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Unveil the Love Stories of Canberra with this Guided Tour!

Whether you are a romantic couple or a single out there, anyone who wishes to explore the concealed love stories in Canberra, this Guided Tour: Love Stories of Canberra is just meant for you.

This tour is not limited to a single day, there are various dates available to choose from. The total duration of this adventure filled with love journey lasts for about 2 hours and the tour starts from Parliament Drive, Parliament Dr, Capital Hill ACT 2600.

In this private tour, you get an opportunity to go on a journey full of love while you explore the most romantic spots of Canberra. So don’t wait and grab your tickets worth $870.50 per person only on FEVER.      

What are the Highlights of the Guided Tour of Love Stories of Canberra?

  • You will be accompanied by a professional guide where the guide will not only show you these famous spots of Canberra but will also inform you about the hidden historical love stories associated with the location.
  • You will also be fortunate to learn about the eternal love story of Canberra’s most influential power couple Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull.
  • As you proceed to explore the beautiful streets of the city along with architectural buildings and parks you will get a chance to learn about the various unknown love tales. Mind you the stories are not limited to sad ones, you learn about some dark, humourous as well and spicy love stories. 
Love Stories of Canberra
Guided Tour: Love Stories of Canberra/ FEVER

What to Expect at the Tour?

What better than taking a love walk on the romantic streets of Canberra alongside a charismatic guide who is giving you details of these amazing places? 

Get ready to embrace love most uniquely with Guided Tour: Love Stories of Canberra. Though the tour will last for about 2 hours, its memories shall live with you forever. 

These historical spots are picturesque. You are surely to get some amazing shots for the gram. Furthermore, you will be spellbound by the amazing architecture. 

One of the best highlights of the tour is that you will learn quite a lot about the power couple of Canberra Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull.

It is highly recommended that you explore this tour in the love month of the year, that is during the Saint Valentine’s period. Moreover, there is no age limit to enjoy this marvelous tour, everyone is welcome.

Things to know before you proceed to book:

  • Local public transportation facilities are available near the location.
  • The tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • This tour is private hence no outsiders are allowed. Only groups can participate.

Fun Fact: The literal meaning of Canberra is “meeting place”


The cost of general entry amounts to AUD 870.50 per person, which can be purchased by clicking on the following link or FEVER, do note that there are various dates available that can be selected while purchasing the tickets. So all those philosophies out there.

How a Canberra Guided Tour Works

Key Information to Note About this Romantic Tour of Canberra

  • What: Love Stories of Canberra: a Guided Tour.
  • Where: Embarks from Parliament Drive, Parliament Dr, at the Capital Hill ACT 2600.
  • When: Various dates to choose from.
  • Time: Varied time slots to choose from and the tour runs for 2 hours.
  • Tickets: Available on FEVER.


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