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The Exhilarating “Escape Hunt” Experience Awaits in Sydney!

Heart-pounding excitement awaits at the Escape Hunt Sydney – Exhilarating Escape Rooms being organized at the Escape Hunt George Street in Sydney, on various dates and numerous time frames, where you collaborate to solve smart clues with your team.

All About Escape Hunt Sydney: Exhilarating Escape Rooms

The authentic interactive experience allows the visitors to solve several mind-boggling clues with their teammates.

Have an epic photoshoot and capture the memorable moments at the licensed lounge, while indulging in electrifying games and saving humanity.

Prepare yourself for an authentic adventure and experience the ultimate escape game with your team of 2-4 members. Also, it doesn’t end here, engage in a post-game celebration with complimentary treats.

Enjoy a range of thrilling levels as a gamer that varies from beginner to advanced, which includes enchanting experiences such as Wizard’s Quest and Alice in Puzzleland.

Additionally, do not miss the unmissable opportunity for gamers who love adventure and thrill with electrifying outdoor games like Mindfall and Magic Portal.

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From: Fever

Additional Information

To be part of the Escape Hunt Sydney – Exhilarating Escape Rooms, gather at Escape Hunt George Street in Sydney.

The event is arranged on various dates and different time slots which include morning from 10:00 to 11:30, afternoon from 12:30 to 16:00, and evening from 17:00 to 20:30.

The location is wheelchair accessible and the escape hunt adventure is only recommended for people 7 years and older where children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

There are different escape rooms available depending on the different genres of the game.

  • Secret Service Mission (Beginner Level) – allows you to find and rescue the Prime Minister while dodging the enemy agents.
  • Alice in Puzzleland (Beginner Level) – has newer rooms with advanced technologies, appropriate for first-time Escape Hunters or families.
  • Magic Portal (Level 2) – allows you to find the crystals, shut the portal, and save the world from destruction and it is wheelchair accessible too.
  • Wizard’s Quest (Level 2) – allows you to reinstall the magic of the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • Mindfall (Level 3) – has a deadly virus, you need to stop a highly confidential research program within 80 minutes to protect the world from losing control of their minds.
  • Bank Heist (Level 3) – is also a wheelchair-accessible program, allowing you to solve the most confounded Bank Heist in Sydney before escaping from the city.
  • Assassin in the Pub (Level 4 Advanced) – allows you to discover the identity of an assassin while engaging in warfare.

Where to Buy Tickets?

To involve yourself with this adventurous experience with Escape Hunt in Sydney, book your tickets on Fever; head to the official website Feverup.com, select your desired date and time frames from the ticket selector and all sales are final once made.

Escape Hunt Sydney Trailer 2022


  • Morning Tickets for 2 Persons: $99.95
  • Afternoon Tickets for 2 Persons: $99.95
  • Evening Tickets for 2 Persons: $99.95
  • Morning Tickets for 3 Persons: $134.95
  • Afternoon Tickets for 3 Persons: $134.95
  • Evening Tickets for 3 Persons: $134.95
  • Morning Tickets for 4 Persons: $179.95
  • Afternoon Tickets for 4 Persons: $179.95
  • Evening Tickets for 4 Persons: $179.95

Information to Note about the Escape Hunt Game in Sydney

  • What: Escape Hunt Sydney: Exhilarating Escape Rooms.
  • When: Numerous dates available in the ticket selector
  • Where: Escape Hunt George Street, located at Sydney’s Level 4, 393 George Street NSW.
  • Time: Numerous time frames are available.
  • Tickets: Available on Fever.

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  1. I didn’t know Sydney has Escape Rooms! Escape Rooms interests me very much and I want to try them someday. My friend stays there at Sydney. She will be glad to know that we will have something interesting to do when we will meet.


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