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06 Fascinating Facts About Lake Bumbunga!

Lake Bumbunga is situated in the Mid-North region of South Australia. It is a salt lake with a basin that lies in Australia. However, it lies amid Lochiel town and Bumbunga farming locality. Also, it takes about 1.5 hours to drive to reach Lake Bumbunga from Adelaide.

This lake is well known for its unique color.  Since the lake is pink in color,  it is also known as a Pink Lake style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The pink color of the lake is due to the eukaryotic and photosynthetic organisms. Salt has been excavated constantly here since 1881. Furthermore, this place has become a great attraction among tourists.

It is also famous for its spectacular sculpture named “Loch Eel Monster”. This is located in the middle of Lake Bumbunga. Also, it’s a beautiful lake to explore and wander around.

1. Lake Bumbunga – Amazing Facts to Know!

From its gorgeous pinkness to the picturesque lake monster. You will find many brilliant spots to view the shiny pink hue of the lake. Additionally, you can get drone photography opportunities. Also, you will have an amazing experience in South Australia. Lake Bumbunga has many amazing facts to know about.

lake bumbunga
Image by abc.net.au

1.1. History

Lake Bumbunga resides in the Kaurna People’s traditional lands. Kaurna people are the aboriginal people. Adelaide Plains were part of their lands. Norman Tindale stated that the Bumbunga name is derived from the Pampanga word. He was an anthropologist.

Also, the word Pampanga belongs to the language of the Kaurna people, an aboriginal language. However, the word refers to the meaning “river water lake”.

1.2. Interpretation

The lake mainly resides in South Australia’s Mid North. It is just 125 kilometers away from the city of Adelaide. Adelaide is South Australia’s capital city. Lake Bumbunga features a dramatic beautiful view, which is surrounded by scenic landscape.

It showcases a splendid view with its seasonal pink color effect and vast expansion. However, the color of the river gradually changes over time. For instance, the color of the lake becomes more pink during spring as compared to winter.

lake bumbunga
Image by wrc.sa.gov.au

Furthermore, summers are dry here as evaporation takes place much at this time. The Lake is the largest part of the Quaternary Holocene system of saline lakes. However, it drains an area of the Barunga Range to the East. Also, it extends approx. 30 kilometers from Lochiel town to the North.

Here, the lake joins the Hummock Range. It is a range of hills, residing in Mt. Lofty Ranges at Yorke Peninsula’s eastern verge in South Australia. While rain in winter fills the lake with water, salt is dissolved from the saline mud of the lake. Moreover, a huge segment of the lake dries up each summer season.

1.3. What Makes Lake Bumbunga Pink?

The Lake is renowned for its pink color that comes from an algae named Dunaliella salina. It is a microscopic organism that propagates in high-salinity environments. Lake Bumbunga has a high-salinity environment. Under favorable conditions, the lake becomes pink and pinker.

During the summer months, water evaporates. At that time, the salinity of the lake increases. Hence, the lake becomes pinker during hot months. This phase of time develops a favorable environment for the algae to grow rapidly.

The Dunaliella salina is packed with beta-carotene. It is a provitamin, which has a red-orange pigment. This is found in various fruits and plants. Also, this is the exact pigment which makes carrots  orange in color.

When the population of the algae increases, it blows up. Afterward, the beta-carotene’s concentration also intensified with it. This gives the lake Bumbunga a pink appearance. However, there is one more contributor other than Dunaliella salina algae.

This contributor is known as halophilic bacteria. It also rises during high salt conditions and contributes to the pink hue of the lake. Along with the combination of sunlight and these organisms, the lake turns to a bright hue of pink that looks magical.

1.4. How to Explore Lake Bumbunga?

There are two ways to explore Lake Bumbunga. Though, there are not many guided tours for Lake Bumbunga. Still, you can find it at the official residence and visitor’s center. Either way, you can take a peaceful and adventurous drive via car or bike. Both ways are given below:

1.4.1. Take Tours to the Lake Bumbunga

Initially, there were no tours to wander around the lake. However, there are chances that the Clare Valley tour might include a stoppage to Lake Bumbunga. The tour can also be named Pink Lake. However, you can check the Tour Guides to Lake Bumbunga.

Also, you can take self-guiding tours around the lake. There are walking trails on the lake, so you can get a picturesque view from every angle. Furthermore, explore the lake monster Loch Eel Monster.

1.4.2. Drive To The Lake Bumbunga

An excellent way to reach Lake Bumbunga is to drive there. If you are going from the capital city of Adelaide, then you can rent a car from there to Lake Bumbunga. Renting a car is a great option and the simplest too. You can also get to see the spectacular view around the lake’s region while driving.

lake bumbunga
Image by kidsinadelaide.com.au

There are many amazing things to see along the way from the city to the lake. Furthermore, you can get help from Google Maps. It will guide you toward the exact and official way to the lake. Also, there are many routes available towards the lake like Clare, Adelaide, and more.

1.5. Best Time To Visit Lake Bumbunga

If you visit Lake Bumbunga for its beautiful pink hue, then the perfect time is during the transitional months. It is the season of autumn and spring. The Autumn Season lasts from March to May. Meanwhile, the spring season lasts from September to November.

These seasons are the perfect time to visit Lake Bumbunga. During this period, the climate remains moderate. So, it is a suitable time for visitors to visit. At this time, exploration of the river becomes more favorable.

lake bumbunga
Image by kidsinadelaide.com.au

However, you need to remember that the lake’s color changes constantly depending on the weather conditions. When the weather differs, the color of the lake also begins to change into light pink or pinker sometimes. Also, the color of the lake varies from pink to white and sometimes blends.

Furthermore, the lake might become dry at times. Especially after little rain at the location for a long time. If you want to visit Lake Bumbunga, then you must check the weather forecast and rainfall before going. So, you can enjoy the lake as you want.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter when you are going to visit the lake. Its broad landscape and transiting hues always give a unique experience.

1.6. Tourism at Lake Bumbunga

Lake Bumbunga has become a wide tourist attraction due to its pinkness. Its popularity has risen in recent years. There is a fiberglass sculpture that is visible in the midst of the lake. The sculpture is named “Loch-Eel Monster”.

The monster has a history from the 1880s when bullock teams were common. Further, the story behind the monster stated that several bullocks were walking around the lake. Somehow, they went to the wrong portion of the lake. It is said that they started to panic with some kind of monster. And they began to get sucked into the lake and went down in the water.

However, the former monster was made from piles of old tires. Besides, the locals called this monster Nessie’s cousin. Nessie is a Scottish folklore creature. In 2017, the head of the monster was stolen. Afterward, the work started on the fiberglass replacement.

Furthermore, there is a walking trail for tourists around the lake. Find a beautiful and peaceful walking trail for your ease to take great views around the region. Tourists can have different perspectives during different times of visiting. Sometimes, you can experience an entirely dry lake, sparkling blue, and glowy pink.

2. Conclusion

Lake Bumbunga has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors. Primarily, its pink color is the main key to its attraction. Meanwhile, the sculpture in the middle of the lake is also an eye-catching attraction to watch. Also, the lake is surrounded by a beautiful landscape view.

The view of the lake is breathtaking with its landscape and pink color. Though, the pink color of the lake has a scientific reason behind it. But, it gives a phenomenal view as a natural attraction. However, the lake becomes dry during the summer season because of evaporation.

Later, the lake fills up during the rain in winter. There are beautiful attractions to watch. You can explore each attraction peacefully and get access to it simply. The visit to Lake Bumbunga will become a memorable experience for you. Exploring Lake Bumbunga is an amazing experience.

It offers a beautiful glance to the visitors of nature’s beauty. Additionally, do not forget to greet our beloved Lochie, the monster. It is an amazing place to wander around. Besides, Lake Bumbunga is merely 1.5 hours away from Adelaide City in South Australia.


Narayani Bhardwaj
Narayani Bhardwaj
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