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10 Amazing Things to Do in Pemberton: Must-Do Acitivities

Pemberton WA, is the best place for nature lovers. In Pemberton, you can witness the beauty of forests, mountains, and national parks. So if you are tired of living in the cities then you must visit Pemberton. There are many beautiful views you can witness here. As a result, we have compiled something for you. Here you can get the list of the best things to do in Pemberton. 

1. Pemberton a Hidden Gem in Australia 

If you love climbing trees, karri forest, swimming, and tracking then Pemberton is great for that. You can witness the beauty of the southern forests region and also get fresh air. 

1.1 Things to Do in Pemberton – Visit Karri Forest in Pemberton, WA

If you love Karri trees, and Gloucester trees then this place is best for you. You will always be surrounded by the karri trees. If you are an Australian then you must have heard about Karri forest. This is your time to see them in real life. 

Karri forest - things to do in pemberton
Courtesy: Explore Parks

In Karri forest, you just don’t get to see the Karri trees. But you will also get to check out the national parks. Here, the Pemberton tramway can add to enjoyment in your experience of karri forest explorer. 

1.2 Things to Do in Pemberton – Enjoy climbing Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree at Warren National Park 

This is the best area to check out the surroundings from a height. However, if you decide to check out the Dave Evans Bicentennial tree make sure to ensure your safety. As it is for adventure there is no technical safety for anyone like harnesses and ropes.

There are almost 165 pegs present in the tree that will help you in climbing. If you have confidence in your climbing then go for it. Also, do not forget to check out Warren River and get a great view of Warren River. 

1.3 Things to Do in Pemberton – Witness Gloucester Tree at Gloucester National Park

If you want to visit a picnic area with tree climbing activity then this place is best for you. Usually, people enjoy Gloucester tree climbing there but if you are conscious about it, there are other things you can enjoy like picnic tables. 

Gloucester National Park
Image From: DepositPhotos

The trees are generally about 53 meters long. But once you get the courage and decide to climb up the tree there then you can enjoy a wonderful view from the top. However, it is best to keep your children away from this activity. You can also enjoy your time in Pemberton Caravan Park.

1.4 Things to Do in Pemberton – Witness the Beauty of Beedelup Falls, Pemberton Western Australia.

You can only reach the falls by a suspension bridge that adds one more adventure to your list. It is best for you if you visit the Beedelup Falls in winter. If you want to see a full-flow waterfall then it is best to not visit in summer. You can also take a walk here to enjoy the beautiful view.

The special thing to do here is to walk in between the woods. If you travel with your children then they will definitely love to walk here. 

1.5 Things to Do in Pemberton – D’entrecasteaux National Park, Pemberton WA

If you love to walk along the seashore then you must visit this place. You can do various activities here like fishing, taking a walk and witnessing different rock patterns. 

Big Brook Dam offers everything you love to enjoy with your family in a forest area, like picnics, hiking, and swimming. You can also stop by a sandy beach area for a picnic. Then what are you waiting for?

1.6 Things to Do in Pemberton – Enjoy your Time at RAC Karri Valley Resort and the Historic Pemberton Pool

If you get tired from all the outdoor activities and visiting the national parks you can spend some time here. This place offers onsite restaurants, boating, and various other indoor activities.

If you travel with your children then they would definitely love this place. They can enjoy playgrounds and games rooms here. So you can rest here for some time and enjoy the food.

If you want to stay in the cabinet then from there you can witness a wonderful view. You can even enjoy fishing and also archery

If you love swimming with some barbecues, then Pemberton Pool is heaven for you. This place offers a pool area that is perfect for your. It is also one of the historic swimming pools. 

In this place, you can enjoy swimming throughout the year. If you visit Pimberton during summer then this place is best for you to cool down. So take some rest in this place, go swimming and enjoy BBQs

Also if you love fishing do not forget to check out Trout and Marron Farm. This place offers lake edges so that you can catch fish and if you have a good chance you can even catch rainbow trout

1.7 Things to Do in Pemberton – Wine Tasting Visit Hidden River Estate, Pemberton WA

This place is one of the most incredible places in Pemberton. Here you cannot only enjoy wonderful food but also taste some great wine. The wine list is finely selected by the head chefs who are working here.

Also, some of the wines are imported from different parts of the world. Though most of them are from the Australian vineyards. Thus if you want to taste the Australian vineyard’s fine works, there could be no better place than this. 

You can even find the right food option for your kids. Your kids can enjoy food and also play and witness farm animals. Besides the wine, the food served here is exceptionally good. The best part of this eatery is that you can’t go wrong on anything. 

The staff here are very friendly and will always be there for your aid. Therefore, after a long tiring day of exploring Pemberton’s natural wonders, this is the best place to enjoy your meal and get some rest. 

1.8 Things to Do in Pemberton – Must Visit Diamond Forest Farm, Pemberton WA

If you want to witness wonderful scenery and spend some quiet time then this place is just best. Here you can feed farm animals, go fishing and have a relaxing time. The best part is that pets are also allowed here. 

However, it would be best to bring them on a leash. This place is one of the hidden gems for Pemberton, where you can not only find different kinds of animal breeds but can even pet them provided that you are safe. 

You can also witness the Diamond tree here. You can spend some time in this place, enjoy various activities and witness incredible views. 

1.9 Things to Do in Pemberton – Enjoy Farm Activities at Pump Hill Farm

If you love bird watching and want to spend some quality time you can stay here for a while. You can have cottage wear around 5 to 9 people who can sleep comfortably. Enjoy animal feeding and other farm activities right from your cottage.

This place also offers a private kitchen so you can have your meal according to yourself. If you are travelling in a large group then this place is best for staying and also you will find many amazing things to do here. 

1.10 Things to Do in Pemberton – Visit Pemberton Mountain Bike Park for a Bike Ride

If you want to experience bike riding in Pemberton then this place is just right for you. However, this place does not offer a plane surface for bikes. You have to experience sharp turns and small bumps. Canvas Park is just next to the bike park.

Mountain Biking in Pemberton
Image From: DepositPhotos

So, spending some time in Pemberton Canvas Park can be a boon for you, especially if you are an outdoor activities fan. Besides fishing, swimming, and farm activities there are many other things to do in Pemberton. People usually love to do bike riding. So you can visit this place and enjoy this activity too. 

2. Conclusion

Pemberton is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Australia. If you are in Australia for a vacation a trip to Pemberton is a must. As mentioned above in the article, there are so many cool things that you can do in Pemberton. So let’s not waste the chance to experience Australia serenely. Let us know your experience with Pemberton in the comments section. 

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