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All classes in the new MMO RPG Tarisland and their features

From the moment World of Warcraft disappeared from active gaming in China, Chinese gamers have been looking for a game that has a similar theme. And they are willing to spend hours and days on developing their heroes, pumping, raids and PVP as a result of all character development.

Tarisland, a project from Tencent can bring players a gaming choice that will fully replace WoW and attract new players not only from China.

Tarisland will get cross-platform and the ability to continue playing even from a smartphone, even from a tablet, even from a PC.

This means that you can upgrade 24 hours a day, seven days a week on your own, or decide to order a Tarisland boost from a professional service.

The project has its own classes, which we will analyze in the framework of this guide.

You can choose:

  • Ranger

  • Mage

  • Warrior

  • Paladin

  • Bard

  • Priest

  • Barbarian


A shooter who prefers long-range combat and uses traps and camouflage techniques to keep the enemy at a favorable distance.

It has a large number of skills in its arsenal that knock down armor, impose a slowdown, inflict lethal damage and tame wild animals in order to direct them at the enemy and distract them from themselves and calmly shoot them at a long distance.


The classic image of a magician – a character who relies on mana as a source of energy for casting spells.

You can choose one of the schools of magic, which depend on the elements and radically change the capabilities of your class.

What is the difference:

  • Fire – Deals AoE damage and inflicts a burning effect that continues for some time even if you stop attacking the target.

  • Ice – deals heavy damage and imposes a strong slowdown on the enemy, which is especially effective in PVP.

  • Lightning – has a strong AoE effect that cycles to nearby targets, continuing to deal damage.

  • Elemental damage – attacks with the power of all elements, which does not cause the strongest damage, but does not encounter strong resistances.

Thanks to the schools of magic, you can immediately determine your main focus.

If you choose fire, you will get an advantage in AoE pumping, lightning will help in a single fight, and ice slows down enemies, preventing them from even approaching you in PVP.


The Warrior is the concept of a hero who likes to rush into the thick of things and boldly wield any type of weapon that he finds or obtains.

A warrior can go two ways – choose to attack or defend.

The defensive warrior acts as a tank, although not a specialized one, and covers his group in raids and in the hunting zone.

The attacking warrior uses a two-handed weapon, or two swords, and activates the Fury skill, which doubles the damage for a short time.

This is the ideal character that contributes the most impact in raids when attacking bosses at the expense of limits.


A reverse warrior format that acts as a classic tank and hammer fighter who can also go the way of an attacking class if desired.

The first option – the tank is a real specialized tank, with a large number of skills aimed at personal protection of yourself and other players from physical and magical attacks.

The second option is an attack class that uses a hammer and skills with the power of light to attack enemies, acting as a full-fledged warrior.


One of the most interesting classes that has unique power-up mechanics for itself and the entire combat group.

This is a buffer that uses music and songs to apply buffs and restore mana and health, depending on the selected poem.

The ideal hero format for players who like to play in a group, help and be in demand without investing too much in their equipment and weapons.

Being able to regenerate mana would be an ideal format for all heroes, and especially a mage and healer, and HP will never be out of place, especially if the group runs into an AoE from the boss, other monsters, or during PVP


A hero who saves lives in all situations during leveling and PVP.

An ideal hero for players who want to gain popularity not through their offensive actions, but through their defensive and healing ones.

Good priests are always hunted as guilds. wishing to attract them into their groups, and enemies during PVP, so it is important to always have good equipment and magic protection.

If desired, the healer can go the way of not healing, but attacking and inflicting damage on the enemy with the power of light, but you must always remember that the requirements and conditions for this class are similar to those for battle mages.


The hero is relatively similar to a warrior, but has many impressive differences, although the mechanics of combat and equipment are similar.

Unlike the warrior, who uses limits and other methods of temporary damage acceleration, or the defensive format, the Barbarian wields the power of the elements, which he charges his weapon with.

For example, axes charged with the power of lightning will deal additional AoE damage with the power of electricity from your attack.

You can combine skills however you see fit to create the perfect AoE and PvP hero capable of multi-tasking.

Tips for choosing a class

For your first hero, you should choose a simple and understandable class in your mechanics for the first character.

It is better to give preference to a warrior, or an archer, as characters with stable physical damage, understandable skills and their actions, and the ability to close their mistakes due to distance and limits.

For all PvP lovers, the mage and archer are perfect, because they shoot their enemies at a great distance and most opponents simply cannot and will not have time to approach them for retaliatory actions.

Mages will be able to use ice magic to slow down, and archers will simply shoot the enemy with their arrows and active skills.

Choose a healer if you play in a group, otherwise it will be difficult for you to level up in the early stages if you follow the paths of defensive magic, and not attacking.

Choose a bard if you are ready to help others, and not yourself to be in the spotlight as a key damage dealer, strengthen your group, attack AoE enemies and play music with interesting animations that are implemented in Tarisland.

Tanks are also not easy to pump at the first levels, since they have limited damage, and few people want to pump along with a class that does not bring noticeable benefits in the initial stages. Everyone remembers the defenders before entering the raid, and not during the initial levels – keep this in mind before the final choice.

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