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An Insight into the Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

Unlocking the hearts of the Great Barrier Reef, the Hayman Island settled in the remarkable and mighty Whitsunday Islands off Australia’s north Queensland coast. Whitsunday Island is famous for its unique beauty and elegance and is the most northern island in the Whitsunday Islands group.

The Intercontinental Hayman Island resort is an extravagant and luxurious resort with endless activities and tours. Besides providing easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, the Hayman Island resort offers guests unlimited events and happenings, iconic private island experiences, and tremendous and delicious dining featuring authentic Australian cuisine.

History of the Resort

The Intercontinental Hayman Island resort has touched the lives of many guests and travellers. Here are some unforgettable moments in the history of Hayman Island becoming one of Australia’s most iconic and beautiful private islands.

7000 BC

The Whitsundays island serves as the ancient home of the Ngaro Aboriginal People, also known as “Canoe People”, with the neighbouring coastal frontier for the past 9000 years.

1866 To 1936

Commander Nares named the Hayman Island luxury resort to honour Thomas Hayman, his navigator. Thomas Abell owns the lease of Hayman Island, and he decides to graze cattle.

Abell sells the Hayman Island lease to Boyd Lee for 30 pounds. The lease is again sold to Monty Embury, who decides to offer boat rides to bird watchers, zoologists, and scientists to the outer reef.

Hayman Island
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

A biological research laboratory was built on Hayman Island, and tents were set at the camping grounds for accommodation. The island is again sold to the Hayman brothers, Bert and Bob. The research laboratory was converted into recreation, dining rooms and a fishing resort.

Zane Grey, the American filmmaker, chose Hayman Island as a shooting venue for his film White Death.

1938 To 1981

A single-room holiday house was built on Hayman Island. The lounge area of the Hayman Island resort was furnished with cane sofas, tables, and chairs. Reginald Ansett purchases Hayman Island and builds a winter resort. The project to create a new hotel began, and the hotel was named Royal Hayman.

The Royal Hayman was inaugurated on July 4, 1950. On January 17th, 1970, cyclone Ada destroyed most of Hayman Island and took the lives of three employees of the island. The resort was rebuilt after six months, and 10 million Australian dollars was announced to upgrade and reconstruct the Hayman resort.

1985 To 2019

A major refurbishment of 300 million Australian dollars starts at the Royal Hayman. The BT Hotel Group buys Hayman and initiates a multi-million dollar development program.

Mulpha Australia built the first residence and upgraded the Hayman and Infinity pools. Tayman Island is hit by the tropical cycle Debbie, and the resort has to close again. In 2019, the Hayman Resort reopened after two years and underwent a 135 million Australian dollar refurbishment and redesign.

About Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

The Hayman Island resort welcomed a new period of extravagance in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef for all travellers worldwide. The resort partnerships with Helireef and Ocean Dynamics give direct access to Blue Pearl Bay, Hook Island, and Langford Island region’s icons.

The guests at the Hayman Island resort explore Whitehaven Beach, spend the day diving the Great Barrier Reef, experience private helicopter tours, take boat cruises around Hayman Island’s bays and go on jet ski adventures.

Hayman Island Resort
Website Screenshot- Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

There are five different restaurants and bars in the Hayman Islands resort. There are two swimming pools, a hair salon, Hayman Spa, tennis camps, and a water activities centre on Hayman Island.

Moreover, guests can enjoy a private dining experience under the open sky. The guest can also utilize Intercontinental Planet Trekkers Kid’s Club and an educational program focusing on conservation practices and local ocean life.

The Hayman luxury resort is planned and projected by famous leaders from the architectural world, which includes KY Design, DAARC, and DBI Designs. There are 168 guest rooms in the resort which have energy-saving Suite Control.

There is also premium accommodation, including two Hayman Residences and a three-bedroom Hayman Beach House. It is one of the most iconic travel and holiday destinations with instinctive beauty that makes every guest feel happy and content.

Staying at Australia’s Hayman Island Resort

The immersive luxury Hayman Island resort has a collection of 168 bedrooms, along with villas and suites. There are three distinct wings: Pool, Lagoon, and Beach. They offer great swimming pools, tropical rainforest gardens, and picturesque seascape views.

1. Beach Wing

The Beach wing has a collection of eight Beachfront pool villas and the three-bedroom Hayman Beach House. 

2. Lagoon Wing

The Lagoon Wing is on the quiet and serene eastern side of the InterContinental Hayman Resort. This wing offers a collection of one, two, and three-bedroom suites. The Lagoon Wing oversees the Infinity Pool. Moreover, the topmost floors provide magnificent views across the Coral Sea.

Hayman Island
Courtesy: Hayman Island Resort

3. Pool Wing

There are 46 beautiful one and two-bedroom suites in the Pool Wing. This wing overlooks the Hayman Poo. Each suite in this wing offers fascinating views from the private balconies across the Coral Sea.

Dining at Hayman Island Resort

The InterContinental Hayman Island Resort presents five distinct and diverse bars and restaurants: Pacific, Amici, Aqua, Bab Bam, above Boutique and Cafe. Besides these five restaurants and bars, they also provide private dining experiences that are destination-inspired.

Besides authentic Australian cuisine, the Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort offers hai, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

1. Pacific

The signature Pacific restaurant and bar provide the guests with a gourmet breakfast in the morning and a classy la carte menu in the evening.

The ocean-facing dining room also provides a classic brasserie boasting Australia’s best wines, premium spirits, and boutique beers.

2. Amici

This restaurant is set against varied interiors and lush greenery and provides Mediterranean-influenced wood fire oven pizzas, tapas, pasta, and modern drinks.

Hayman Island
Courtesy: Hayman Island Resort

3. Aqua

The Aqua restaurant is placed on the edge of the Hayman Pool and provides beautiful views of the Whitsunday Islands. The place offers delicious seafood and tropical classics, including ice pops, cocktails, fresh juices, and seasonal salad bowls.

4. Bam Bam

The Bam Bam restaurant of the beautiful resort is energetic and lively. The restaurant is behind the Infinity Pool and serves lip-smacking Pan Asian food infused with an Australian twist. The sugarcane juice is infused with punchy flavours, thus appealing to the guests.

5. Grove Boutique And Cafe

The Grove Boutique and Cafe is a casual daytime eatery and retail hub and home to souvenirs, luxury retail brands, holiday essentials, and Vittoria Coffee. It also provides cold beverages and light bites, ice cream bars, assorted non-alcoholic beverages, and various beers, champagnes, and sparkling wine.

Meetings And Events at Hayman Island Resort

The InterContinental Hayman Island Resort converts events and meetings into exclusive private island experiences. It includes interactive cooking classes, coral rejuvenation classes, and beachfront relays.

There are 15 indoor and outdoor venues, from private beaches to private dining spaces.

Hayman Island Resort
Website Screenshot- Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

Weddings At Hayman Island Resort

If you are planning to make your special wedding day a memorable one, Hayman Island has to offer a wide selection of wedding indoor and outdoor venues. There are private beaches, canopied gardens, an onsite church, two world-class ballrooms, and restaurants and bars.

The Hayman Spa also provides bridal services, including a manicure and pedicure treatment and beautiful wedding looks from professional makeup artists and hair specialists.

Additionally, you can discover and experience the perfect honeymoon destination in Bali Hai, Blue Pearl Bay, Hook Island, and Langford Island at the Hayman Island Resort, which gives direct access to the romantic Heart Reef and Whitehaven Beach.


Wrap Up

The Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort is one of Australia’s most iconic and celebrated private island destinations.

The kitchen boasts skilled, international, and Australian chefs and operates the most extensive kitchen facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you are visiting the island with children, there are numerous child-friendly activities that the resort can provide.

Besides natural beauty, it offers unique on-water experiences, fish feeding, wildlife tours, and helicopter and private seaplane tours. It also gifts a collection of sports and fitness activities, including tennis lessons, golf, and yoga classes.

Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

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