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Alpine National Park: 14 UniqueThings To Do

In Australia, the Alpine National Park is a fantastic place. Its high mountains, forests and unique wildlife make this park famous. People come for hiking, camping, and exploration in the great outdoors. 

In the Alpine regions and central Gippsland of Victoria, Australia is the Alpine National Park. Moreover, the Alpine National Park stretches over the highest peak, Mount Bogong and its associated grassland and woodlands of Bogong high plains, a Great Dividing Range, making it the largest national park.

Melbourne borders the national park in the southwest and northeast of the park with the New South Wales border, where it adjoins Kosciuszko National Park. Furthermore, Alpine National Park is one of the eleven areas constituting the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves in the National Heritage List of Australia. 

Since Alpine National Park is a part of the country of Taungurung and Gunaikurnai Peoples, they have a deep and continuing connection. It’s where you can look up at the snowcapped peaks, crystal-clear lakes and perhaps even a kangaroo or two! So, the Alpine National Park is a perfect place to visit if you’d like to enjoy nature and have fun.

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By jplenio / Pixabay Copyright 2020

Unique Things To Do at Alpine National Park

Located within the captivating Australian Alps, the Alpine National Park presents a mesmerizing opportunity to indulge oneself in the wonders of nature. With its vast expanse covering, this untouched wilderness offers a variety of thrilling adventures for all kinds of explorers.

Whether you prefer embarking on challenging hikes through mountain trails or indulging in exciting winter sports, this park caters to your interests. In this article, we will delve into the experiences that await in this enchanting place, promising an unforgettable journey for every visitor.

1. Alpine National Park Outdoor Activities

Alpine National Park offers the most memorable and excellent outdoor activities to enjoy the unforgettable alpine scenery. Conquer Victoria’s highest peak, explore wildflower-draped landscapes and enjoy the diverse Landscape suitable for all.

If you love bushwalking, Alpine National Park has plenty of walking trails, including the famous ‘Australian Alps Walking Track, ‘ 655km long and goes from Walhalla, Victoria, to the Australian Capital Territory.

Do bush camping around the Alpine National Park and enjoy the stunning alpine landscapes. During the snow season, do cross-country skiing, have spectacular views of snow-covered areas and run wild rapids on white water rafting. Furthermore, experience the world-class bike ride, horse riding, fishing, and white water rafting trips or four-wheel driving.

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By Dreamy Pixel / Pixabay Copyright 2020

2. Mount Bogong High Plains

Mountain Creek Road moves up to Mt Bogong, the highest mountain in Victoria, Australia. It is located in the Alpine National Park and a part of the Victorian Alps in the Great Dividing Range.

A perennial river called the ‘Big River’ separates the group of mountains from the Bogong high plains to the south. It rises 1600 meters above the nearby mountain peak ‘Mount Beauty’, thus making it one of the highest mountain peaks.

Mount Bogong is covered with tall Alpine Ash trees at the lower part and is covered with woodland and open woodland of snow gums, and above 1800 meters is occupied by grassland, shrubland and herb fields.

Additionally, it is home to numerous other threatened species, including smokey mice, owls, spotted tree frogs, and pygmy possums. For hikers, there are many routes up Mt Bogong, such as Granite Flat Spur, Long Spur, and Quartz Ridge, in which Staircase Spur and Eskdale Spur are famous. You can access the trail from the valley floor for the staircase, and Eskdale spur from the Mount Creek picnic area.

Eskdale spur is comparatively more accessible than the staircase spur, which has a steep slope. The Bivouac Hut is a flat section in between and covers about 3 km; it is also a refugee camp, a perfect place for resting before reaching the summit.

The Eskdale Spur is an easy track if you travel in four-wheel driving and a long way if you decide to walk up from Mountain Creek. Michell Hut is in between, which provides a resting area, campsite and a refuge centre before reaching the destination.

3. Horse-riding in Bogong High Plains

Want to camp with your horses? Bogong High Plains is the best choice. A horseback ride in the Bogong High Plains of Victoria, Australia, is an excellent way to experience this unique region’s spectacular natural beauty. A part of Victoria’s Alps, known for its alpine meadows, sparkling rivers and stunning mountain views, the Bogong High Plains is a region rich in history.

There are various horse camps like Langfords West, Pretty Valley and Diamantina horse yards. Explore high plains and enjoy the campsites and fire pits. A horse ride on the high tables of Bogong, where it is possible to connect with nature and appreciate this alpine region’s distinctive charm, can become a memorable and exciting experience.

Hiking near Falls Creek Victoria - Bogong High Plains

4. Camping

Alpine National Park provides camping opportunities for experienced hikers and campers to share some stunning scenic beauties. Some camping areas have basic amenities like toilets, fireplaces and picnic tables.

Be self-sufficient, carry warm clothes, and pack enough food, water, and everything necessary. It is advised to take a tent along. You can expect a deterioration in the climate without warning, gale-force winds and experience snow even in summer.

Camping is not preferred during the snow season, but you can camp in the Mountain Creek camping area and at the foot of Mount Bogong. This area is also provided with all the basic amenities like toilets, picnic tables and some trails with designated tents.

5. Mount Feathertop

Mount Feathertop is a part of the Australian Alps in the Alpine National Park. It is the second-largest mountain in Victoria. It rises about 1922 meters and will be covered in snow from June to September. The snow remaining on the summit during spring looks like feathers, hence the name Feathertop.

There are various routes to access Mount Feathertop, such as the Bon Accord Spur, North-West Spur, Bungalow Spur, North Razorback, South Razorback and Diamantina Spur. Moreover, the North Razorback trail is the easiest and shortest route, while walking on the South Razorback is popular during summer and skiing during winter.

There are two huts, namely the Federation Hut and Razorback Hut, which provide a resting area before reaching the summit. Moreover, pack warm clothing and carry adequate food while hiking for a safe and adventurous trip.

6. Falls Creek To Hotham Alpine Crossing

Do you like long hikes? Then check this hike from Falls Creek to Hotham Alpine, crossing through the Alpine National Park. It is a 3-day hike covering 37 km and 2000m above sea level, with the view of stunning mountain ridges, towering alpine ridgelines through lush river valleys and a walk through the tangled snow gum forests and high grassy plains.

The hike starts at Heathy Spur Car Park, Alpine National Park and ends in Mt Loch Carpark, Mt Hotham. You can camp near the two historic huts, Wallace Hut and Cope Hut. Pack warm clothing and carry adequate food and water for a safe and memorable trip.

Start your journey with a 14.8 km trail from Falls Creek through the Alpine National Park to reach the Cope Hut. On the way, you can enjoy the wildflower meadows, look at the Heathy spur and spend time at the historic huts.

Then, travel to Cope Hut to reach Dibbins Hut; along the way, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Feathertop and stunning views. Additionally, from Gibbins Hut, travel along the trail to reach the final destination, Mt Hotham and refresh yourself.

3 Day Hike: Falls Creek to Hotham

7. Paradise Falls

Another attraction of the Alpine National Park is Paradise Falls. Moreover, a serene and romantic escape is offered by this magnificent waterfall, surrounded by lush greenness and beautiful landscapes. You can walk along the well-maintained track to the viewpoint of these 31-meter falls, best in early summer and spring.

Paradise Falls is a must-visit destination for any natural lover, photographer, or just looking for peace. It is a piece of paradise in the Australian Alps that awaits exploration and appreciation, with flowing water and soothing sounds from nature.

8. Omeo and Mitta Mitta

The Mitta Mitta River runs through the heart of the Alpine National Park, stretching from Lake Dartmouth to Anglers Rest, a favourite place for water sports activities. In Victoria, Australia, Omeo is a charming town, and Mitta Mita is a beautiful city. Omeo, located in the Victorian Alps, is known for its rich heritage of gold rush mining and its magnificent Landscape.

You can go camping, fishing and four-wheel driving. Mount Wills and Omeo have an exciting history. It also boasted excellently maintained historic buildings. On the other hand, Mitta Mitta is a serene haven in the foothills of the Kosciuszko Mountains, offering opportunities for fishing, camping, and exploring their beautiful natural environment, including the river that flows through it.

Furthermore, Kosciuszko National Park is contiguous with the Alpine National Park. It is the best recreation place to spend the weekend doing cross-country skiing and snowboarding, using thrilling walking and mountain bike trails. High Plains and Khancoban offer horse riding, and Upper Murray and lower snowy rivers are the best places for fishing and paddling. After a long day, relax at the riverside campground.

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By RitaE / Pixabay Copyright 2019

9. Wonnangatta Valley

One of the best places for a four-wheeler drive in Victoria is the Wonnangatta Valley, a part of Alpine National Park. It is a popular off-road destination and can be reached only by horse riding, four-wheeler, dirt bike, or walk.

Head along the Wellington River, and the view of the snow plains are stunning along the way to Wonnangatta Valley.

10. Lake Tali Karng

A deep, highland lake in the Alpine region of Australia, Lake Tali Karng is a natural lake. In the vicinity are thick forests, stony outcrops and waterfalls that rise out of a lake created by glaciers. This place is an ideal destination for hiking and outdoor adventurers who seek a quiet retreat in the centre of the Victorian Alps, far less crowded than city life.

There are large grassy areas at the west end of the lake, but camping is discouraged. Alternatively, you can camp at the Nyimba Campsite, which has all the basic facilities. When visiting Tali Karng, it is essential to respect the delicate environment and follow park rules so that generations can enjoy its beauty.

11. Bryce’s Gorge Circuit Walk

Bryce’s Gorge is an easy circuit walk in the Alpine National Park, covering about 8km. This trail has much to offer for a walk, including the impressive view of Piemen and Conglomerate Waterfalls.

Moreover, this route takes hikers to the rugged beauty of the Grampians, known for its sandstone cliffs, colourful wildflowers and rich native history. The trail, which will lead you through Bryce’s gorge and the lovely countryside, typically lasts a few hours.

12. Lake Cobbler

To the south of Whitefield along the ‘Lake Cobblers Road’ is Lake Cobbler, which can be accessed from upper Rose River Road only by four-wheel drive. Beautiful Dandongadale Falls is visible in the industry.

It is a popular destination for camping at night, picnicking and fishing. Take a walk to the nearby Mt Cobbler to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are several walking trails around the lake.

Lake Cobbler Jan 2021

13. Dandongadale Falls

Victoria’s highest fall is the Dandongadale Falls in the Alpine National Park, 255 meters long. Camping and Hiking can be done around the area. This place can be accessed by four-wheel drive, and the road may be closed during winter.

Dandongadale Falls is an excellent destination in the Victorian Alpine Region, whether you are starting your hiking adventure or want a peaceful place to enjoy nature’s sights and sounds. In the interest of preserving this remarkable site for generations to come, one should be aware of the environment and abide by all park regulations when visiting.

14. The Sentinels

This scenic point is just 4km from the Miller’s Hut and can only be accessed by four-wheel drive. Spectacular views of the mountain ranges are visible from The Sentinel’s Lookout.

Walking to the Sentinels gives you a unique opportunity to admire the rugged beauty of the Victorian Alps, marked with spectacular views, peculiar rock formations and a sense of serenity. In the same way that an outdoor adventure is about being prepared and following safety instructions, for visitors to this beautiful part of the Alpine National Park to be safe and enjoyable, they should also pay attention to environmental conditions.

Mount Feathertop Overnight Hike - Alpine National Park Victoria

Final Words

Overall, Alpine National Park gives you a memorable experience and makes you lose yourself in the spectacular nature, unforgettable Alpine lookouts, and more. The National Park in Victoria, Australia, provides visitors with a wide range of experiences as they explore the rough beauty of famous spots like Sentinels and Dandongadale Falls, embark on scenic walks through Bryce’s Gorge or discover the majic of Lake Tali Karng.

Visitors would be immersed in the beauty of the Victorian Alps, where they could see stunning landscapes, fascinating flora and fauna, and distinctive geology. The Alpine National Park has something for everyone, ensuring lasting memories and a strong connection with nature, regardless of whether you’re hiking, taking pictures or simply relaxing in the natural environment.

It is a privilege that Alpine National Park is home to some of the endangered species, so help them by keeping the environment clean. So, wait no more to enjoy this adventurous and fun-filled place filled with nature and recharge yourself.

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