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7 Thrilling Things to Experience at Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong national park is a beautiful park located in Australia. Its exact location is the East Gippsland region, Victoria, Australia. The traditional owners of this place have a deep connection with this place.

Croajingolong national park has abundant wildlife, rocky headlands, ancient forests, giant dunes, basic but picturesque campgrounds, point hicks lighthouse, Wingan inlet, Peachtree creek, pristine inlets, and walking trails.

This park works under the UNESCO world biosphere reserve. This national park is very rich in vegetation and wildlife. Many animals take shelter in Croajingolong national park. Some of them are Long nose bandicoots, spot brush-tailed possums, lace monitors, and yellow-billed gliders.

Location & Features of Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong national park is linear in shape. The Tasman sea on the southern side and South Pacific Ocean views surround it. The western side is surrounded by the Bemm river, and the township of Mallacoota lakes is on the eastern side of the national park.

The main feature of Croajingolong national park is that it is a part of the world biosphere reserve. Twelve national parks come under the world biosphere reserve. The managing authority of this national park is Parks Victoria.

The nearest town to Croajingolong national park in New South Wales. It also has a famous nature reserve that is Nadgee Nature Reserve.

Croajingolong National Park
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Exciting Things to do in Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong national park has diverse nature. There are many inlets of sheltered water bodies in this national park that you can explore. Some rivers and inlets are Cann river, Wingan inlet, Peachtree creek, Wingan river, Gabo island, Tamboon inlet, Thurra river, and so on.

Visitors can enjoy many picnic facilities, hiking, biking, and walking trails. It also has a historic lighthouse that, point hicks lighthouse, and it is located in the point hicks light station.

This place also has beaches, campgrounds, unsealed roads, fireplaces, and caravan sites. You can enjoy boat and canoe rides in this national park of Victoria, Australia.

There is a challenging walk in Croajingolong national park, known as the wilderness coast walk. Many experienced hikers take it as the ultimate challenge. Take a map and starts to explore this national park. You will enjoy this trip.

1. Genoa Peak Walking Trail

Genoa Peak Walking Trail is a famous walking trail in Victoria, Australia. This trail is 3.4 km long. You can complete a moderately challenging course in just 1-2 hours. The elevation gain of this trail is 214 meters.

The best time to enjoy this trail is from January to November. From this trail, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of the sea coast. It also has short steep sections, and you can get a ladder to reach the top of the trail and enjoy the lovely views from the top of the course. You will come across many new species of wildflowers and birds.

Croajingolong National Park
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2. Gale Hill Track

Gale Hill Track is a famous walking trail in Australia. There are many facilities which are given to the visitors during this walk. You can enjoy bushwalking, caravan sites, fireplaces, and many more.

The staff members of this national park are very helpful and help the visitors a lot. You will carry important things like prescribed medications, shoes, drinking water, and snacks. You will see many animals and flock birds during this walk.

3. Shipwreck Creek Beach

Shipwreck creek beach is a beautiful place in Croajingolong National Park, Australia. This beach is a land of narrow strips located near the remote coast.

You can enjoy the soothing winds with the amazing waves of water touching your feet. The time when the waves of water touch your feet feels like heaven.

You can enjoy many outdoor activities on this beach. You can play water games, go fishing, and do many more things. You can also sit at a point and relax and see the beautiful sea waves. You can enjoy seafood on this beach.

You can also make a sandcastle. Making sandcastles is a unique activity that makes visitors love to do it on beaches. You can also enjoy a bonfire on Shipwreck Creek beach at night.

Croajingolong National Park
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4. Mueller Inlet Camp

Mueller Inlet Campground is the adventurous campground of Croajingolong National Park. You can go camping at night under starry skies. You can also enjoy boating, kayaking, and canoeing during camping.

You will,l go to the online website and make the ticket bookings. But the kayaking and canoeing are all paddle systems because motor vessels are not allowed in this campground. You have to book the tickets before visiting this place.

5. Mallacoota Inlet

Mallacoota inlet is located in the gypsy point of Australia. It is around 520 km away from Melbourne. You can reach here by road. It is a small waterbody, and you can enjoy many water-related activities. The entrance of this point opens for a limited period. You will get proper navigation when you travel to this place.

From the Mallacoota inlet, there is a stretch for the Wallagaraugh and Genoa rivers. The port waters of these rivers are extended from the Bass Strait to Bastion Point. As it is a waterbody, so be prepared and take some caution.

Before visiting this place, study the depth, channel entrance, and many more things. Extra care and precautions are taken at the door of the Captain’s Point. You can also enjoy boating at the Bastion Point boat ramp.

Croajingolong National Park
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6. Thurra River Dunes Walk

There are river dunes walks, an amazing walk of 4.8 km. You can easily complete this walk in 1-2 hours. From this walk, you can explore the soaring dunes. You can also come across sandy trails; there is no walking track marker, so walk properly according to the route.

This trail is challenging, so be prepared for it. Take some precautions before starting the walk. There is no phone reception in this area. Take a pair of extra sandals so if the sand is filled in the shoes, you will not face any difficulty. There is a thurra river campground so you can enjoy camping there.

7. Wilderness Coast Walk

Wilderness coast walk is an extremely long walk. It is a 100 km long walk that stretches from far east Gippsland. This walk has many zones such as sand patch zone, rame head zone, Clinton rocks zone, etc.

You can also access a lot of locations during this walk. You can enjoy this walk on a bike or car ride. Before starting the hike, take weather reports, source maps, relevant track notes, and tide charts.

This is because it is a long walk so you will face many difficulties if you are not prepared. During this walk, you can enjoy camping, bushwalking, hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife photography.

Croajingolong National Park
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Vegetation of Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong national park, Victoria, Australia, is highly rich in vegetation. There are many species of plants found in this national park. There are about 1000 species of plants.

Those plant species are Daucus Glochidiatus, Xanthosia Pilosa, Alyxia Buxifolia, Tylophora Barbata, Hydrocotyle Foveolate, Eustrephus Latifolius, Laxmannia Orientalis, Bulbine Semibarbata, Allittia Cardiocarpa, Cassinia Trinerva, Cotula Australis, Leptinella Longipes, Olearia Argophylla, Senecio Minimus, and many more.

There are many wildflower species as well. Some wildflower species are endangered and not seen in normal conditions.

Wildlife of Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong national park, Victoria, Australia, has an impressive count of animals. Not only animals, but this national park is also very rich in bird species.

Some of those animals are the blue mountains tree frog, southern brown tree frog, Australian water dragon, yellow-bellied water skink, red-bellied black snake, tiger snake, jacky dragon, common eastern froglet, enamelled spider, sooty orb weaver, mountain huntsman, light brown apple moth, common anthelid moth, and so on.

Some species of birds which take shelter in this national park are rainbow lorikeet, crimson rosella, azure kingfisher, great crested tern, red-capped plover, hoary-headed grebe, great egret, black-shouldered kite, black swan, Australian pelican, white-faced heron, black-fronted dotterel, and many more.

Croajingolong National Park
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Final Note

Croajingolong national park is located in far eastern Victoria, Australia. This national park has panoramic views of beaches, camping areas, coastlines, etc. You can enjoy hiking the whole day in the isolated stretches of coastline, untouched landscapes, estuaries, and pristine rivers. You can also see the inlets of many rivers, like the Wingan inlet.

This national park is like heaven for some species and birds. You can enjoy the scenic views of oceans and sea, and along with the oceans, you can see whales. The annual migration time of whales is from October to May.

You can also enjoy shorter walks in Croajingolong national park. You can go for these walks from Mount Everard to Lake Elusive and Wingan Rapids. You can also explore Tamboon and narrows and heathlands walk. To study Tamboon, you need a boat, canoe, or kayak. You can also go for a fly cove walk in small coves.

Plan a trip to Croajingolong national park, Victoria. Stay in this national park for at least two nights to explore every part. You can get further information from the online website of the Croajingolong national park.

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