What Are 21 Amazing Things to Do in Ballarat?

Things to do in Ballarat
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Ballarat’s rich history and natural beauty would gravitate to anyone as it offers so much to explore. Here are a few things to do in Ballarat.

Ballarat lies at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and is the third-largest city in Victoria, Australia. The city is known for its art, culture, history, and well-preserved Victorian-era heritage. Besides, contemporary food, drinks, art, and artists make the place worth visiting. This is the reason that there are a variety of things to do in Ballarat.

What do people enjoy about Ballarat? Well, known as one of the richest goldfields on Earth, gold is still mined at Ballarat. From experience to fabulous art galleries and from historic buildings to natural attractions, Ballarat has something for everyone.

historic Statuary Pavilion in Ballarat
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21 Amazing Things to Do in Ballarat

Well, there are several things to do at Ballarat. Amenities, shops, parks, restaurants, and attractions are abundant at Ballarat. Explore the outdoors and discover why Ballarat is renowned for its award-winning attractions and unique visitor experience. You don’t need to scratch your head to make a list of things to do in Ballarat. Here are the top places to visit and things to do in Ballarat:

  1. Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park houses a variety of native Australian animals like- Koalas, wombats, penguins, dingoes, and Tasmanian devils. This park is famous for offering a close experience with animals: you can touch and cuddle them, free-roaming kangaroos, and click pictures with them. It is a great place for children as they can have the joy of feeding animals, which freely roam here and there, with their hands.

Things To Do In Ballarat
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  1. Ballarat Botanical Gardens

If you are not a fan of historical sites, then here is something special for you. Ballarat Botanical Gardens Reserve is located on the western shore of Lake Wendouree. It is something you can’t miss while considering the things to do in Ballarat.

Ballarat Botanical gardens are more than 150 years old and, hence, have mature trees. Botanical gardens also accommodate a modern conservatory, a heritage statuary pavilion, and the Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial.

Stretching to almost 40 hectares, cool-climate gardens are for hosting Begonia Festival and Summer Sunday.

things to do in ballarat
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  1. Sovereign Hill

If you are in Ballarat and haven’t been to Sovereign hill, then you are missing out on something spectacular. Sovereign hill prides itself on being a witness to Australian history.

It is a gold museum that gives you a glimpse of the first 10 years of Ballarat after gold was discovered in 1851. Being among the most popular tourist attractions, it showcases different aspects of life in Victorian Goldfields. You can see the melting of gold, worth $160, 000, and turning it into three-kilogram bullion on Sovereign hill.

  1. Ballarat Tramway Museum

Still wondering, “How do I spend a day in Ballarat?” Then, pick up the Ballarat Tramway museum without a thought. It is home to a collection of historic trams from Ballarat, which shine in the light-filled space. One can experience traditional tramways that once existed on the streets of Tramways.

This world-class museum is run by passionate and dedicated volunteers and contains more than 3,500 items about Ballarat tramways. Here, you will find a lot of things to do in Ballarat. For children, it will be a fun visit as they can climb into one of the teams and pretend that they will have a ride.

  1. Kryal Castle

    Kryal Castle
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Add Kryal Castle to your things to do in Ballarat list. Kryal Castle is a medieval adventure park where you will witness mythical dragons, queens, kings, knights, and wizards. This is the place where children can have great fun as they will be able to see a real-life joust between knights in full armor riding warehouses.

Moreover, there is a facility for spending a night at the castle and having a delicious dinner. The original castle was refurbished, and a replica was built to restore all the authentic areas of the castle, including a moat, drawbridge, maze, and castle tow, ers, which were then opened for tourists.

  1. Lake Wendouree Adventure Playground

Located on the banks of picturesque Lake Wendouree, this playground is completely made of wood. Children have enough resources to spend a great day here, like- slides, swings, monkey bars, forts, climbing structures, steering wheels, tunnels, etc.

Lake Wendouree Adventure Playground is a vast and electrifying place with its beautiful swans, birdlife, paddle boats, historical tram rides, and Pipers that make you want to stay there all day long. You can make your day memorable with a scenic stroll in the area alongside Lake Wendouree. Visiting this place is among the best things to do in Ballarat.

  1. Eureka Centre

Eureka Centre is one of the top tourist attractions in Ballarat. It is believed to be the place of the 1854 Eureka Stockade rebellion. The Eureka flag, which is one of Australia’s most prestigious cultural artifacts and textile treasures, is located here.

Eureka’s uprising was a social movement for the development of Australian democracy. The Eureka Centre portrays the cultural impact of the Victorian gold rush and acknowledges those people who have laid down their lives in the fight for minors’ rights. Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens surrounds the center and offers never-seen-before scenic beauty.

  1. Ballarat Art Gallery

Ballarat Art Gallery is known worldwide for its best regional collections in the country and then displays them uniquely and creatively. The Gallery houses Australian art and is the largest regional art gallery.

The art gallery of Ballarat presents several exhibitions which depict its extensive collection of magnificent Australian art, which includes paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and work on paper. The heritage-listed Gallery is one of the top Ballarat attractions. It is situated in the heart of Ballarat’s central heritage precinct, the oldest regional Gallery in Australia.

  1. Michael Unwin Wines

If you are searching for things to do in Ballarat, then Michael Unwin Wines has a lot to offer. Michael Unwin Wines is one of the best wineries in all of Ballarat. It has more than 16 kinds of wines that will help you unwind. This place will never disappoint you, and you will relish every moment spent here.

  1. Lydiard Street

Pondering on things to do in Ballarat? Visit Lydiard Street. Historic Lydiard Street is situated in central Ballarat. Take a stroll in this interesting area which is rich in heritage and culture. The Lydiard Street Heritage Precinct is a historical and architectural marvel known for its group of six neo-classical banks.

A walk down Lydiard Street will give you an experience of its grandeur, and lovely cafes, shops, restaurants, and accommodations are all available in a short walk. You can spend the whole day in the Street and enjoy yourself.

  1. Craig’s Royal Hotel

Located in historic Lydiard Street, the gold-rush era hotel is a true icon of the Victorian period. The grand hotel has accommodated poets, princes, and prime ministers for over 160 years.

After refurbishment, top-notch accommodation, dining, meeting, and banquet facilities re-establish Craig’s like the modern-day icon. Here, you can experience extraordinary by dining in the gallery, where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch basking in the sun-drenched conservatory or dinner under the stars.

  1. Ballarat Bird World

Are you a bird lover? If yes, then Ballarat bird world is the right place for you.

Here, you will get to interact closely with many beautiful birds and have your photo taken with a black cockatoo, Gang-gang, and Major Mitchell. Ballarat Bird World showcases various other creatures like- the Triceratops dinosaur, baby Triceratops, and T-Rex dinosaur. Take a stroll along the walkway and relish the beautiful bushy surroundings and exotic migratory birds. Wait, you still have interesting things to do in Ballarat.

  1. Post Office Gallery

    Post Office Gallery
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Here is one of the most exciting things to do in Ballarat! Post office gallery is an art gallery in Ballarat which is dedicated to providing top-notch educational resources and showcasing a splendid exhibition program. You will find the amazing artworks of FedUni’s Arts Academy students, staff, and local and emerging Australian and international artists featured on its walls. It is indeed an ideal place for art lovers.

  1. Lake Esmond Botanical Park

Lake Esmond Botanical Park is a quaint exotic spot to have your picnic. It is a peaceful place with an amazing lake to walk around and sit by its side to have your delicacies. The colorful Australian birdlife, tranquility, and few water sports make the park worth visiting.

  1. Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of Ballarat’s most significant parks. It has a large green space and an excellent range of activities for people of all ages. The park contains many playing fields and lawn areas. The inclusive play space is divided into play zones and features various types of equipment like-a double flying fox, swings, slides, sports ovals, a shade shelters, and a carousel.

  1. Black Hill Reserve

The Black Hill Reserve is a lookout that offers amazing views over Ballarat and the surrounding districts to the south. There are separate walking tracks and bike tracks around the reserve in all directions, which makes it perfect for mountain bike riders. The walking track contains wooden steps that descend through the pine forest into a beautiful open-cut gorge, offering gorgeous scenery and fantastic views.

  1. Prime Ministers Walk

What are the things to do in Ballarat? Take a stroll at Prime Minister’s Walk. Prime Ministers’ walk is an interesting place in Ballarat, which is known for its intense history and location. Located in Ballarat Botanical Gardens, the avenue contains bronze busts that keep a record of each Australian Prime Minister.

These amazing life-size busts give an insight into Australia’s political history. It is worth a visit if you are in Ballarat.

  1. The Bridge Market

Why look for things to do in Ballarat when you have the Bridge Market? Situated in the Ballarat Bridge Mall, this market buzzes with activity. This authentic farmers’ market has over 50 quality growers and producers selling their produce. If you are in the Goldfields region, The Bridge Market is a place you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Ballarat Begonia Festival

This festival is an annual carnival and community cultural festival which attracts tourists from all over the world. It is themed around the begonia flower; the festival program includes intricate flower displays, planting on the main city streets, farmers’ markets, live music, children’s activities, and roving performers. Besides these wonderful activities, you will have a line-up of entertainment, delicious food, and celebrity guests.

  1. Eureka Aquatic Center

If you love swimming, then don’t lose the chance of splashing into one of the best pool waters in all of Ballarat. Swimming like a professional is no more a wish as they give swimming lessons too. This is the place where you can get relief from the hot weather of Ballarat. The complex has its water park as well. Lap pool with diving board, water slides, and water park attracts people. Here, you will realize that there are a lot of things to do in Ballarat.

  1. Ballarat Aviation Museum

Are you into airplanes and looking for things to do in Ballarat? Then, visit Ballarat Aviation Museum. It is located within the Ballarat Airport and has a great collection of aircraft, engines, aviation cameras, radios, and aviation memorabilia. Someone who is not a fan of aviation will also find this place informational.


Ballarat has a never-ending list of tourist attractions. This article has not put a full stop to the list of things to do in Ballarat. One of the best ways to explore the city is to go on a walking tour and get a sense of the history of the place, the wealth generated in the Gold Rush, and the picturesque natural beauty. So must visit Ballarat and discover what is hidden within.


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