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Exploring Perth: 10 Intresting Things To Do

Humans often have a longing to explore the world. Travel is one of the essential parts of our lives, based on which we increase our knowledge of different cultures. Travelling is a book; the more we study, the more knowledge we will get.

In today’s time, if you would ask anyone, “How do you want to give peace to your life?” then almost everyone has a similar answer to it. Everyone has seen the map of the world, but the world is yet to be explored by most individuals residing in it.

Our world is full of unique arts, magnificent designs, animals, beaches, clubs, and unforgettable sunsets. One of these is Perth City in Western Australia. Here you can escape your boring life and explore a chance at happiness.

With its spectacular crystal clear waters, great weather, and incredible natural habitat, Perth offers many experiences! You can explore the beautiful Rottnest Island located offshore from the city. See Western Australia’s capital from new heights, from a helicopter flight or indulge yourself with a massage.

Here’s A List Of The Fun Things To Do In Perth

1) Kings Park and Botanic Garden

things to do in perth
By: imagevixen/Shutterstock

Kings Park is a series of beautiful sceneries with a quaint and relaxing atmosphere. Here you can see a mix of both Botanic and Natural Grass, which will make you think about its beauty. This place is considered perfect for locals and tourists alike.

In King’s Park, you get to see many amazing animals, species, plants, and trees, which add to the beauty of this park. This park in Perth City, Australia, is the world’s second-largest and full of natural plants. Due to this, they attract more public every year.

Kings Park is known for its mind-blowing design and colourful views. The greenery around this park makes you feel as if you have absorbed it. It’s perfect for a family outing.

When you are determined to visit Kings Park, why not stay here for a day to enjoy its crystal clear waters, which are closest to the Swan River? This river has dramatically increased the visitability of this park, and people feel addicted to it.

This park is primarily a delight for kids, but you can enjoy this natural and wonderful park by yourself or with your partner. By the way, this park gives you a chance to go on immersive long walks. Here you can do a bunch of fun activities with your whole family.

You can enjoy the best things to do in Perth, from street art to outdoor cinemas. You and your kids can enjoy cultural attractions, children’s playgrounds, and indulge in family fun. And, this park allows you to do many free things.

This park is trendy with great entertainment for families. Especially when thinking of what to do in Perth on a hot summer night, there are several theatres for you to relive your nostalgia for, in the form of a blockbuster or an artistic foreign film. Can’t find a better place to do things like your families, kids, weekend activities, and gift buying ideas anywhere else. Here we can enjoy some of the best views.

This park is located about 30 minutes away from the Perth CBD in the North, where you get to see magical colour views, shades of trees, fragrant flowers, rockeries, and beautiful scenery like waterfalls. And, also here, we enjoy our food and wine tour through Swan Valley vineyards.

If you are looking to spend a fun weekend in Perth along with your kids, there can be no better park than this. It would help if you took them to the Scientific Research Lab, as it is an interactive science museum that also includes a planetarium.

And not only this, you can give knowledge of many subjects like science-tech and technology to engineering and maths to your kids so that your kids will develop their internal knowledge even more. Whenever you visit this park, always try to take your kids here as this will make your kids feel positive. This park adds more to your style.

2) Swan Valley

things to do in perth
By: Ian Geraint Jones/Shutterstock

These valleys are situated above the swan river, which gives you a magical and clean water feel. The Swan River characterizes this valley because it looks incredible when heavy rainfall is here. Due to this, you get to see some of the most beautiful sights and colourful paths.

The most isolated capital city globally, Perth is full of great things to do in, around, and outside the city. The unique day trip on Swan Valley has various fun activities, which gives you an extraordinary experience with wine culture.

Swan Valley has plenty of cheap activities for you to explore if you’re not looking to spend much here. This way, you do not miss out on making the most of this valley at an affordable price.

Swan Valley is one of the most popular tourist attraction places in Perth. Here you can get local produce products which are quite the hype. Not only this, but Swan Valley also offers tours around its magical colours and crystal water. Swan Valley is arguably one of the best places in this country regarding light fun.

The attractions of Swan Valley have some of the most captivating visuals in Perth. Here, you can witness marine life and enjoy the exquisite food, wine tour, and DNA towers. This tourist attraction gives you the most out of it, making it unique in Perth.

3) Caversham Wildlife Park

things to do in perth
By: haireena/Shutterstock

Caversham Wildlife Park of Perth City gives you a different view of the city than the city. The sceneries also provide comfort to your tourist journey. The wildlife here is the most popular after Kings Park in Western Australia, Perth. This place is perfect for your whole family, where you can enjoy thousands of animal species with your kids. And we know very well that there are a lot of cute kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and wombats in Australia.

Perth’s Caversham Wildlife Park is more popular than wild tours in the USA and UK. These parks will be a delight to you and your family.

Australia’s South Perth has plenty of exciting places to spend the day; look no further. Touring this park makes you feel like you have been accepted into the world’s best forest without doing anything. For this, you will have to spend a few hours in the city of Perth, after that you will see its beautiful attractions.

things to do in perth

Perth is famous worldwide for its animal attraction and species with cultural tours, DNA towers, and city views. Every day thousands of people from around Perth come for this wildlife tour and enjoy its animals. There wouldn’t be a better place for your wildlife tour than this as it is a great way to explore the exquisite forest a short trip from the city.

When you are with your family, many things to do in Perth are suitable for your vacation style. As you already know, if you tour the wildlife of any country in the world compared to its east coast, it will not give you the same feeling as the Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth.

If you ask people who have toured around the world which is the best tourist place, then their answer will be in a great majority – Australia! All tourist attractions in Australia are top-rated. You get to see beaches, sunsets, theme parks, and wildlife parks. It is one of the best things to do in Perth for your kids, where you see its natural landscapes, waterfalls, colourful arts, cute animals, and beaches. This specialty of it makes it the perfect place in Perth.

4) Hyde Park

things to do in perth
By: Lets Go Bear Travels/Shutterstock

Filled with plenty of trees, a cool breeze, a serene environment, and beautiful scenery. This park is located in the inner city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. This park is considered a good omen of peace. Here you have access to various amenities that you can enjoy whether you’re an adult or accompanying a child.

This park is eco-friendly and a beautiful place for kids to make your fun activities enjoyable, where you can motivate your kids by showing them beautiful views of this park. Parks are considered a suitable place to spend your time at to promote a healthy lifestyle.

This park is famous for picnics, walks, children’s playgrounds, and colourful trees. And, you can see towering trees and a pretty lake as you walk around. It is recommended to visit this park when you have coffee and sweet treats in hand, as their views can distract you from your life in the city.

Perth’s Hyde Park, Kings Park, and Botanic Garden are some of the most popular tourist places. Many regular visitors often recommend beautiful views of the Swan River and M Queens Gardens.

You can enjoy this park even more, especially during school holidays, where you can share this stunning park with your kids.

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By: DON PUGH/Flickr

5) Marmion Marine Park

If you are a lover of nature and sceneries that can calm your mind, this park is the perfect spot for you. The specialty of this park is its abundance of nature with various trees, plants, and an exquisite garden. Here you can experience the luxury of visiting its lush green valleys. This park is a blessing for sore eyes and provides a calming view.

Marmion Marine Park is located in Perth, Western Australia, known for its marine life. This park covers the area from Trigg Island to Burns Beach. Due to this, its water moves straight in the form of limestone and feeds the fishes inside its hot water. Lions come from the forest to drink its freshwater, and here you can see dolphins, whales fish making their journey from here to there. During September and November, tourists mainly visit this park and enjoy its amazing natural view.

What to say about the great outdoors of this park, which is full of street art to public art. Its outlook enlivens your walking trails, where you can enjoy school holidays with your kids. There are many things for you to do here, just for this you should take a day trip to know the most famous Perth activities. Marmion Marine Park is a park with year-round enjoyable activities. 

6) Burns Beach

things to do in perth
By: Garry Burns/Flickr

If you love swimming, beach parties, beautiful sunsets, and have an urge to escape somewhere beautiful; then this place is for you. This beach is one of Perth’s most beautiful beaches. It’s a perfect beach to enjoy yourself with your whole family, and if you are single, the crystal-like waters here can enhance your day combined with wine and clubbing. 

Burns Beach is located in Perth, Western Australia, just a short walk from Joondalup, one of the most popular suburb areas of the city. This beach is most suitable for summer, where you can enjoy swimming, wine in the small bars, and a fun playground. This place is packed, especially during the summer holidays, and it’s one of the most popular places to party openly. This beach is perfect for adults and children alike.

If you’re wondering what could be one of the best things to do in Perth for kids, then this beach fulfils your duty of being a parent in the best way. Here you can indulge in plenty of play activities at the children’s playground and enjoy the water bodies with your kids, which will be incredibly fun for the whole family. 

This beach is known as family entertainment, where you can relax and enjoy swimming at the beach, sit on top of its white sand and enjoy a beautiful sunset from its Indian Ocean, which will relax your heart and mind. There is no better way to spend time than this after the Sunday Session. 

7) Heirisson Island

things to do in perth
By: Sam Wilson/Flickr

The island is known for its beautiful scenery and serene atmosphere. Here you can relax in its natural environment and feast your eyes upon the colourful sights. Touring the island is an activity you shouldn’t miss out on as it increases knowledge about the place in general.

Heirisson Island is located in Perth, Western Australia, stretching from east Perth to Victoria Park. These islands are located close to the swan valley. Due to the swan valley being nearby, its views look even more beautiful. Here, you see crystal-like water, animals, and plants, making your tour life even more exciting. Many such places in Perth, Australia, can surprise you, but Heirisson Island will offer you an unforgettable experience.

This island is mainly famous for its inner-city roos, tasty lunches, and wine tastings, where you can enjoy everything in an environment completely different from city life. Visiting this island is free, so it gets tons of visitors every year. You will not find a better island than this in Perth, so you’re guaranteed to have fun during your stay here.

This island was closed earlier because of an issue regarding mudflats. But in recent times, this island has been opened to tourists and locals alike. So now you can enjoy seeing its wildlife, waterbirds, and cute kangaroos.

This place is a popular family vacation spot with plenty of fun activities. This island has many places that can attract you, such as a children’s playground, picnic spots, barbeque seating areas, and a famous kangaroo sanctuary.

At the eastern end of the river, you can find one of the best places to go in the city that only some tourists know about. Here you can buy tickets for Elizabeth Quay and visit its art gallery. People come here year-round and enjoy the RedBalloon a lot.

8) Rottnest Island

things to do in perth
By: Pedro Szekely/Flickr

Australia is famous for its tourist life worldwide, especially Perth City in Western Australia. There are many things to do in Perth once you get in the city. You can see varieties of colourful birds in a calm environment and many parks and plenty of other attractions. Australia’s East Perth to West Perth is the perfect choice for many tourists coming here. West Perth has science museums, animals, and fantastic exhibitions for you or your kids.

Rottnest Island is known as one of the best places to visit when it comes to the city of Perth. Here you get to relax in the white sand surrounded by natural valleys. Rottnest Island is a swimmer’s paradise. Rottnest Island attracts the attention of many people, especially when you spend a few days in Perth’s Western Australia.

If you wonder what things to do in Perth when visiting the city, opt for Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island is a tourist’s paradise, with its gorgeous beaches, incredible sunsets, and the Ocean Beach Hotel to stay in. With the help of Boat Harbour, you can get a very close view of the island, which is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Most tourists make use of the Boat Harbour while touring Rottnest Island.

Not only this, Rottnest Island is perfect for people who love biking. Most bikers on Rottnest Island start in the early mornings and go around the island to catch the sunrise and the freshness that only early mornings can provide. You won’t be bored even for a moment while you’re on Rottnest Island. That’s one of the reasons why Perth is so popular amongst tourists worldwide.

At the hotels in Rottnest Island, you can go wine tasting, lose yourself in their dance parties, and have endless fun with the variety of activities conducted every night.

Australia’s Perth City is home to its city skyline, many water parks, farm animals, outdoor cinemas, and public art all around the city of Perth. According to the history of Perth, there are Freo Markets in its city where you can make your tourist journey more enjoyable by buying local produce and fresh produce here. These markets are open mainly on the weekends.

There are many things to do in Perth, one of them being Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island offers a competitively priced ferry service for your unique destination, making its daily visits unique to Fremantle and Sealink.

If you are planning on going on a trip to Perth for the next time or for now, then definitely visit Rottnest Island at least once.

If you are still looking to explore the best things to do in Perth, you should consider visiting Avon Valley national park around the city’s northeast. When you go around the Avon valley, its lush green beauty and sunrise can take your breath away because of the spectacular views it offers.

9) Perth Hills

Australia’s Perth is a tourist paradise! When you visit Australia, many tourist attractions can attract you. Plenty of these attractions is found in the city of Perth in Western Australia. Ask anyone who has been there about the most memorable thing about Australia; most of their answers would be – Perth tour. You must have guessed from this from everything you have read up till now.

So far you have read many things about Perth, which is undoubtedly tempting you to visit this place. You can see many captivating islands, parks, and beaches in Perth. One of the “Perth Hills”!

Even though you have travelled to many cities, beaches, parks, and islands of Perth till now, the journey of these hills are quite unique. The Perth Hills are part of the Swan, Kalamunda, and Mundaring City of Western Australia. These hills are famous for their unique environment, long & short trees, crystal water. Perth Hills also consist of many wineries.

These hills offer you some of Perth’s best day and night views. People from around Perth visit here and tourists because of how calming and beautiful the spot is. Many couples come to these hills to celebrate their Valentine’s Day and spend the day with a romantic picnic.

Perth Hills makes scenic relaxation and romance important because these hills are in Yanchep Beach. After reaching these hills, it’s easy to forget about trivial issues and get lost in its incredible scenery.

No matter how many tourist places in the world, the paddle-boarding of Perth is different. With the help of paddle-boarding, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, rivers, and lakes here, which you get only in Perth, so there are many things to do in Perth.

10) Margaret River

things to do in perth
By: Sharon Mckellar/Flickr

Margaret River is considered to be Perth’s unique family travel tour. The river is located in Perth, Western Australia, surrounded by beaches, whales, and boutiques. And these views are perfect for you and your family.

There are many other entertainment things to do here with you or your family, including Wine & Dine, serene experiences, water sports, spa & wellness, and the experience of adventure sports.

It is this Cultural Tour of Australia that separates the cultural attractions. At Margaret River, swimming and surfing are not allowed during winter as its water is quite cold during the season. It’s a delight during the summertime, though. Coming here on holiday with your kids and spending a few hours will surely light up your spirits.

This place is perfect for families and individuals alike. Beautiful resorts, beaches, caves, and lakes are present near this river for tourists to explore and relax.

People keep coming year-round for the incredible things to do in Perth and strengthen their tourist experience. Once you arrive here, you won’t be disappointed or bored because of all the fun activities and places that you can explore.


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