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Top 11 Things to Do in Alice Springs

Nestled in the heart of Australia, Desert Alice Springs is a little town with countless exciting discoveries. Surrounded by stretches of sand and awe-inspiring rocky formations, it presents an opportunity for exploration, education and enjoyment. With its history and captivating Aboriginal culture, Alice Springs provides a taste of the Australian outback that is truly unparalleled.

Within this town, you’ll encounter an inviting ambiance ideal for travellers seeking an authentic experience. Whether you’re pleased by the people’s traditions or simply yearning to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing vistas of the desert landscape, Alice Springs caters to every individual’s preferences. So, if you’re looking for an adventure like no other, set your sights on this destination.

35412108 sunset view from the the top of mount sonder just outside of alice springs west macdonnel national park australia
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Best Things To Do in Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the third-largest town in Australia’s northern territory and is considered a gateway to the country’s vast and beautiful landscapes. Alice Springs has something for everyone, be it the natural attractions, deserts, mountain ranges, beautiful sights, wildlife, cultural heritage, botanic gardens, live music or caravan parks. Let’s look at the best things to do in Alice Springs.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station

1. Visit Alice Springs Telegraph Station

The Alice Spring Telegraph Station is about 4 km north of the town centre and within the Telegraph Station Historical Reserve. You can easily visit there by car along the Stuart Highway and Herbert Heritage Drive.

It is a National park, so dogs or other pets are prohibited. It is a famous tourist attraction. There are shaded lawns that are perfect for a picnic or barbeque. Moreover, it is a historical museum where restored stone buildings, house furnishings and artifacts from the past are preserved for display. Furthermore, you can gain a lot of information about the history of Telegraph Station and learn about the origin of Alice Springs with their guided tours.

2. Explore The Wildlife at Alice Spring Desert Park

The Alice Springs desert park is about 7 km from the town centre, which you can reach by bus, self-driving, or hiring a bike. It is one of the best things to do in Alice Springs. The Northern Territory Government owns the Desert Park.

You’ll find various native plants and animals, such as the famous kangaroos and wallabies, shy reptiles, and lively bird species on your way through the park. A tour of the park’s interactive exhibits and educational displays can provide valuable insight into the complex network of life that thrives in this dry environment.

You can easily book your nocturnal tours and spot the reptiles, bats, the Australian bilby, and much more. Explore several species of plants, animals and people in the desert park. You can also learn about the native flora and fauna thriving in Central Australia at the desert park.

eliza ant 4USBI 95SP0 unsplash
By Eliza Ant / Unsplash Copyright 2022

3. West MacDonnell Ranges Day Tour

West Macdonnell Ranges, or Tjoritja, is a famous National park stretching over 160 km. It offers a suitable walk to visitors that includes swimming holes, a Larapinta trail, and camping grounds.

You will enjoy several activities like walking trails, swimming, camping, and hiking along the West MacDonnell Ranges’ mountains, rivers, chasms, gorges, or gaps. Simpson Gap is a 20-minute from Alice Springs in the West MacDonnell Ranges. There are many short walks, or you can go cycling and enjoy the magnificent views of the West Macs.

You can also join the provided tours around the range, where you will learn about Aboriginal culture and their bushy foods and medicines.

4. Crawl At The Alice Springs Reptile Centre

It showcases an extensive range of reptiles in the rugged landscape that is a great adventure to experience and has the most comprehensive collection of indigenous snakes. Spending some of your time with reptiles is one of the craziest things to do in Alice Springs.

The centre has reptiles of many different species, some of which have been featured in famous National Geographic Magazine, The Bounty Hunters TV show, Discovery Channel and many more. While visiting the reptile centre, you must attend The Reptile Show, which assures lots of fun and informative talks on lizards and pythons handled under proper supervision.

The centre has Perentie Goannas, Thorny Devils, Terry the saltwater crocodiles, frill neck lizards, geckos and many more reptiles you can’t spot anywhere.

things to do in alice springs
By Julius Yls / Unsplash Copyright 2020

5. Enjoy The Camel Ride

One of the most exciting things to do in Alice Springs is to enjoy the camel ride with your family or friends. The kids will undoubtedly enjoy it.

You can take advantage of the stunning backdrop of West Macdonnell ranges, whether riding in the afternoon or at sunset. Enjoy the rides with gentle and well-trained camels through the LLparpa valley with Pyndan camel tracks. The gentle rocking motion of a camel stride and the peacefulness of the outback combine to create a feeling of calm that isn’t easy to replicate.

In Alice Springs, when you go for a camel ride, you will often have experienced guides accompanying you who provide insights into the history of camels in Australia and the unique characteristics of these creatures. Whether it’s an excursion or an extended adventure, riding a camel in Alice Springs provides a genuine way to connect with the captivating essence of the Australian Outback.

6. Float With The Hot Air Balloon

One of the most exciting things to do in Alice Springs is to float in the hot air balloon alongside the West Macs with the spectacular sunrise in Australian Outback Ballooning.

Wake even before dawn to rise in the air with a hot air balloon and capture the magnificent view of landscapes and wildlife. The hot air balloon adventure in Alice Springs usually takes place under the leadership of experienced pilots who offer expert commentary, making for a fun and educational experience.

The opportunity to make memories is why you will strongly appreciate the stunning landscapes in Alice Springs that set it apart from other destinations.

RFDS | Australia's Flying Heroes

7. Experience The Royal Flying Doctor Service

One of the major attractions in Central Australia is The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Alice Springs tourist facility. It is also a key player in delivering emergency and essential primary health care services to locals and visitors.

You’ll be given an insight into the history and operation of this incredible organization when you go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre in Alice Springs. The challenges of delivering health assistance over vast distances are illustrated through interactive displays, exhibitions and educational presentations. You will gain insight into the technology, heroic stories and compassionate professionals that make this service possible.

Experience this immersive encounter, and you can see these planes’ enormous role in providing emergency medical care to people who need it throughout the outback. It’s not just Australia’s resilience that makes learning about the Royal Flying Doctor Service so remarkable; it’s also a deep dive into the heartwarming stories of saving lives in the remote parts of the country.

8. Explore The Todd Mall Markets

Todd Mall is one of the most famous pedestrian street markets in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. The market runs from March to December. Your visit to Alice Springs would only be complete with wandering on the streets of this famous mall that portrays the aboriginal culture of people here. It has been popular among visitors over the last 20 years and is one of the fun things to do in Alice Springs.

Many stalls in the market sell a wide range of craft clothing, foods, well-being products, aboriginal art and art galleries, jewellery, honey, hats, mats, dog products, books and much more. Grab the street foods, have the best coffee or just chitchat with the stallholders; everything is so much fun here.

nico smit i53D Ny9kg4 unsplash 1
By Nico Smit / Unsplash Copyright 2022

9. Visit The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Travelling to Alice Springs (Australia) and unfamiliar with the kangaroos is impossible—one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries caring for kangaroos and other animals. You can come face-to-face with kangaroos while exploring the sanctuary in a natural and caring environment.

The guided tours have a wealth of information on Kangaroo behaviour and their habitat, as well as the vital conservation effort undertaken by the sanctuary. You’ll see kangaroos being fed, learning their own stories and even interacting with them, creating memorable moments and memories.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary, however, does more than foster a deep appreciation of these beloved marsupials; it also advocates for their excellent health and conservation. This family-friendly, learning and genuinely wonderful experience provides the opportunity to interact with one of Australia’s best-known and beloved animals.

10. Enjoy The Olive Pink Botanic Garden

Immersing yourself in the calmness and natural splendour of the Olive Pink Botanic Garden in Alice Springs is truly an experience for those who appreciate nature and love gardens. This one-of-a-kind garden, situated against the MacDonnell Ranges, presents a captivating oasis filled with flora that thrives in the heart of Australia’s outback.

As you stroll along the garden’s maintained paths, you’ll discover a collection of desert plants, including a wide array of Australian wildflowers, shrubs and trees. The park has been thoughtfully designed to showcase the diversity and adaptability of arid zone plants, providing an opportunity to gain insights into their survival strategies within this challenging environment.

Alice Springs: A must-visit destination in Australia

11. Ayers Rock / Uluru

One of the fantastic things to do in Alice Springs is to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and the amazing sunsets where light changes all its colours from ochre brown to burnished orange to intense red and several other colours. Experience the different landscapes Uluru built explicitly for this purpose.

Moreover, have a memorable dinner under the night sky and twinkling stars deep into the desert. There are several dinner packages suitable for all tastes and budgets. There are many walking trails along the base of Uluru. Explore and learn more about the several species of plants, birds, mammals and reptiles along the walk at the Ayers Rock or Uluru base.

By Sumners / Unlimphotos Copyright

Final Words

In conclusion, Alice Springs, a town in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, offers a range of experiences catering to all travellers’ interests. From exploring the world of kangaroos at The Kangaroo Sanctuary to witnessing the healthcare services provided by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, this outback town offers a unique combination of natural wonders, cultural immersion and thrilling adventures.

The Olive Pink Botanic Garden offers an escape amidst plants and flowers, while a hot air balloon ride provides an enchanting bird’s eye view of the breathtaking landscape. With each activity, Alice Springs invites you to uncover the essence of the outback and create cherished memories that will endure forever. Whether you seek encounters with wildlife and cultural discoveries or wish to be awed by the beauty of the desert, this remarkable destination has something for everyone.

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