opportunity to explore marine and coastal life.

2. Conclusion

The beaches in Dunsborough lie as a perfect blend of beauty, and exploration along with relaxation. It is a perfect spot to hang out with family and friends to bask under the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze from the ocean.

However, it is very important to take care of the beach and its environment and adhere to the regulations of the locals on the beach to explore the beauty at its peak. The mix of the panoramic view of the ocean and the exploration of marine species can be unforgettable memories in mind. Dunsborough will leave travellers with luring memories in mind.


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