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What Are the Top 18 Activities in Adelaide?

Planning to visit Adelaide this year? Then the list given below is the best for you. It has all the fun things to do in Adelaide.

Adelaide is South Australia’s capital city. The beautiful city is made in a grid pattern. The central city is hardly 5m2 and is surrounded by greenery and 4 terraces- North, South, East, and West.

This city center is all about the heritage and history of the place.

Adelaide has 4 international wine districts, great food, beautiful scenery, and more. There are so many things to do in the city and around Adelaide. Torrens River is also a famous site here.

While visiting beaches is one of the few common things to do here, below given are some of the things and best Adelaide tourist attractions to try and visit other than going to beaches like Henley beach, West beach, and more.

Given below is the list of all the fun things to do in Adelaide that is so worth it!

1. Getting to Adelaide!

The easiest way to reach Adelaide is via air. The Adelaide Airport houses both domestic and international flights.

To go across the city, you can get a taxi or rent a car. There are a lot of car rental centers here. There is also public transport like the metro bus or the shuttle.

The metro buses here are very efficient. It is also affordable and reaches all remote areas.

fun things to do in adelaide
Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

2. 18 Fun things to Do in Adelaide

There are so many things that you can do in Adelaide, South Australia. These activities in Adelaide make visiting Adelaide attractions so worth it. These things can range from wineries, and the Victor Harbor to tree climbing. You can also see pandas in the zoo here.

2.1. Visit the Adelaide Gaol

This is one of the top activities to do in Adelaide Central Business District. The historic Adelaide Gaol was made in the 1840s. It was open as a Gaol until 1988.

The place is famous for its unique architecture and its more than usual ghost sightings. The place has an eerie feel to it, and you might see a ghost here. More than 45 people were hanged and you can see the area it happened.

The Gaol is open all around the week time a certain time. There is also a fee to enter.

fun things to do in Adelaide
Photo by Andrew Wilson on Unsplash

2.2. Have a Historic Walking Tour

The city has a huge history connected to it. Adelaide, South Australia was the first place to be settled by free settlers. There are often walking tours through the city that have experts explaining the historical importance.

It spans from the Parliament House, Town Hall, statues, bridges, and various cathedrals to the Torrens River. There are also documented trails online which you can pick and just go off.

These walking tours also cover immaculate architecture like the War Memorial, railway station, university, Art Galleries, and more.

2.3. Walk along the river Torrens

Stroll by the banks of River Torrens on the North Terrace of North Adelaide. It is the perfect setting for a picnic. There are also sites to see along the river which include 1,000-hectare parkland, bike and walking paths, and more.

Some of the places include the Infamous Adelaide Botanic Garden known for its Moreton Fig trees, Adelaide’s Zoo, Gaol, Adelaide Oval, and Adelaide Festival Centre.

You can also have a river cruise on Popeye boats on the river. You can relax and have breakfast in the boat house.

2.4. Wine Tasting in Adelaide

You can get to try great wine in Adelaide. It is one of the best places to try wine. Adelaide is one of the 10 Great Wine Capitals of the World. You can try wine at the Barossa Valley and National Wine Centre.

The Valley is just 1 hour away from the Adelaide city Centre. Barossa Valley has many wineries, vineyards, and shops and serves fine food. The Valley is stunning wine country-side. There is also a constant Wine tour. It is great for day trips.

things to do in Adelaide
Photo by Thomas Schaefer on Unsplash

Barossa is famous for its award-winning wines like Peter Lehmann Reserve Semillon 1999. There are more than 60 wineries with top wine names like Wyndham’s and more.

Another place to have the best wine is the National Wine Centre. It comes with 200 cellar doors that hold 38,000 or so bottles and the Wine Bar that dispenses 120 Aussie wines. You can know everything about wine here.

There is an interactive wine session that covers all about winemaking, the history of Aussie wine, and more.

2.5. Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

The famous Art Gallery of South Australia was established in 1881. The gallery has 42,000 or so art pieces. It is on the North Terrace.

They house Australia’s aboriginal art like the dot paintings from Central Australia, modern and colonial artwork, and furniture too.

Every section of the gallery is curated clearly. Entry is free except for special exhibitions. The gallery has a certain time for its opening.

2.6. Go Shopping in Rundle Mall

This is the central shopping region of Adelaide CBD. It is also one of the most crowded places in the city. There are many favorite vendors found in Rundle Mall in the 700 or so retailers. It includes South Australians’ Haigh’s Chocolates and more.

There is also an infamous Arcade that opened in 1885. This was made as an extension to Rundle Street. Shops here include luxury boutiques, bargain stores, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and more.

There is also a great public art on display, 4 Pigs known as the Mall’s Balls.

fun things to do in adelaide
Photo by rawkkim on Unsplash

2.7. Stop by the Museums

Adelaide houses many museums. Some of the known museums include the Ayers House Museum, Maritime Museum, and South Australian Museum.

Ayers Museum was a mansion from colonial times. It shows Victorian times and life. There are guided tours in the mansion that shows the historical artwork, costumes, and furniture. The houses have an ornamental finish on the walls.

The other Museum is the well-known South Australian Museum. It shows everything about the history and culture of the country. It has one extensive collection of Aussie Aboriginal cultural artifacts, that is over 3000.

Other museums worth visiting are the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide which has everything about shipping history and the Railway Museum which has more than 1000 locomotives and carriages on display.

2.8. Visit Adelaide Hills

Adelaide hills are one of the worth visiting places in the city.

Visit the Hahndorf village to feel the German touch. It is the oldest German settlement in Australia. It was founded by Lutherans from Prussia in 1839. By 1940, the residents here were 6557 Europeans, which only grew as time went by.

There is a Hahndorf Academy where you can find a craft shop, museum, and gallery. There is so much German delicacy to try here.

fun things to do in adelaide
Photo by Michael SKOPAL on Unsplash

There are so many other places to visit here in Adelaide Hills. These include the Cleland Wildlife Park at Mt. Lofty Summit Road, National Motor Museum, Morialta Conservation Park, Gorge Wildlife Cudlee creek, and more.

2.9. Tour Kangaroo Island

This island is on the coast of South Australia. It offers great rough scenery and fauna. It is 45 minutes boat ride from Adelaide port. It is the 3rd largest island in Australia.

You can give you vast stretches of water and explore the wildlife and wilderness of Kangaroo Island. It is a great place for adventure. You can go snorkeling, surfing, diving, and sailing across the island. You can also see koalas, kangaroos, and more there.

The best way to see the island as a whole is if you book a tour from Adelaide. Make sure to visit the island as this will not disappoint you. It can also be a great place to try some great food and wine as there are some great wineries.

There are smaller islands near this island like Granite Island.

2.10. Visit the Churches in Adelaide

Since 1867, Adelaide is known as ‘the City of Churches’. These churches and Cathedrals are so stunning architecturally and represent a huge range of denominations.

One cathedral that is famous in the city is St. Peter’s Cathedral. It is a cathedral made in the 19th century and takes inspiration from the infamous Notre Dame in Paris. It is a famous Anglican Church and tours and services are available.

Another church that is worth visiting is the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. It is adjacent to Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga. This Roman Catholic Cathedral was made completed in 1996. It is a perfect example of Neo-Gothic Architecture.

fun things to do in Adelaide
Photo by Syed Hadi Naqvi on Unsplash

2.11. See Pandas at Adelaide Zoo

This city’s Zoo is very famous. It is known for its Giant Pandas. There is an assortment of Animals both from Australia and Internationally. It is located on the Riverbank.

These animals are so rare and can only be seen in very few places. The only 2 giant pandas in the South Hemisphere are in the Adelaide Zoo. These Pandas are named ‘Wang Wang’ and ‘Fu Ni’.

They are part of the ‘Program of International Conservation and Breeding’ for preserving Vulnerable species. The Panda Enclosure here is made as per their Natural habitat and this delights the Pandas.

2.12. Watch a Game at Adelaide Oval

This is one of the famous places to visit. It is a great place for sports buffs. It also has the best views across the river. The Oval hosts a great variety of sports and events like concerts.

It can be accessed easily via Adelaide CBD. The Adelaide Oval has thousands of visitors per year.

fun things to do in adelaide
Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash

There are always Stadium Tours that show BTS areas and the Bradman Collection. For the Adrenaline junkies, there is Rooftop Experience. It is a 2-hour walk on the top of Grandstands along with a view of the river and the city.

2.13. Visit McLaren Vale

This is the wine region that is only less than an hour away from Adelaide. It is on the Fleurieu Peninsula. This region is famous for its 100+ wineries and vineyards. The Vale also has a Mediterranean climate. They often host wine tours.

This climate is best for the wine and it’s great for the stunning rural and coastal scenic areas on it. Most buildings are ancient and are listed as heritage. There are many restaurants, galleries, cafes and many interesting shops.

The McLaren Vale has a great collection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Grenache, and more.

2.14. Go to The Adelaide Central Markets

These markets are the largest undercover markets. Adelaide Central Markets were established in 1869 in a building now considered a historic south Aussie landmark. If you want to try some fresh foods, then this is the perfect place to visit.

There is a huge assortment of fresh produce and foods. You can find Turkish pide, ground fresh coffee beans, huge mettwarst, kabanas, spicy pepperonis, and more. The cuisine found here includes Greek, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, and more.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are at a very reasonable price in the central market due to their local production. You can also get fresh meat, seafood, and poultry. There are small and cozy cafes here to try.

It is one of the best things to do for free in Adelaide, South Australia and even try some free samples in Adelaide’s central market.

2.15. Go to the Adelaide Fringe Festival

This is one thing to do in the fall of South Australia. Fringe Festival is a month-long fest in the Adelaide festival theatre that is also the 2nd largest annual art festival in the world.

They do feature 7,000 artists or so across the world and have 1,300 events across the city. Adelaide is also called the Festival Capital of the South Hemisphere.

It is all free to access and is not for profit. It is going to have a 60th Anniversary. You can even sign in as an artist if you want to show your talent to thousands of people.

2.16. Go to the Bel-air National Park

This park is in the suburb of Belair, at the foot of Mt. Lofty Ranges. It is the perfect place for naturists. It is known for its beautiful view and the rich flora and fauna.

You get to go on a guided walking tour through the park and there are also tours known as the Valley Loop walks and the Waterfall Hike both of which cover the waterfalls and the wilderness.

fun things to do in adelaide
Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

2.17. Stroll by the Port Adelaide

This is a great place to explore. Port Adelaide has a lot of historic importance, and it has been revitalized in the near past.

In the 1840s, the colony had a population of 14,000 free settlers but went bankrupt. To save the city, the company there made wharves, warehouses, and a port. Then they linked it via road.

However, it was saved from bankruptcy after finding Copper at Burra and Kapunda. The mine at Burra was very famous at that time. Port Adelaide is now a preserved Heritage site by the National Trust.

You can see the numerous art galleries, heritage pubs, museums, antique shops, and haunted underground tunnels while walking along the docks and sightseeing the views.

2.18. Try TreeClimb, Adelaide

This adventure park is very unique and is in the inner part of the city. It contains 70 obstacles and 7 courses. It is at the Cnr Greenhill Road, Unley Road.

3 of these courses in TreeClimb Adelaide are made for kids with a minimum height of 100cm. These challenges involve climbing, swinging, and more among the trees.

Parents are required to keep their kids of 14 years or below under supervision for safety measures. It is a perfect activity area for a rainy day or lazy day to keep the spirits up. It is an all-weather activity.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How can I have fun in Adelaide?

Ans- Adelaide has some best places to have fun which includes adventure activities to the self-guided walking tour.

Q.2. Are there any fun things that you can do in Adelaide?

Ans- As given above, there is a large set of fun things to do in Adelaide apart from visiting beaches like Henley beach, West beach, and more.

Q.3. Are there any free fun things in Adelaide?

Ans- There is an array of free things in Adelaide that goes from the gallery to visit the botanic gardens of the city.

Q.4. What is Adelaide famous for?

Ans- Adelaide is famous for its festivals, sports, events, food, wine, and great historic landmarks.

Q.5. Is Adelaide a safe city?

Ans- Adelaide city is considered one of the safest Australian cities, which makes it a perfect holiday destination.

4. Conclusion

Adelaide while a small city, has a lot of things to offer that you can enjoy with your families and friends. The city is known for having a great time, no matter what your interest is, there is something for everyone.

It is home to many wine centers in the country. The great history is just a perk along with its heritage buildings. Make sure to walk in Adelaide sightseeing the amazing things and buildings that are preserved and loved.

Make sure to have a great time doing all the above given things that you can do in Adelaide, South Australia.

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