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Explore 16 Thrilling Places & Things to Do in Launceston

The most liked city by tourists and the second-largest city in Tasmania, Launceston, is a riverside city situated on the head of the Tamar River, which is formed by the emergence of the north esk river and south esk river on northern Tasmania island, Australia.

Launceston is Australia’s oldest city and about two hours drive from the capital city, Hobart.

Flooded with great history and 19th-century architecture, historic sites, and art galleries, world-class culture festive, incredible cuisines and the famous Josef chrome winery, oak-studded parks, and fantastic walking trails, there are many other fun things to do in Launceston Tasmania.

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is surrounded by the riverside village and gold-mining towns on the Tamar Valley wine trail. Explore the Tourism Tasmania guide and discover everything about Launceston Tasmania.

things to do in Launceston
Photo by Nothing Ahead source Pexels

Things to do in Launceston

Undoubtedly, the city of Launceston comes among the other tourist attractions in Tasmania, along with Tamar valley and vast farmlands. It is a cradle of traditional feel amalgamated with contemporary chills.

A fruitful article for all those who are planning their next trip to Launceston this time here is a perfect guide for you to know what things to do in Launceston and what places to see during day trips.

Find what suits you perfectly and make the best out of your trip. Don’t miss to check Tourism Tasmania for a better understanding. So let’s begin!

List of places to explore and things to do in Launceston

Get here the guide for your trip, find places that are worth visiting and learn all the things to do in Launceston. Taste the delicious food and tasty wines, Victorian-style city space, and classic city parks.

Cataract Gorge

Launceston, also called “Lonnie” by locals, counts among one of the few cities with a gorge. The famous Cataract Gorge reserve is just a few minutes walk from the city center along with the south esk river or a five-minute drive from Launceston CBD. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Launceston Tasmania.

Cataract Gorge offers hiking trails, mountain biking, a swimming pool on the riverside, cascades, the world’s longest single-span chairlift, and beautiful walking trails for nature lovers.

things to do in Launceston
Photo by Komkick source Pixabay

Close to Tamar valley, you will find plenty of food products for foodies!

The south of the river presents cafes and a swimming pool to chill during day times. On the north side of the river, you would encounter peacocks and wallabies in Victoria garden.

Don’t miss Penny’s royal adventure, which is the most loved attraction for family and friends. Pennyroyal adventures are said to be a combination of two theme parks that represent highlights during Tasmania’s colonial past and provide ziplining, mountain climbing, cliff strolls, and other fun things that you can enjoy here.

You can also enjoy a cruise ride to capture the beauty of some of the most iconic sites and historic vistas.

Yes, you can get this cheapest trip of 50 minutes on the Cataract gorge cruise. It only costs $35. It also provides tea and wine tasting.

A Day Trip to Cradle Mountain

The perfect place for adventure enthusiasts, you can plan a day trip from Launceston to cradle mountain national park, where you will witness Tasmanian wildlife roaming freely among the wilderness of stunning waterfalls and lakes.

An entire day trip to Cradle mountain national park from Launceston will cost AU$150 per person. You can also check the nearby attractions of the place.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park is a world-famous park that gives you a panoramic view of Dove Lake and you will for sure fall in love with the forest hikes.

Every year, the cradle mountain film festival takes place. You can make a 5 minutes video of your one-year experiences in Tasmania.

things to do in Launceston
Photo by Squirrel photos source Pixabay

Tamar Island Wetlands

You can reach Tamar island wetlands by a few minutes’ drive from central Launceston. A perfect spot for birds and nature lovers, Tamar island wetlands give you an insight into the Tamar river, the dwelling habitat, and the wetland ecosystems.

One can enjoy boardwalks along the Tamar River and admire the serene lagoons. It is the best location for wildlife photographers, particularly for birders.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures

A mere 15 minutes drive from central Launceston to the northeast, it is one of the thrilling things to do in Launceston. It is an entirely new way to explore the beauty of the forest.

It is Launceston’s only adventure park that has an epic treetop experience.

It also features mountain biking, ziplining, Segway tours for those who don’t like heights, and treetop adventures. You can enjoy the experience of gliding 50 meters above the ground via a blue gum forest.

things to do in Launceston
Photo by AURELIE LUYLIER, You’re Welcome! source Pixabay

Guides and experts train you and acknowledge you about the area’s ecosystem and details about the place.

Next, you can try a self-guided rope course, where there are several fun things you can do as per color code, guided by your age and your level of skills.

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

If you want to explore local history and cherish Australian and international art, then the Queen Victoria Museum and art gallery is a perfect place that blends the two, the art gallery on Wellington street, close to Royal Park, and the museum on Inverness street.

Known as Australia’s largest regional museum, it features Tasmanian art galleries from colonial times, historical arts, international paintings, and unique decorative art.

The art gallery holds a family art space. One can also learn about the portrait and landscape paintings during colonial times. The main spotlight of the gallery is the Chinese temple adorned with a leaf of gold.

Being Australia’s largest regional museum, Queen Victoria museum holds a railway workshop since the early 1870s. The collection of the museum has trails from colonial times, along with Tasmania’s natural history.

The environment is child-friendly, and children love the planetarium.

Tasmania National Automobile Museum

For more than 30 years, Tasmania national automobile museum has been exhibiting the splendid collection of classic cars and motorcycles of Tasmania and Australia. It showcases Australia’s motor vehicle heritage.

Situated opposite the city park on the corner of Willis and Cimitiere Streets, the National automobile museum is a perfect choice for vintage car and motor lovers.

NAMT at Waverley was established by Geoff and Sylvia Smedley in 1987. Geoff has restored an excellent collection of the world’s finest cars.

Visitors from everywhere love to come and cherish the museum. For more information, check here.

Launceston Tramway Museum

The Launceston tramway museum is an organization that is based on a community of 50 volunteers that work to restore and revamp the old trams and explore the history of the times when trams used to roam around Launceston, Tasmania.

Close to the city center, this is one of the most amazing things to do in Launceston. It takes you back to the old golden days when double bogie trams used to roam the streets of Launceston Tasmania.

You can also experience a ride on a 1940s tram. Near to the tramway is the Queen Victoria Museum, merely a 15 minutes walk from Launceston CBD.

To the right of the Launceston tramway museum, you will see the Art academy, which exhibits a gallery on weekdays.

Launceston City Park

One of the loving things to do in Launceston Tasmania is to visit the city park, situated on Launceston’s eastern edge. The city park is rated among the best top ten parks in Australia.

The park has a children’s play area and John Hart Conservatory, where you can appreciate plants. The park has great historical and architectural sites.

The Launceston city park was established in 1863, and it has the Japanese Macaque enclosure and an annual display of flowers. In 1891, Albert hall was constructed for Tasmanian International Exhibition. Today is used for conducting exhibitions and events.

You can also find Design Tasmania at the corner of a city park, which has a great collection of wooden craftwork of unique indigenous timbers from Huon pine, King Billy pine, and sassafras.

It acts as an event space, retail outlet, and education center. Local people and tourists come to see and buy these unique artifacts.

Royal Park

The royal park is a stunning green space in the city where you can relax your body and calm your mind. The spot where both the north esk river and south river join and forms Tamar river, Royal park, is located to the west of the Launceston city center.

Initially, the park was the area for Tasmania’s first military camps, but later on, it was converted into a park. The park features boardwalks and paths that lead to close-by locations such as Cataract Gorge Reserve, Seaport, and Queen Victoria Museum and Art gallery.

The park provides outdoor gym equipment, picnic tables, a bike path, a barbeque area, a tennis court, and a play space for kids. Also, it provides toddler equipment. Dogs are not allowed in the park.

Josef Chromy Winery

Situated to the south of Launceston, Josef chrome winery is a high-tech winery production process that uses modern techniques surrounded by the stunning vineyard green space.

Here you can go and learn a lot about the process of making fine wine with seasonal grapes by touring behind the scenes of the making of wine.

The wine produced here has already won many accolades. It is one of Australia’s finest wineries produced by the best vineyards. You can stroll into the vineyards with your winery host and see some traditional wine-making equipment.

After that, you can relish two-course lunch paired with a wine glass, making your meal a perfect one. The full length of the whole tour is about two and a half hours.

You can check availability here.

Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park

Australia’s oldest nature reserve, stunning Wineglass bay in Freycinet national park, is a perfect spot for adventurers who love hiking amidst the wilderness.

You can plan your day trip from Launceston and explore the nearby locations and enjoy a decent walk, admire pink rocks and capture the panoramic views in the park.

Wineglass Bay, which comes on the list of Australia’s top beaches, is a gorgeous stretch of white sand beach, iconic wildlife, hiking trails, and sapphire sea.

Some other favorite attractions for visitors in the park are Sleepy Bay, Honeymoon Bay, and Cape Tourville Lighthouse.

It provides several fun activities and camping trips during the summer months, which is one of the exciting things to do in Launceston.

Franklin House

Located on the Hobart road, Launceston Tasmania, a short drive from the city center, Launceston CBD, will lead you to the famous Franklin house. It is a prominent Georgian home built in early 1838 for an affluent businessman named Britton Jones.

Later on, it became a private school for boys before the property was given to National Trust. It has one old oak tree aged 108 years where you can relax, ask your kids to play, and stroll around the Victorian kitchen garden.

You can also rent Franklin’s house for wedding events, corporate functions, and several private and special events for the whole year. School day trips are also offered. It is open for a self-guided tour, and one can wander freely around the place.

Old Umbrella Shop

This old umbrella shop is a perfect choice for antique handicrafts made from Tasmanian woods. The shop was built in the early 1860s and remained the same till the 1900s.

Shott family, since their three generations, had sold umbrellas and products that include original plate glass windows, some fittings from the Victorian era, and sign writings.

Now taken by National Trust, the Umbrella shop now has one umbrella museum, a tourist information center, and one souvenir shop.

Local volunteers provide information about the shop’s history along with many famous attractions and other things to do in Launceston.

Shopping lovers can go there and buy unique products, amazing gifts, and beautiful woodcarvings for house decorations.

Design Tasmania

An organization that runs on a not-for-profit basis, Design Tasmania is an exhibition space that is the hub of Australia’s collection of contemporary wood designing.

Through the means of exhibitions, public events, and programs, it encourages diversity, embraces professionalism, and welcomes new designs and techniques.

In design Tasmania, you would get an opportunity to get an exposure to see the work of top designers who use Tasmanian timbers to carve wood designs.

Set in early 1991, this is the only museum in Australia that offers modern designs using wood. They aim to make Tasmanian designers and designs stand out and shine!

Take a visit to this place and witness the splendid arty adventures that you cannot find anywhere else!

Low Head Penguin Tours

When it comes to saying what things to do in Launceston, going for day trips and tours at Low Head, northern Tasmania, and watching little penguins enjoying is a fantastic fun activity.

On the bank of the Tamar river, the low-head penguin tours provide you with a visit where you can witness these little cute fairy penguins heading towards their burrows.

The safety and security of penguins are considered apex; therefore, these tours operate through environmental lanes. On tour, you will learn more about penguins and their life. During dusk times you can watch them.

things to do in Launceston
Photo by David Dibert source Pexels

Accommodations in Launceston

After exploring what things to do in Launceston, here is a guide for you to learn more about Launceston hotels. Before planning a trip to Launceston Tasmania, do check the availability and options from several hotels and accommodations you want to choose and stay in that suit your pocket!

Luxury Hotels

If you want to spend a handsome amount of money and do not want to compromise on your luxurious style, then go for Peppers Silo Hotel, which is one of the best luxury hotels in Launceston.

Its other property is Peppers Seaport Hotel, situated on the waterfront of the City center and offers elegant suites and kitchens.

Next is, you can opt for Hotel Verge, situated on Tamar Street, merely at five minutes distance from the city park. You can get access to the nearby restaurant, fitness center, and city park.

Budget-Friendly Hotels

Opposite the city park, located within Launceston CBD, The Florence is the best choice for all those who want to have a bed-and-breakfast experience at a budget-friendly price.

Designed in Victorian style, this hotel has a friendly ambiance, park-side location, and botanical theme adopted in the whole property.

Pod Inn is the choice for budget seekers. For all those who are looking for a cheap, comfortable, and convenient stay that manages their budget, capsule accommodations are the best option.

Flooded with several amenities, keeping in mind your budget, this inn provides you more with spending less. The Tamar Valley and Old umbrella shop are all such nearby locations from Pod Inn.

Learn more about hotels and check availability here.

Some Interesting Tips & Tricks about Launceston Tasmania

In this section of the article, along with stupefying things to do in Launceston, you can learn about basic facts and information so that you can gain more out of your Trip!

Harvest market Launceston every Saturday morning!

Located on 71 Cimitiere Street Launceston, this Harvest market, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm held on every Saturday morning, will offer you Tasmania’s famous indigenous veggies and fresh artisans’ produce.

They offer you the facility to taste the sample and then purchase in bulk. Foodie lovers can directly talk to the farmers.

Chocolate, organic dairy and honey, veggies, fruits, and freshly baked bread. Tasmania is also called apple isle, as the place is famed for its apples. So don’t miss trying cider sipping.

Tasmania zoo- kids loved it the most!

If you wonder where to go for fun with kids, Tasmania zoo is the perfect choice for you. It opens from 10 am morning till 4 pm, from Thursday to Monday, this place is cheap and safe for kids.

Located at the hillocks of Tamar river, expanded into 900 acres of a vast area with private natural green space, Tasmania zoo is the home to many bird species and native wildlife.

Along with exotic animals, it also has Tasmanian devils.

things to do in Launceston
Photo by Pen ash source Pixabay

Have a look at the Swiss village!

Situated outside Launceston, the Swiss village is the ideal place for shopping and relaxing. You will find yourself in ethnic land that has been constructed and styled in the traditional swiss system.

Designed by Roelf Vos, the town was built in the 1980s adopted swiss-style architecture, which has a separate crowd that likes to visit this place. People can go to the shopping arcade and explore nearby attractions!

Weather tip before hitting Cataract gorge!

Due to the location of the Cataract Gorge, it is at times difficult to predict weather conditions. The weather could be polite and may also experience currents of heavy rains throughout the year at any point in time.

Eateries close to Cataract gorge!

Cataract Gorge has only two cafes to dine in. Therefore, close to it is Launceston CBD, which offers a wide variety of cafes and restaurants to choose from!

Tourism Tasmania

If you have any queries related to your tour in Tasmania, you can go to the Tourism Tasmania site and learn all things to do in Launceston.


After learning about all the things to do in Launceston, now you are all set to make a trip to Launceston. A city flooded with culture, heritage, art galleries, fine art, antiques, museums, winery, wildlife, and whatnot is a whole package to fulfill all your dreams in one place.

Explore the Hot air balloon ride and watch this beautiful city from heights. Fly in the sky and embrace the rich farmland of the Central Highlands Plateau. You will get once in a lifetime adventure and realize how beautiful Launceston is!

Do visit Australia Road Trip: 20 Road Trips that You Should not Miss.

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