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12 Best Theme Parks in Queensland


Queensland, Australia has always been home to intriguing natural landscapes and a range of attractions meant for visitors of all ages. Queensland is also blessed with some adventurous theme parks. These theme parks offer you from scary roller coasters to chilling wildlife experiences. Let us discover amazing things to do in Queensland. 

1. Dreamworld: Theme Parks in Queensland

theme park in Queensland
Picture by Edwin Soto on Pexels

Dreamworld is a Gold Coast theme park in Queensland not to be missed. It’s the place where dreams come true. It is one of the  Queensland’s largest and most popular theme parks.  Dreamworld is an amazing world filled with family entertainment, fun, and adventure all in one place. More than 40 rides and attractions see people from every corner of the globe in Dreamworld.

1.1 The Big 9 Thrill Rides

The best at Dreamworld is its “Big 9 Thrill Rides”.  These rides incorporate some seriously mind-bending facilities aimed at taming even the craziest adrenaline junkies.

Top 10 rides at Dreamworld - Gold Coast, Australia | 2022

At a breathtaking 119 meters (390 feet) high, the Giant Drop is gravity’s worst nightmare and offers the thrill seekers of the Gold Coast.  You will enjoy an adrenaline rush like no other on the Gold Coast. The ride to the top will first shock you and then provide breathtaking views over the Gold Coast.

For those with more of a need for speed look no further than Tower of Terror II. This monster ride launches passengers from 0 to 161 kilometers per hour (100 miles per hour) in just seven seconds before catapulting them through an electrifying loop that defies gravity – but not fear.

Hold on tight and hang on for dear life on the BuzzSaw. It sends you spinning, twisting, and plummeting around at mind-blowing speeds. A heart-stopping experience that is guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

1.2 Family Fun at Dreamworld

Whilst Dreamworld has a reputation for exhilarating park attractions, it is also somewhere great to take the whole family. The theme park in Queensland promises something for everyone. It certainly delivers on this promise by satiating families’ palates with rides specifically designed with little visitors in mind.

Dreamworld Gold Coast 2023

Animal lovers will find solace in Dreamworld’s Tiger Island.  In Tiger Island, tigers roam freely in a lush and natural habitat. This park of theme parks also brings the magic of the silver screen to life with DreamWorks Experience.

Favorite animated characters such as Shrek, Madagascar’s penguins, and Kung Fu Panda are brought to life through interactive shows and meet-and-greets.

2. Movie World: A renowned Theme Park in Queensland

Warner Bros. Movie World is yet another major theme park in Queensland on the Gold Coast. Merging Hollywood magic with thrilling rides, this theme park takes its visitors through a dream of their favorite movies and their favorite movie characters. The park has everything from breathtaking roller coasters to gripping shows and entertaining attractions. This movie world theme park is truly an experience for children and adults who are fans of movies.

Movie World|Gold Coast|Queensland|Australia|2023

2.1 The Thrill of the Rides

Warner Bros. Movie World is renowned for its thrilling rides. One of the newest jewels in the movie world’s crown is the DC Rivals HyperCoaster.  This is an insane roller coaster that propels riders on a journey through the world of DC Comics.

For those who are up for the thrill, with its towering structure and inversions, it’s an adrenaline-pumping ride not for the faint-hearted. However, it promises an experience that will be hard to forget for those who dare take the plunge.

Top 10 rides at Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia | 2022

For those looking for more friendly family entertainment and adventure rides, then Justice League 3D is perfect. Immerse yourself in this adventure and join Batman, Wonder Woman, and all other DC superheroes on an action-packed mission to save the world from the clutches of the supervillains. Developed with cutting-edge technology, this attraction enhances a captivating storyline with interactive elements.

2.2 Immersive Entertainment

Apart from the rides, Warner Bros. Movie World has more than a few entertainment options on offer in this theme park in Queensland. The park offers free entry and grand parades daily in theme parks where characters and superheroes take it to the streets in great style and panache. Such parades in theme parks offers an up-close view of characters, superheroes, and villains to visitors.

Movie World Gold Coast | September 2023 Park Visit & Update! | Theme Park Video


There are also Character Meet-and-Greets in the theme park in Queensland. Do not miss the chance to meet and snap a photo with your favorite movie characters and iconic Warner Bros. characters. They are brought it alive right in front of your eyes. The detailing for each character, along with how vibrant performance gives proof that this park means business in theme parks in Queensland.

2.3 Themed Zones

Warner Bros. Movie World is a futuristic theme park characterized by divisions of themes that ensure a unique experience each offers. Main Street represents the theme park‘s entrance and thus acts as the gateway to all magic within the place.

Here, one can access Hollywood on the Gold Coast via Sea World Resort which is said to provide an illusion of being back in the movie world and the capital itself glamour.

Superman Escape On Ride POV - Warner Bros. Movie World

If at all you wish to have a taste of classic Hollywood, then walk into the vintage-styled section referred to as Streets of New York. It provides visitors with a chance to walk through streetscapes that are nostalgic for those that were in classic films and acquire dining and shopping experiences.

The Kids’ WB Fun Zone is more orientated towards kids. The activities there are child-friendly with their attractions and shows like Looney Tunes. 

3. Sea World

Situated on the Gold Coast, Sea World is yet another theme park attraction that amalgamates fun with knowledge. The sea-themed theme park also makes it feasible for its visitors to get up close and personal with dolphins, sea lions as well and polar bears. With thrilling rides and captivating shows, SeaWorld provides a perfect balance of fun and learning.

Sea World Gold Coast | August 2023 Park Visit & Update! | Theme Park Video

SeaWorld, of course, is best known for its dolphin interactions. The Dolphin Encounter has visitors to the park meeting one-on-one with the intelligent creatures. Also it gives you opportunity to learn about their behavior while swimming with them. It’s an experience that lasts a lifetime and helps promote conservation awareness.

The park has a playful family of seals and polar bears. Shows every day give an insight into their lives as well as a display of the struggles they face to face and have when face to face out in nature. This is fun for the people to get to learn more about these great animals while leaving with knowledge, which makes them appreciate it even more.

3.1 Exciting Rides

In addition to amusement parks, they have an interesting range of thrill rides and attractions that set hearts racing.

Top 10 rides at Sea World - Gold Coast, Australia | 2022

The Storm Coaster is one not to be missed. It takes you on a roller coaster experience with all the flips and turns. The other ride Jet Rescue is a daring sea rescue mission, where the riders get to fly over water at lightning speeds. The sensation of flight and Fantasea-level coastal views make this experience unforgettable.

4. Wet’n’Wild

Want to cool off from the hot summer sun, then Wet’n’Wild is the place for you. Wet’n’Wild has a variety of adrenaline water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers that will make sure to keep visitors entertained throughout their stay at the park.

Top 10 rides at Wet 'n' Wild - Gold Coast Australia | 2022

Its great attractions are thrilling water rides. One of its prize attractions is a giant funnel ride called the Tornado that spins riders down a steep drop into a swirling vortex before whipping them around the Tornado’s walls and then shooting them out into a splash pool. Catering to the darkness-loving and mystery-driven, the Blackhole takes riders on a gravity-defying journey into an enclosed, high-speed water slide with turns that will leave you breathless.

Families can also bond through the exhilarating water slides such as the AquaLoop, which is a very thrilling looping water slide that features heart-stopping drops and vibrant loops. Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is also a family’s paradise. A huge lagoon with smaller waves lapping the shore – Calypso Beach, allows patrons to swim, splash around, or build sandcastles.

The River Rapids is more of a lazy river experience. There are also facilities in the park such as picnic areas, rentals for lockers, and a good choice of restaurants that will please every taste.

5. WhiteWater World 

For even more water-themed fun, then WhiteWater World is certainly a good option. This water park to the side of Dreamworld offers an amazing range of water slides including the aptly named Green Room and the HydroCoaster. With thrilling rides and attractions for all, WhiteWater World ensures its guests a memorable experience. 


5.1 Thrilling Rides and Recreation

Hold on tight for this wild ride down the Triple Vortex slide. Three high-speed slides packed with twists and turns that will have you spinning in anticipation of what’s next.

For the full thrill, take a horse ride on The Bro’s high-speed body slide that rockets you into the center stage a huge funnel where you’ll almost feel weightless before being sucked down the face-to-face center and dropped into the pool below.

Top 10 rides at WhiteWater World - Gold Coast Australia (Dreamworld's Waterpark) | 2022

While WhiteWater World is an amusement park best known for its heart-pounding thrills, it also gives plenty of opportunity to cool down and chill out. The park features many exhilarating wave pools in which you can lazily float amongst the sunlight’s rays.

6. Aussie World

Queensland is such a beautiful corner of the world in Australia and is known for so many amazing things. One of the most exciting places to visit in the world in Queensland is Aussie World. And this world is not just a world or an empty world or an amusement park world but a world filled with fun, laughter, and excitement!

Top 10 BEST Rides at Aussie World (2023) | Queensland, Australia

Aussie World is on the Sunshine Coast and it’s a nice part of Queensland, in that there is lots of sunshine. As soon as you enter Aussie World, you are entering happiness and excitement. It’s somewhere everyone can go to have fun young or old.

6.1 Thrilling Rides

One of the things that make people want to visit Aussie World is its amazing rides. There are adventure rides meant for adventure lovers in this place. Some of the most popular ones include the Plunge, Bombora Bounce, and the Giant Redback. These rides will leave you screaming for more and begging to go back again.

Top 10 rides at Aussie World  - Australia | 2022


But Aussie World is not just about thrills and spills, it’s a great place for little kids too! The Mini Rides and Little Beaut Toot Toot are ideally suited to young children. They would surely enjoy these to the fullest on these rides and feel like big adventurers too. There are also endless fun, games, and activities for kids going around different areas of the park.

Apart from rides, Aussie World has other sources of entertainment too. You get to see live shows with talented performers, performing music here and there, funny clowns disturbing everyone around, and some cute farm animals. There is always something happening at Aussie World to keep you entertained.

6.2 Food

Exploring the Aussie World is bound to work up your appetite too. There are so many options for food that will surely tickle your tastebuds in this theme park in Queensland. From traditional Aussie snacks like meat pies and sausage rolls to gourmet burgers with all the toppings, you’ll even find sweet treats such as ice cream and fairy floss. You can also enjoy a nice meal at one of the park’s restaurants in the theme park in Queensland.

Sunshine Coast Dessert Festival returns in Feb!

Aussie World is all about Aussie culture and history. You can see this with the design of the park with its friendly staff. The park has a great old-fashioned Aussie theme where you will feel like you have rear back in time to when things were simple.

If you are on a trip to Queensland, then make way for Aussie World. It is an amazing place first visit the SeaWorld resort where there is never-ending fun and some of the best family moments in SeaWorld are created in the world.

7. Nickelodeon Land: Theme Park in Queensland

Do you love seeing the Nickelodeon cartoons on your TV screens? If yes, then you are up for a big surprise when deciding to go out and visit the Nickelodeon Land in Queensland, Australia! It’s a super-duper fun place to meet your favorite Nickelodeon characters, experience their thrilling rides, and have a blast together with your family and friends.

Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Full Walkthrough (June 2022) [4K Ultra Wide]

Nickelodeon Land is like a beautiful dream for those kids and families around Sea World Events Queensland, who love the Nickelodeon shows. It’s a special part of the Gold Coast of Australia and the world’s famous theme parks in Queensland, located on the Gold Coast of the Gold Coast in Queensland.

From the moment you step inside Nickelodeon Land, it will whisk your family straight into the center of children’s entertainment – home to SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 

7.1 Super Cool Rides at the Theme Park in Queensland

The rides at Nickelodeon Land are just awesome! Whether you enjoy slow and gentle rides or fast roller coasters, they have got everything. The Paw Patrol Pups Race to the Rescue ride is ideal for little kids, and the bigger ones can test their nerves on SpongeBob’s Splash Bash ride. And if you are a real daredevil then the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser roller coaster is a must-visit.

Nickelodeon Land Rides Full Tour at Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2017

Some of the highlights of Nickelodeon Land are Slime, Time, and food. The food and treats are all yummy inside Nickelodeon Land. You may have pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, among others. And for something special, you might want to try out the SpongeBob-themed Krabby Patty. You can buy online and also buy online to get Nickelodeon toys, t-shirts, and all kinds of cool stuff to take home and make new memories with that will last a lifetime.

8. ABC KIDS World Theme Park in Queensland

ABC KIDS World is one of the most famous amusement theme parks, that’s based in Queensland, Australia. It’s where your world of ABC KIDS comes alive! You can even meet your favorite characters, get on some thrilling rides, and also have lots of fun and entertainment. It’s almost like entering into a land full of dreams!

Dreamworld Australia's ABC Kids World Now Open

You can rub shoulders with “Peppa Pig,” “Bluey,” and even “Bananas in Pyjamas”.

There’s something for both little kids and big ones. From little kid fun to bigger kid thrills, ABC KIDS World has all bases covered. You can jump on the “Bananas in Pyjamas Fun Maze,” go for a ride on the “Hop and Hoot Splash Zone,” or enjoy a spin around on the exciting “Dorothy’s Teacup Ride.”

ABC KIDS World is not just a rides world. It has all the fun, play, and learning elements at once. Discover the “Play School Art Room” and let your imagination fly! Make, draw, and create just as the Play School toys do! You can also run around in “Bluey’s Backyard” and have a splish splash at water play and climb up high into the sky.

9. The Amazing Holoverse Theme Park in Queensland.

Holoverse is an incredible theme park but not your average one in Queensland, Australia. In case you are going to try something different as well as adventurous this time, then Holoverse is just perfect for it. It almost seems like someone has taken them straight out of the future! The main thing that would stick by you is holograms.

Holograms are somewhat like 3D pictures which we can see or sometimes even feel with touch. That place has a host of interesting types of holographic interactive adventures waiting right there just for you.

Holoverse Theme Park in Gold Coast QLD for Entertainment and Amusement

You can be on thrilling adventures like discovering ancient Egypt, swimming with dolphins, or slaying dragons! It’s living an experience without even going out of Queensland.

Holoverse also has some cool games which you can play along with your family and friends. It is not just watching. You are in the middle of all the action too. Learning at Holoverse is fun. You could time travel to learn about dinosaurs, solar systems, and whatnot!

If you would prefer something easygoing then there are holographic serene views such as beaches and forests. It’s practically like taking a virtual vacation for people.

What makes Holoverse special is that it’s the only place around where you can experience these mind-blowing holograms in so many ways. It feels as though it’s a different world when I go there each time. Holoverse is for all! – be it a kid or an adult, something is amazing for every individual. 

10. Town of Gold Rush Theme Park in Queensland

The Town of Gold Rush Theme Park is a one-of-a-kind place that transfers its visitors to another century. It seems like you’ve gotten into a time machine and were able to get back to the 1800s when Queensland was struck by the gold rush epidemic. At this moment, Australians have seen something unprecedented: thousands of people from across the world came to the Gold Coast of Australia with hopes for money and glory.

Gold Rush - Mine Train Roller Coaster Ride at Rainbow's End, New Zealand

Panning for gold is one of the most thrilling activities in the Town of Gold Rush a theme park in Queensland. You are allowed to attempt panning by yourself, a traditional method prospected in old times mining days. It’s always an exciting moment sifting among sandy water with your fingers, expecting some shiny nugget of gold to meet your sight.

Walking along the park, there are several historical buildings in which people can go and experience for themselves how things were back in those days. These include saloons, general stores, as well as blacksmith shops among others. You can enter these buildings to have a look around while getting an idea of what life was like during the early settlement in addition want to visit the mining periods.

The Town of Gold Rush Theme Park won’t just offer a taste of the past with its buildings but also an entertainment experience that will leave you feeling like you have been thrown back in time. You can see Wild West gunfights, enjoy live music, and even listen to the town’s real residents as they wander around in fancy dress living out scenes from when this was once a gold mining village. Something for all the family at this event.

There is a delicious BBQ, and era-inspired lemonade to savour in the theme park in Queensland.

11. Townsville Barra Fun Theme Park in Queensland

Townsville Barra Fun Park is located in an area of Queensland that is beautiful and scenic. It is situated amidst a green backdrop where one can move away from the filth and dirt of city life. Moreover, it lies quite near Townsville, making it convenient for both locals as well as tourists who come to visit the place.

The Townsville Barra Fun Park is back up and running after being forced to close | 7NEWS

This theme park in Queensland is mostly famous for a great variety of water activities that will please all fans of sports on the water or those who just want to have fun and cool down. The most popular and unique activity here is barramundi fishing.

If you’re tired from going after them in rivers, try your luck in the park where several specially arranged ponds are stuffed with these predators. Here everyone from beginners to professional fishermen can simply relax and have fun trying.

Other water entertainments available at the Townsville Barra Fun Park embrace exciting water slides, pools, and many more. Of course, you shouldn’t go past well-maintained swimming pools if you need an icy splash in this theme park in Queensland.

For a more relaxed day out, there are picnic and barbeque areas where you can sit around with loved ones and have a bit of a feed. The park provides an amazing backdrop for a leisurely family picnic amongst nature’s best handiwork. Whilst at the park, you may come across some of Australia’s natural wildlife as well. 

12. GC Aqua Park Theme Park in Queensland

GC Aqua Park is a super cool, theme parks and park but instead of roller coasters and cotton candy, this theme park is all about water fun! It is located in Queensland Australia where the weather for national theme parks, is the perfect combination usually warm and sunny – the perfect combination for your water adventure.

GC Aqua Park review: Gold Coast activities

Inside GC Aqua Park, you will see a vast lake with floating inflatables for obstacle courses and slides. Imagine jumping on gigantic trampolines, and high walls to climb up and then sliding down into the water. It is like an amusement park while floating!

GC Aqua Park is for all, kids as well as adults. Children can have great fun here and so can the grown-ups. It’s such a place where families can get together and make memories that last for ages to come.

It also has leisure pools and has picnic spots and a takeaway kiosk where you can buy food in the theme park in Queensland. You may lie down on the grassy sides of national parks’ natural rock pools and leisure pools, bask in the sun, and have a delightful meal while seeing others enjoy water sports there.

13. Conclusion

Queensland is a perfect place for a vacation full of adventure. Visiting a Theme Park with your family would be worth it. The amazing rides and unique experiences that each park has to offer will blow your mind. 

So pack your bags and head to the theme parks in Queensland for this vacation. And do not forget to share your experience in the comment section. 


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