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14 Exciting Things to Do on the Sunshine Coast!

Situated in Queensland, Australia, Sunshine Coast is a moderately sized city. The Pacific coast is a modern metropolis home to slightly under 300,000 people. It is regarded as one of the most sought-after vacation destinations on the continent. Let’s explore 15 thrilling Sunshine Coast activities.

1. Things to do on the Sunshine Coast

Here are some fun activities you can engage in to maximize your vacation:

1.1. Explore Kondalilla Falls 

Discover this beautiful walking path from Kondalilla Falls down an escarpment through a lush rainforest valley and back up the ridge. Hike the Picnic Creek circuit, which passes through open woodland and rainforest, to reach a calm rock pool at the top of the falls. Enjoy the most delightful view.

Kondalilla Falls | Exploring with the Nikon D850 | Part 1

Move along the Kondalilla Falls circuit while traversing the rainforest to reach the valley where the beaver is having fun on the Sunshine Coast.

1. 2. Bird Watching and Maleny Botanic Gardens 

On a 110-acre area, the unique and privately owned Maleny Botanic Gardens include around 18 acres. These privately owned gardens take in the vista of waterfalls, rivers, and colourful flora. These are surrounded by stunning rainforests and iconic Glass House mountains in the distance.

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World

More than 700 native and exotic birds are housed in the four walk-through aviaries. The bird aviaries are home to a range of colourful birds worldwide. It is very delightful to take a walk through an impressive guided tour.

You can spend time with various birds, including finches, black cockatoos, and macaws. A fairy tale greenhouse, a giant chair, an antique fishing trawler, and a tree home are all part of the tourist attractions here.

1.3. Enjoy the Music Festival

Put on your boots for the Gympie Music like the local people do and enjoy the local music festival here. This venerable four-day music festival usually takes Place in August. It is one of the top things to do on the Sunshine Coast and actively promotes regional country music and art.


Plenty of fantastic events on the Sunshine Coast will get you moving, and there is something for every playlist.

1.4. Take a Horse Ride Along the Coast

The Sunshine Coast’s famed Rainbow Beach can be travelled on horseback, making it one of its most memorable experiences. Riders can even walk across the calm ocean water because Rainbow Beach horse riders are the only tour operators authorized to ride horses here.

It only happens once in a lifetime. Check out Carlo Sand Blow while you’re here, or rent a 4WD and cruise down Great Beach Drive.

things to do in Sunshine Coast
image from pexels by Pexabay

1.5. Explore the Noosa Shore 

Camping, fishing, beach horseback riding, surfing, and 4-wheel driving are the fun activities here. Here, Coolum Beach is the starting point for the K’gari World Heritage Site. Beautiful views surround the national parks, lakes, and beaches.

A Day In The Sun Up Noosa North Shore

Discover historic dunes, blue waters, and migrating birds to enjoy the Sunshine Coast fully. Lake Cooroibah is also considered a good option for kayaking.

1.6. Surfing

The Sunshine Coast is an excellent surf trip destination for beginners and pros; whether you want a spectacular beach or reef break, hammering point waves, or gently rolling swell for the kids, you will get everything here. The surf instructor will also guide you.

So this summer, for the ultimate surf stoke, make your mind, throw your boards on the roof, put on some sunscreen, and head to one of these Sunshine Coast surf destinations.

Numerous surf schools with skilled, professional instructors give you proper training sessions. Here we go with some of the famous ones-

1.6.1. Coolum Surfing School

This is the most famous school on the Sunshine Coast. It is located 10 minutes from the Sunshine Coast airport and around 90 minutes north of Brisbane. Coolum Surfing School is situated on the Real Sunshine Coast. Surfing here can be done all year, seven days a week.

Learn to surf with the well-trained local surf teachers at Coolum Surfing School. They are all skilled and qualified surfers whose passion is sharing the “stoke” of surfing.

1.6.2. Rainbow Surfing School

The magnificent Rainbow Beach is home to the Rainbow Beach Surf School, which offers surfing and SUP training at the main beach and the well-known Double Island Point.

Rainbow Beach in 4K | Queensland Australia | Australian Landscapes

The vibe at Rainbow Beach is wholesome. Here, you will get the vibe of surfing, adventure, and excitement, and their young, friendly Australian surf instructors are like old friends you haven’t met yet who want to offer you the best surfing experience possible.

1.6.3. XL Surfing Academy

Here, you will get personalized surf lessons with qualified surf instructors passionate about sharing their skills in a fun and safe setting.

They use unique, highly developed teaching methods and personal success programs to boost self-assurance and self-worth in people of all ages (beginning at age five), sexes, and backgrounds.

1.7. Visit Underwater World Sea Life

As there is so much to travel and visit, it is advised that you allow at least 3 hours to enjoy the Sea Life of the Sunshine Coast to the fullest. Plan your day accordingly because some activities and exhibitions are only accessible during specific hours.

Activities such as touching a starfish, leading tours through the ocean tunnel, a seal presentation and demonstration, a seal photo opportunity, and a jellyfish instructional discussion give you the whole vibe of the Sea life, which you will love.

Seals Get 'Walking Tour' of SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium #Shorts

1.8. Have Fun with Nightlife

Walk the main surrounding lanes and streets, see the neighbourhood’s street sculptures and murals, and catch a glimpse of the famed painted “Seawall,” displayed every second Friday night of the month. Explore the unique stalls and live music on the Ocean market.

Go out and enjoy the Night Quarter for even more nightlife. It is open every Saturday and Sunday, and here you can find international street artists, roving entertainment, and a variety of festivals to enjoy.

1.9. Visit the Eumundi Markets

It is one of Australia’s top tourist destinations due to the locally made handicrafts. A few of the items you might find here are stunning paintings, handmade toys, furniture, homeware and furnishings, linens, skin care products, modern clothing, and jewelry created by local designers.

EUMUNDI MARKETS | Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Travel Vlog 029, 2020

You can have food from all over the world; even flavorful coffees, freshly baked bread, and regional cheeses are available for foodies.

1.10. Explore the Buderim Forest Park

Serenity Falls, another name for Buderim Falls, is fascinating to explore year-round. This subtropical oasis is pure heaven with its spectacular tower-like trees and breathtaking waterfall. Make sure to look out for any local wildlife along the way.

You can take some lovely pictures of this running waterfall, which appears to be stunning. You’ll understand why Buderim Falls is a paradise for photographers and nature lovers only when you visit it and why it’s swiftly grown to be one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular Instagram sites.


1.11. Visit National Park

The National Parks surrounding Noosa offer a kaleidoscope of incredible colours and activities for everyone, including mountain bike trails, spring wildflower viewing, mountain-top lookouts, wilderness hiking, kayaking, and close coastal tracks with stunning bay views.

You can find spectacular tracks by exploring the hiking wonderland and the Sunshine Coast Australia attractions! The beautiful coastal trail offers detours to hidden bays like Granite and Tea Tree and gives views of Laguna Bay, Noosa North Shore, and the Cooloola Sand patch.

NOOSA NATIONAL PARK... I Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Travel Vlog 135, 2022

One of the enjoyable things to do on the Sunshine Coast is to walk along the points and look for turtles, dolphins, and even humpback whales.

1.12. Visit the Australia Zoo 

At the Australia Zoo, you are not just watching the animals; you are there among them. Commence your day by photographing the Crocodile Hunter in the parking area and then go inside. If you have young children, hiring a double pram or a single pram is advisable to tour the zoo without doing a lot of walking.

After that, meet meerkats and lemurs and explore the three-story treehouse. The roof offers spectacular views of the park, and across the street, in the Africa Precinct, you can see zebras, giraffes, and rhinos. Everything you love is here, from cute and cuddly to sneaky and robust.

Robert Irwin's Australia Zoo Tour | Irwin Family Adventures

1.13. Taste Some Local Cuisine 

No trip here is complete without visiting Sunshine Coast’s top fish and chip restaurants. Get fresh prawns directly from the trawler at the Fish Markets in Mooloolaba if you’re here, then head to the seashore to set up a picnic and enjoy your catch. This Place is heaven for prawn lovers.

Best Asian Fish n Chips shop in Sunshine Coast

1.14. Camping 

When giving the most authentic Australian bush accommodation experience, it’s hard to surpass the simple pleasure of sleeping outside with nothing between you and the stunning star-filled night sky. In Australia, it is customary.

2. Explore the Sunshine Coast

These are a few of the enjoyable activities Sunshine Coast offers.

With all the services and facilities needed for fantastic relaxation, there are more than 10+ beautiful beaches. Additionally, the region is renowned for its breathtaking natural parks, including the Glass House Mountains National Park and Mapleton Falls National Park.

A cultural hub for the nation, Sunshine Coast is home to several theatres, music halls, museums, exhibition spaces, and other venues.

The Sunshine Coast is well known worldwide for its stunning agricultural hinterland, charming communities, and surfing areas. Aside from all this, Pumice Stone Passage is well known for its Pristine waters. Also, it is visited by countless adventure seekers from all around the world.

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