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Beaches in Torquay- 8 Incredible Landscapes

Torquay is a place where you can come in touch with the distant waves you must have been longing for. So, if you are searching for a place to relax and let go of your worries, the beaches in Torquay will be a perfect fit. Torquay is situated in Victoria, Australia. The town covers everything a person would need.

Furthermore, people find solace in different things. For some, it is staring at the moon, while for others, it is being in their favourite place. However, sitting close to the sea and listening to the sounds of the waves can help any person relax. So, unwind yourself from the hustle and bustle of your routine life and head to the beautiful beaches of Torquay.

What is stopping you? Are you worried about locations or reviews? You need not calculate the number of beaches, where they lie, and which are best according to your preferences. All you have to do is scroll down, and you will gain enough information about the beaches.

1. Beaches in Torquay

1.1. Torquay Front Beach

Torquay Front Beach

If you plan to visit the beaches in Torquay with your family, Torquay Front Beach will be the most suitable beach for you. It is located in The Esplanade, on the main street, which surrounds the most accessible part of Torquay.

What would you expect when you are here with your family? You would want the place to have basic facilities, namely washrooms, restaurants, picnic tables, or car parks. Also, this beach is famous for its perfect facilities. As it lies in Esplanade, it has all the best restaurants, playgrounds, malls, cafes, and more. Furthermore, Fishos Torquay has the upper hand amongst them.

There is an advantage for amateur swimmers here, as the area around the bay is best for learning swimming. It is a calm and less crowded space. Hence, your practice will not be hindered. As this is a patrolled beach, you can find children learning to swim. However, always remember to swim safely between the red and yellow flags. The Point Danger lies near the right end of the beach.

1.2. Jan Juc Beach

Beaches in Torquay
Photo by Enguerrand Blanchy on Unsplash/ Copyright 2021

Are you a skilled surfer searching for a bit of a challenging place in Torquay? Jan Juc Torquay Beach is a must-visit for you. It lies in the south end of Torquay and always remains less crowded than the beaches near the town. Furthermore, the parking area lies near the Surf Life Saving Club checkpoint.

The beach exposes you to real-time beach activities. Surfers can be seen challenging the waves and marking their victory. Fishermen will be busy discovering unique fishes to make their day. Also, tides near this beach will be high and towering. So, it is a suitable place only for experienced surfers. However, Jan Juc Beach is a no-go for swimming.

Some restaurants are available within walking distance of the beach. You can grab some good food after a tiresome day. Bird Rock Jan Juc serves the best dumplings, so do not miss out on them.

1.3. Bells Beach

Beaches in torquay
Photo by Samantha Ball on Unsplash/ Copyright 2016

This is one of the most renowned Torquay beaches for surfing and will be captivating for experienced surfers and astounding for people chilling near the shore. Though it is one of the most popular beaches, it is unsafe for people new to surfing due to its changing ocean conditions and high waves.

Bells Beach is famous for its professional surfing competition. The competition was renamed Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach and is one of the world’s longest, which takes place every year in January.

But there lies a bit of inconvenience as there are no restaurants or eating places near Bells Beach. Therefore, you need to drive for 10-12 minutes to reach the town to satisfy your hunger. It is also a lovely spot to adore the scenic beauty and is a patrolled beach. However, it is not a secure place for swimming due to persistent rips.

1.4. Torquay Surf Beach

Aerial Footage of Torquay Surf Beach | Killafish Productions

This is an ideal Torquay beach for relaxing, swimming, or surfing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Torquay Surf Beach will always be one of the best beaches famous for its water safety. It is one of the other famous beaches of Torquay.

It has low tides and is one of the patrolled beaches. The waves are not dangerous and are ideal for surfing. You can easily rent out various boards from Torquay Surf Academy according to your preferences.

You can swim on the beach but not neglect the Rocky Point lookout board or venture beyond the red and yellow flags. Furthermore, the Surf Coast Shire may impose a fine if you don’t follow these rules.

The beach is not too far away from the town, so you can grab food from the nearby restaurants, which are a short walk from the beach.

1.5. Whites Beach Torquay

whites beach shots.mp4

This beach is the heart for people wanting to take a long peaceful walk away from the noises. It is a sandy beach in Australia surrounded by sand dunes during the summer.

Whites Beach allows dog walking. So, you can bring them with you and let them play and run around the beach without any restrictions. Yes, it is an advantage for dog lovers.

The beach has calm waters and is a safe swimming zone, but no one can predict nature. So, you need to be aware of the changing ocean conditions and stay within the red and yellow flags.

It is exposed to all the necessary facilities, including picnic tables near the beach. However, Surf Life Saving Australia don’t provide any services for this beach now. Moreover, it is also an unpatrolled beach.

1.6. Point Impossible Beach

Point Impossible Surf - Victoria - Australia

Point Impossible can rather be named Remote Torquay Beach since it is not as crowded as other Torquay beaches. Furthermore, it is a perfect spot for dog walking. Both locals and travellers can bring their dogs for a walk.

This beach offers people a place to sunbathe without having second thoughts.

It is not recommended to swim in Point Impossible, but you sure can surf as the tides are low and stable. Travellers can capture the magnificent views and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Also, it is one of the most serene beaches in a remote area. Hence, you cannot find any restaurant or a place to eat nearby. Ensure you pack some food, and it will turn out to be one of the best picnic spots.

If you forget to pack food, you will have no choice but to drive back to the town to feed something to your stomach.

1.7. Anglesea Main Beach

Anglesea, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

This is the safest and the best-located beach. It lies on the Great Ocean, covered with many tourist attractions. Furthermore, the places that surround the beach define its beauty.

There are so many restaurants near it. You can either take your packed food and enjoy it while looking at the sea or just dine in. The choice is yours. You can also easily find a car park near the beach.

The beach’s safety makes it stand out. Priorly, it is a patrolled Beach, and secondly, it lies in the Surf Coast Shire area of the Local Government. So, you need not fret about the mishappenings. Yet, you have to consider water safety and should not cross red and yellow flags.

Anglesea Main Beach is along the Anglesea River, which meanders to the sea. You can discover the beach surrounded by sand dunes during the summer. However, it still makes a fantastic spot to visit and is full of people during peak vacation periods.

1.8. Fishermans Beach

beaches in torquay
Photo by Bella 💛 on Unsplash/Copyright 2020

This beach is known as Fishos Beach in Australia. It is a peaceful beach and is apt for serene walks. Apart from the good restaurants, there are also various parking bays and public washrooms.

The beach is relatively isolated, but you can find and connect with similar people. Locals use the beach to exercise or to walk their dogs. You can take the kids up to watch the surf. Then you can walk down to the viewing platform and relish the splendid views.

Furthermore, it is one of the perfect picnic spots for the younger children. They can play around and make sandcastles. It also offers various sports activities, namely paddleboarding, snorkelling, bike riding, jet skiing, and more.

Undoubtedly, it is a fun and relaxing place for everyone. You can swim on the beach. However, make sure not to go beyond red and yellow flags. Ensure you are careful while enjoying the water because it isn’t a patrolled beach.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any best restaurants to visit near Bells Beach?

Bells Beach is a well-known surf beach. There are many famous restaurants surrounding it which serve delicious food. Squires Loft is 4.6 km away from Bells Beach and has mouthwatering food. Furthermore, do you love ice cream? Great Ocean Road and Ice Creamery will make you drool over their hot chocolate and ice creams.

Do Torquay beaches allow dog walking?

This entirely depends on the Torquay beach you are planning to visit. Some beaches restrict you from taking your dog with you, whereas others do not. Beaches, namely Whites Beach, Point Impossible Beach, and Fishermans Beach allow dog walking. On the contrary, Bells Beach, Torquay Surf Beach, and Jan Juc Beach do not. So, you must gain relevant information before you visit any of the beaches.

Which Torquay beach is best for families and kids?

Torquay Front Beach is the most suitable beach to go along with your family and kids. The beach allows both swimming and surfing and has low tides. Additionally, it has all the basic facilities, including public washrooms, dine-in and takeout restaurants, and BBQ spots. Furthermore, this beach is one of the best places to enjoy a good picnic with family.

3. Conclusion

The beaches in Torquay would have left you spellbound with their beauty. Undoubtedly, the beaches here are the ideal spot to come for your vacation. They all are distinguished based on some or the other criteria.

Furthermore, to stay healthy, you should be mentally and physically fit. So, plan a trip to the traditional town of Torquay and spend your days walking, surfing, and relaxing on the beaches.

You can also explore them based on your wants and preferences. Now, you must be ready to guide others about the beaches in Torquay. Aren’t you?

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