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Uncover the Best of Mount Gambier: 10 Things to Do

Australia has some amazing places to make your holiday trip even more adventurous and exciting. One such place is the Mount Gambier region, where you will be able to spend holidays with family or friends. You will find various interesting things to do in Mount Gambier.

What Is Mount Gambier Famous For

Mount Gambier is a beautiful city in the southeastern corner of Australia. This lovely city is famous for its natural beauty, including its geographical features, limestone, volcanic landscape, crater lakes, mainly the blue lake, caves, gardens, parks, huge sinkholes, amazing coastline, and panoramic views all around. Here we have picked out some of the most interesting things you can do in Mount Gambier that will make your trip worthwhile.

Things To Do in Mount Gambier

Let’s quickly look at top attractions and the most exciting things one can do in Mount Gambier town.

1. Wander Around the Blue Lake

The Lake is a beautiful spot located in the region of the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

What’s Special

There are four crater lakes on Gambier maar and Blue Lake is one of them. During the summer season, this magical lake changes its color from winter grey to vibrant cobalt blue. In winter, the color itself changes to a deep turquoise blue that leaves people amused.

People enjoy several festivals and events held along the lake. You can also have fun with activities like fishing and camping with your family.

The parks and area are well maintained where you will be able to enjoy a picnic with the family. You can stop at several places and click the best pictures. But the most interesting thing is to wander around the lake and enjoy its amazing views.

If you want, you can also swim; you just need to head a few kilometers south of the town to the little blue lake, which is 40 meters deep and perfect for swimming. The lake’s average depth is 70 meters, and swimming is not allowed there. But make sure that you are a good swimmer as there are no lifeguards in that area.

2. Spot the Iconic Centenary Tower

The iconic Centenary tower is situated at Elliott Drive, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia, which is 190 meters above sea level.

What’s Special

The castle-like Centenary Tower stands west of Mount Gambier’s two crater lakes. The icon of the city’s skyline, the dolomite structure, offers the city’s best views over the volcanic, lake-dotted countryside. Set above the valley lake, the tower is only open when the flag is flying, and there is no timetable for it.

Though the walk is short and amazing, it is quite steep. So, climb only if you are fit enough to do so. Weak or older adults should avoid it. Overall, viewing the town from its highest point is one of the most exciting things in the Mount Gambier region.

3. Visit the Cave Gardens

things to do in Mount Gambier
Photo by Ksenia Kudelkina on Unsplash

Cave Gardens are beautiful gardens in the heart of Mount Gambier city situated at 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia.

What’s Special

Cave Gardens or Thugi museum is a free attraction in the Mount Gambier region that offers a variety of things to see, do, and explore. If you love nature and the outdoors, visiting the Cave gardens is one of the best things you can do on Mount Gambier.

There is a beautiful sinkhole in the cave garden, which was the original water source for the early settlers in that area. You will also spot a suspending viewing platform at the top, from where you will be able to see the broader view of the gardens and the cave.

The biggest attraction at the Cave gardens is the light and sound show which takes place daily during the night hours.

There is a lovely rose garden which is quite famous among the visitors for its beauty and picturesque spots. You can enjoy several lookouts to several scenic locations in the gardens.

4. Enjoy at Valley Lake Crater

things to do in Mount Gambier
Photo by Charles G on Unsplash

The Valley Lake is situated south of Mount Gambier, near Blue Lake in South Australia.

What’s Special

This is a Mono mystic volcanic crater lake surrounded by a park. You will spot a children’s playground, sporting facilities, BBQs, and toilets on the shores of the lake.

If you are in Mount Gambier, you must visit this city’s hidden gem and enjoy its beautiful surroundings. This lake is not as crowded as Blue L so that you can have a great time or picnic with your family there.

Valley Lake is one of the kid’s favourite spots with a large playground, BBQ area, grassy pathways with a walking trail, cricket net, and large shaded areas to have fun. There is also a wildlife conservation park with various birds flying around and flora and fauna. You can also try the mountain trail or the valley lake loop, which is difficult and will directly lead you to the Centenary Tower.

The lake is surrounded by many hills and botanic gardens and offers gorgeous views that attract nature photographers from around the world to capture its beauty.

5. Explore the Penambol Conservation Park

Exploring the Penambol Conservation Park is one of the best things in Mount Gambier. The park is located at Punt Road, Caveton, South Australia.

What’s Special

The park conserves a major area of remnant vegetation and contains various interesting geographical features. The Caroline sinkhole is one of the biggest attractions in the park that can be best viewed from a sus­pend­ed plat­form near the main car park on Car­ba Road.

Many walking trails give informational insight into the life of animals in the park. You will spot several burrows in Wombat walk that are home to the common wombat. The butterfly lets you know more about the species of local butterflies there.

If you are willing to experience nature at its best, this lively park is a must-visit spot.

6. Discover Lady Nelson Visitor Centre

The Lady Nelson Visitor and Discovery Centre, or the Mount Gambier Visitor Centre, is located at 35 Jubilee Highway East, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia.

What’s Special

The place is one of the popular attractions in Mount Gambier, where you will see a replica of Lady Nelson, which was the first ship to sail along the south coast of South Australia.

The Centre also offers useful and detailed information about the famous attractions and cities of South Australia. You can add this place to our pre-existing list as one of the best things you can do in Mount Gambier.

The Centre offers visitors many attractions, including an undersea world with interactive displays and marine creatures, illuminated fossil rocks beneath a floor of glass on which you can even walk, and an ossified skull of an extinct kangaroo (Simosthenurus occidental) displayed there.

7. Witness the Gambier RSL War Museum

The Gambier RSL War Museum is located at 16 Sturt Street, Mount Gambier SA, 5290, Australia.

What’s Special

Visiting this museum is one of the most interesting things one can do in Mount Gambier. The museum provides insight into the memories of lost soldiers during World wars I and II, the Korean war, the Afghan war, and many such wars but also offers visitors lots of entertainment and events.

Several events are held there all year round to remember the soldiers, which keeps the visitors engaged. Some main attractions inside the museum include an amazing restaurant, casino games, and events like poker, dart, and bingo.

You are also allowed to organize your private functions of birthdays, meetings, weddings, or engagements in the large function room within the museum. You can enjoy a special coffee or excellent meal in its comfortable atmosphere.

The Mount Gambier RSL war museum is a tremendous effort by Australians to keep their history alive.

8. Visit the Engelbrecht Cave

Engelbrecht Cave is situated at 26 Chute St, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia.

What’s Special

The Engelbrecht Cave is a unique cave system with a sinkhole at the Limestone coast. This cave is known as the most beautiful cave in Mount Gambier and was once used as a garbage dump by the owners.

Its dry cave formations make it stand out from all other caves in the town. You will spot several underground caverns and secret tunnels and a beautiful underground lake having crystal blue clear water. The guided tours are also available for visitors.

The cave is also a perfect dive site, but it is only allowed for qualified divers.

Visiting the cave is one of the best things on Mount Gambier. It also offers the facility of restrooms, picnic areas, viewing platforms, and easy access to buses and coaches. There is a tiny cafe on site where you will be able to have quality coffee, lovely treats, foods, and vegan and gluten-free options.

9. Spot the Amazing Collections at Riddoch Art Gallery

If you are visiting Mount Gambier, don’t forget to visit one of its most popular attractions: the Riddoch Art Gallery at 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia.

What’s Special

The Riddoch Art Gallery is a popular art and cultural center with a varied collection of over 1500 items depicting the people and history of the Limestone coast. It is the largest and finest art gallery in South Australia.

Many paintings, sculptures, and prints are displayed there in different exhibitions. They also exhibit online shows. You can check their event calendar for upcoming exhibitions, events, and activities.

You will enjoy the gallery’s amazing learning experience by joining the guided and self-guided tours. This place is also a learning spot for students and teachers where they know every detail of the Aboriginal history and culture of the town.

There is also a Media & VR Studio hosting a touring exhibition. They also provide rollercoaster rides, play with dinosaurs, and other fun experiences. You can try their gift shop, which has a huge range of giftware, souvenirs & art supplies from local artists on display.

10. Walk Along the Mount Schank Trails

things to do in South Australia
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Mount Schank is a 100m high dormant volcano situated in the southeast corner of South Australia.

What’s Special

Mount Schank has two craters that are overlapping; the south and north of 300 meters and 200 meters, respectively. Walking along these crater trails is one of the most interesting things on Mount Gambier. The courses offer you the most magnificent views over this unique landscape. The walk is very fantastic but a bit difficult. It would help if you were quite fit to cover it up.

You can also hike around the rim of Mount Shank, beginning from the car park and picnic area beside the water hole. The area around Mount Schank has also been declared a State Heritage Area.

Where To Stay

You can choose to stay in the Old Mount Gambier Gaol, an old jail turned into a cool hostel and gave you a different experience or the best restaurant in the town is The Barn.

Besides that, the city has some beautiful campsites, including the Blue Lake Caravan Park near Blue Lake. These are the two unique choices for you; there are many more wonderful restaurants and hotels where you will get to have a nice relaxing time.


You must be excited after reading about the fun and adventure you can have on Mount Gambier. Once you enter the town, you will realize that there are so many interesting things on Mount Gambier, including cave diving, hiking, walking trails, trekking, or strolling. Some more interesting spots in Mount Gambier are Big Lobster, Dingley Dell, Tantanoola caves, Umpherston sinkhole, and many more.


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