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Fascinating Best Things to Do in Geelong

Australia offers a combination of beauty, culture, and recreational opportunities on the shores of Corio Bay, Geelong. On an hour’s drive from Melbourne, this coastal city has become a lively hub, offering numerous entertainment options to appeal to visitors.

Moreover, Geelong’s striking waterfront is an attraction that attracts both locals and tourists, who are pleased to encounter its charming paths full of fascinating dining experiences and engaging leisure activities.

The Geelong Botanical Gardens, a retreat that includes an impressive range of plant species and theme gardens, will give solace to nature lovers. In particular, the city’s waterfront is an attraction due to its distinctive Cunningham Pier, which provides views of the bay and a lively atmosphere.

With its beaches and blossoming wine regions, the Bellarine Peninsula is a famous tourist destination for those looking for adventure; Geelong offers a thriving arts scene for those who appreciate culture that will surely satisfy them.

The Geelong Gallery houses a collection of European artworks, while the National Wool Museum provides insight into the region’s rich historical heritage. Overall, Geelong is a gem, offering an enriching experience for those visiting its shores for family-friendly activities, outdoor adventures, or cultural exploration.

Things To Do in Geelong 
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1. Best Things To Do in Geelong 

The vast majority on vacation maintain that an opportunity should unwind, loosen up, and invest energy in having a great time. Furthermore, the Geelong Waterfront is the ideal spot to do precisely that. Ignoring the gleaming waters of Corio Bay, the Geelong Waterfront is possibly the most fantastic in Australia.

1.1. Explore With Segway Geelong

Segway Geelong operates on the waterfront and out of Leura Park Estate Vineyard on the Bellarine. Tours of Leura Park’s estate are 90 minutes long and take place between the vines.

You can tour or add a delicious lunch at the end. The Great Geelong Waterfront Tour is an impressive 60 minutes of Segway riding through the lovely, beautiful harbour and eastern park.

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1.2. Visit Eastern Beach

One of the best things to do in Geelong is to visit Eastern Beach, the most popular place to stay in Geelong. Eastern Beach is the jewel of the Geelong waterfront, and the setting will remind guests of the Italian Riviera!

Eastern Beach was built in the Art Deco style during the 1930s and boasts abundant history and charm. It’s a great space to cool down on a summer’s day, picnic or barbecue, have fun and relax.

The best way to enter Eastern Beach is from the top of the gorgeous palm-tree-lined staircase. Things to do in Geelong at the eastern beach include pausing and taking in the incredible vista spread out before Corio Bay.

1.3. Great Ocean Road

Geelong has for quite some time been known as the doorway to the Great Ocean Road and is, in many cases, the principal stop for travellers making the excursion from Melbourne.

One can see the most dazzling pieces of the Bellarine Peninsula along the Great Ocean Road from Geelong. The best spots on this staggering waterfront course include Bells Beach, Great Otway National Park, The Twelve Apostles, and Loch Ard Gorge!

1.4. The Geelong Bollards

Nearby artist Jan Mitchell was charged with changing old lumber and heaps from a harmed city dock into exceptional artistry. The idiosyncratic fine arts annal the city’s past by zeroing in on a portion of its one-of-a-kind characters.

From the first native occupants to 1930s glamour girls to English explorer Matthew Flinders. It’s one of the free things to do in Geelong, where guests will see several tourist attractions throughout the city! The Baywalk Bollards are situated along the Geelong waterfront from Rippleside Park to Limeburners Point and the Botanical Gardens.

The Geelong Bollards represent more than mere buildings, as they are lively storytellers bringing the past and present together in a way which makes them integral and beloved parts of the cultural identity of Greater Geelong, whether by capturing childhood imagination through its whimsy or hypnotizing history lovers with detailed depictions.

1.5. Waterfront Playgrounds

It is the most prominent tourist destination in Geelong, and at some time during their journey, everyone who visits the city sees the waterfront of Geelong. There are two playgrounds along the Geelong waterfront.

One is beside the children’s pool, catering to both bigger kids and toddlers, while the second playground is located near the skate park and is suited to more minor children. There are other waterfront Geelong parks on the west of Cunningham Pier on the waterfront.

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1.6. Baywalk Bollards

You can find a hive of activity on the harbour in Geelong! It’s a journey through Corio Bay, taking you to the beaches of East Beach, Cunningham Pier, Barrat Bollards and many shops and restaurants where you can get some food.

Walking along the front also teaches you a little about Geelong’s history. The local artist carved and painted bay walk ducks that formed part of the coastal path to depict humans who have played an essential role in the city’s history.

1.7. The National Wool Museum

To learn about Geelong’s history in Victoria, guests must visit this national wool museum! There are many things to do in Geelong. Sitting in an old bluestone fleece store, the National Wool Museum is an extraordinary spot to go through a stormy evening.

Through intuitive presentations and entrancing curios, the Geelong gallery recounts the tale of Geelong’s history of 200 years in the fleece exchange and how it came to be known as the ‘Fleece Center of the World.’

National Wool Museum

1.8. Visit Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Narana is an award-winning indigenous people centre offering a genuine cultural experience. Visiting here lets you learn about the World’s Oldest Living Culture through songlines, artworks, and cultural artifacts. The Naranas Art Gallery features the work of emerging and internationally renowned artists from the Aborigines and the Torres Strait.

There are beautiful native gardens surrounding the buildings, where you can meet the resident emus, wallabies, and kangaroos. Look around before you go to the café to taste some Australian bush. There is an educational programme for groups, or you can try it yourself.

1.9. Library and Heritage Centre

The Geelong Library is terrific from an external perspective. Inside, there’s an entire floor committed to kids, with youngsters’ books, manikins, toys, and dress-ups – children’s stuff Geelong locals and visitors can enjoy.

In addition, the public can access a whole floor devoted to children and youth. The library has a wide range of print, multimedia and heritage objects. You’ll find reading rooms with comfortable chairs to curl up.

1.10. The Celebrations At A Local Geelong Event

There is a calendar of fun events in the Geelong region for all family members to enjoy. Some of the year’s most significant celebrations occur on the spectacular Geelong beach.

From the celebration of Australia Day to triathlons and cycling events, car shows, festivals and fairs. Our favourite events were the Pako Festa, the sailing festival in Geelong, and an incredible white night.

1.11. Geelong The Bellarine Trail

Geelong and the Bellarine Rail Trail is a great way to stay fit and enjoy some sightseeing simultaneously. Following the historic Bellarine railway route, a 35-kilometre trail stretches from South Geelong to Queenscliff Railway Station. The path is level and straightforward to haggle on most sorts of bicycles. From South Geelong to Drysdale, the way is cleared, and from Drysdale and Queenscliff, it’s made of OK rock.

Soak up beautiful views of the countryside and coast, and stop at historic Bellarine railway stations; this is one of the perfect things to do on the Bellarine Peninsula for families or plan a day road trip of Geelong and the Bellarine rail trail to see wildflowers, native birds or see vibrant towns.

1.12. Geelong Botanical Gardens

These gardens are lovely, serene, and well set out for a leisurely meander along its paths. It is a conservation site for plants and trees from around the world. Before the original section, the old Victorian-style gates take guests through a contemporary 21st-century garden space. To experience vintage gardens, guests must have things to do in Geelong.

To smell the roses at Geelong Botanic Gardens, visit Geelong. On a short walk up the hill from Eastern Beach, individuals will find one of the main Geelong attractions, Geelong Botanic Gardens.

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1.13. Coastal Drive Around the Bellarine Peninsula

Start the driving process at Geelong around the Bellarine Peninsula, going through the seaside town of Drysdale, Clifton Springs, Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards, Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove and completing at Barwon Heads.

There are many markets in the Bellarine peninsula, including the Belmont market. Things to do in Geelong must include visiting Bellarine Peninsula Markets, which is more than farm-fresh produce, arts and crafts, and local treats.

1.14. Segway Geelong

Segway Geelong works on the waterfront in Geelong and out of Leura Park Estate Vineyard on the Bellarine. Geelong the Bellarine offers visits every year from December to January from Geelong Waterfront and Eastern Park.

Geelong the Bellarine offers visits in the Geelong CBD, yet they work out of the Leura Park Estate Vineyard. The Bellarine bundle incorporates a lovely lunch, complimentary wine sampling and a glass of wine (or other) with a feast after the segway visit.

1.15. Drive Along The Surf Coast

Begin the journey from Geelong, going through the seaside towns of Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, and Lorne. Along the Great Ocean Road, native animals such as Koalas and kangaroos can be found.

Take a breathtaking view from the rocky headland and watch all the boats pass; visitors can lounge on its beach or swim in the sheltered bay. Moreover, the central waterfront Geelong attractions include an ocean grove beach, a must-visit thing in Geelong.

1.16. Old Geelong Gaol

To experience a spooky ghost tour of old Geelong gaol. The guest must remember the rundown of things to do in Geelong.

Its entryways were shut in 1991; these days, the old Geelong gaol welcomes guests to investigate the prison cells and yards that once held numerous neighbourhood convicts on a directed visit around the structure.

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1.17. Enjoy Geelong Public Art

Geelong’s lively Public Art Scene offers this seaside town an extra layer of charm with a wide range of sculptures, murals, and installations integrated with the urban fabric. Walking through the streets reveals an open gallery where creativity and public space merge, creating a unique and exciting experience for citizens and visitors alike.

There are many public art pieces on display in the City of Geelong. There are scattered parts of the city that tell local stories, which contribute to cultural identity. The Reflection seat is dedicated to thousands of children placed in orphanages and child homes throughout the region.

1.18. Hot Air Balloon

The hot air balloon ride is somewhat of a hidden secret in Geelong; not many people seem to know Liberty Balloon Flights is the company that can organize hot air balloon tours! 

It’s a unique thing worth seeing: stunning dawn views over the Bellarine Peninsula, ocean grove and, depending on which way the wind blows, views over Port Phillip Bay, the Barwon River or the Barrabool Hills! 

1.19. The Ferris Wheel

If the Sky Wheel had not dominated the skyline in Geelong, summer wouldn’t have been so great. Each year, the southern hemisphere’s giant Ferris Wheel makes the Geelong Waterfront its home, bringing a dollop of carnival magic. Take the drive, and you can see amazing views of Corio Bay from its dazzling heights.

You will see a magnificent spectacle at night as the wheel lights up with striking patterns. You will find the SkyWheel in a patch of grass next to the Geelong Yacht Club, and it cannot be missed.

1.20. You Yangs

Big Rock and Flinders peak with all-encompassing perspectives over Geelong, Melbourne and then some—picnics, BBQs, pit fires in winter, mountain bikes, hiking tracks, and peaceful walks. There are also dedicated areas for mountain bike tracks, a hugely popular pursuit.

The scenery is typically Australian bush; it may not be pretty, but it holds lots of wildlife if individuals keep their eyes peeled. Birds etc. It is not frequented by tourists, mainly for things to do in Geelong locals.

The You Yangs, Geelong Victoria

1.21. Ride the Antique Carousel

A timeless delight awaits visitors at Geelong’s famous Eastern Beach Reserve, where the antique carousel is a nostalgic reminder of the city’s rich history and enduring charm. This beautifully restored carousel amid the sparkling Corio Bay offers a whimsical journey back in time.

Families, couples, and visitors of all ages can enjoy the simple pleasure of a classic carousel ride accompanied by cheerful music and gentle movements. A beautiful setting for this timeless event is provided by the Eastern Beach Reserve, which has its palm-lined promenade and an inviting swimming pool.

The Antique Carousel in Geelong promises a delightful experience that transcends generations, so visiting the city’s wonderful treasure of treasures is imperative if you are looking for family-friendly fun, a romantic interlude or a solo trip back into the past.

1.22. Boat House

The Boat House at Western Foreshore Road Perched over the water on a solid flatboat is the honour-winning Geelong Boat House serving first-class fried fish and French fries.

Eating in on the 100-year-old canal boat, getting a cookout mat, and chowing down on the grass embankment are must-to-eat things in Geelong.

Geelong CBD Walk: Regional Victoria🚶‍♀️【4k】


The Geelong region has a full calendar of fun events for the whole family, from Australia Day festivities to triathlon and cycling events, auto shows, festivals, and fairs. Visitors can visit Geelong parks for their stunning views and beautiful foreshores like Rippleside Park over Corio Bay and Eastern Park along the waterfront of Geelong.

Investigate the memorable Geelong Botanic Gardens to get enchanted by the fragrance of flowers. Gain some new practical knowledge at the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center. With its diversity of offerings, Geelong is a destination on the southern shores of Australia that invites exploration and enjoyment, whether you’re into art, enjoying nature, or taking pleasure in simple pleasures such as carousel rides.


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