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Enjoy the Ultimate Relaxing Holiday in Mundaring

Part of the charm of living in Western Australia is that you always have a wonderful place where you can go on holiday within driving range. Between Albany, Denmark, Bremer Bay and Margaret River, there are plenty of great spots where you can enjoy the natural beauty and have a wonderful experience with the whole family.

When you live on the eastern side of Australia, you may be curious about visiting Western Australia for a vacation. The good news is that private jet costs are a lot more affordable this year, meaning you can book a charter to take you to any small town or tourist spot that you are hoping to visit.

Mundaring, a small suburb of Perth, is a unique and underrated spot for a holiday in Australia. You can have a great time there if you plan out your holiday properly.

Below is our rundown of how you can have the ultimate relaxing holiday in Mundaring, Western Australia.

Enjoy the wilderness in peace

If you are planning a trip from the eastern part of the country to Perth and its surroundings, you may be thinking about having a fun time in the city, shopping and seeing shows. And while there is indeed so much to do in Perth, you may not be eager to spend your entire trip in a hustling and bustling city.

Sometimes what we need from a holiday are peace and quiet, relaxation and nature. You can get all of that and more in Mundaring. The tree-lined village is very close to Perth, which means you can easily travel by car and get there in less than an hour.

The beauty of Mundaring is that you get to experience natural wonders that are untouched by any construction or city building. The region is gloriously full of wildlife, trees and native flora and fauna. Beelu National Park is the perfect place for a hike, while Fred Jacoby Park is also worth a visit.

If you are hoping to experience a quiet and cosy vacation, you do not even need to stop off in Perth. By charting a private jet, you can fly in and out of an airport closer to Mundaring, cutting down on your commute and giving you more time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in this part of Australia.

Ample amenities

Those who are planning a trip to Mundaring should not be mistaken by its appearance. While the natural beauty and countryside of Mundaring are what attracts people to visit, you can also enjoy plenty of amenities in the area. You don’t have to go back to Perth to experience fine dining or fun activities.

The Lounge at Amaroo is a great spot where you can spend an evening, either as a couple or with the whole family. You can sit inside in their charming restaurant, or you can sit at one of the tables they have set up outside. When the weather is pleasant, you can have a peaceful and delicious meal of fine Australian food at The Lounge, which is part of the Amaroo Retreat and Spa.

Experience local brews

The Dingo Brewery is another must-see if you are visiting Mundaring. The microbrewery uses special cask brewing equipment and the latest technology to ensure all of its beers come out stunning. Whether you are partial to a dry lager or you prefer a tropical ale, you can enjoy these microbrews at the brewery while getting a glimpse of how they produce their beers.

You may assume that a brewery in Mundaring would only have a few beers available, but that is not the case. Dingo sells its beers around Australia and has over 150 options available. Many of the beers are on tap throughout the year, while you can also get cans and bottles of their special beers that are only made during specific times of the year.

Not sure about the beer you want to drink on a given day? Dingo offers beer-tasting sessions, where you can sample smaller quantities of different beers to get a sense of the unique styles and flavours available.

Enjoy outdoor activities

Mundaring is the perfect spot to explore the local culture and art scene, as there are countless artists and craftspeople who either live in the area or showcase their works at various gift shops

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Lake Leschenaultia is a must-visit. The 168-hectare bushland is the perfect spot for camping, canoeing, swimming, and cycling. You can also simply walk around the area, take in the scenery, and scope out the local birdlife.

Those who are visiting Mundaring with their family may want to explore the Karakamia Sanctuary. Young children can learn much from this sanctuary, as it is a key part of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

A two-hour guided walk of the sanctuary is the best way to see the various animals, such as woylies, tammar wallabies, quenda and other endangered species. As many of the animals at this sanctuary are nocturnal, the guided walk takes place at dusk.

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