Temples in Perth: 5 Amazing Must Visit Temples

Hinduism is spreading across the globe, with people imbibing it as a way of living. The migration of Indians to different parts of the world is considered to be one of the root causes of this spread.

1. Temples in Perth

Are you also a devotee of Hindu Gods? Do you want to check out and learn more about the temple cultures in Australia? Then, you are at the right place. Here are the five mesmerizing temples in Perth

You can also experience the divinity and serenity of Hindu temples. Take out some time to visit the listed temples, and learn more about the Hindu Gods.

1.1. Perth Hindu Temple

Perth Hindu temple is at Warton Road, Canning Vale. Its architecture replicates the architecture of the Temples of the South Indian State – of Tamil Nadu. This temple is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Perth, Australia.

The gopuram of the Perth Hindu temple is a beauty in itself. Most visited by Indians, this temple can help to find inner peace. The temple follows the religious practices of Hindus from multiple states of India.

You can enjoy bhajans in many languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Hindi. Visit the temple early morning to witness the divine aarti using camphor and spend an hour immersing yourself in the bhajans.

Temples in Perth
Courtesy:  Perth Hindu Temple Site

The Perth Hindu temple also celebrates many Hindu festivals like Holi and Diwali. It also provides a beautiful venue for celebrating Hindu marriages. It also organizes numerous educational activities to conserve and teach the younger generation Hinduism as a way of living.

The Perth Hindu temple is open every day. The opening hours are 06:00 to 12:00 and 18:00 to 21:00 hours. However, it is usually crowded during weekends.

1.2. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple 

Shri Swaminarayan Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to conserving the values of Hinduism. It has roots in Gujarat, a state in India, and houses numerous deities such as Lord Hanuman, Lord Ram with Sita, Lord Krishna with Radha, Lord Shiva with Parvathi, and Lord Ganesha.

Temples in Perth
Courtesy: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Perth Site

It offers daily puja and divine aarti. It organizes numerous educational programs like Bal-Balika sabha and Kishore-Kishori Sabha to promote Hinduism amongst the younger generation. All Hindu festivals are celebrated in this Hindu temple with zeal. The temple is on Buckingham Drive. The opening hours are 07:15 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 20:00 hours.

1.3. Bala Murugan Temple 

The famous Bala Murugan Temple is on Mandogalup Road in Perth, Western Australia. This temple has a unique architecture in comparison to other temples in Perth. It is dedicated to Lord Murugan, who is considered the son of Lord Shiva.

Temples in Perth
By Mariusz_prusaczyk on Unlimphotos

The roots of the temple are in Tamil Nadu, a South Indian State. It was built with architecture similar to South Indian Style. The temple is beautiful and well-maintained. The appearance of the temple will remind any Hindu of their roots.

The services provided in this temple are daily pooja and aarti, special perunal (Birthday) pooja, and educational activities for the younger generation to imbibe the value of Hinduism. The temple also has a beautiful Wedding Hall. People belonging to Tamil Nadu usually prefer celebrating marriage in this hall.

The temple is open every day, with opening hours from 06:30 hours to 12:30 hours and 18:30  hours to -21:00 hours. Enjoy serenity and divinity, and visit the temple at 07:00 hours, to witness morning Pooja and aarti. Contact the temple authority to book a special birthday pooja to seek the blessing of Lord Murugan.

1.4. ISKCON Perth 

International Society for Krishna Consciousness. It is a worldwide Hindu organization to promote the divinity of Lord Krishna and Hinduism as a way of living. The ISKCON Perth Hindu temple is constructed and maintained by this organization.

Lord Krishna is worshipped in this temple. Being the most beloved Hindu god, believers visit this temple in great numbers. The temple organizes many cultural and educational programs to teach the younger generation about Hinduism.

Visit the website or contact the administration to understand the daily pooja and special pooja the temple offers. You can also contribute towards the Sunday feast held every second week. The Govindas restaurant, inside the temple premises, offers delicious Indian Vegetarian food/prasad.

The temple is in Road Canning Vale, WA, and the opening time is 07:00-11:00 hours and 16:00-20:00 hours. So if you live in Western Australia, this temple is a place to worship to attain peace of mind.

1.5. Sri Swaminarayan Temple in Embleton 

With the increase in the Hindu population in Western Australia, plenty of Perth Hindu temples emerged since the 2000s. Sri Swaminarayan Temple is the latest addition to the list. ‘Murthi Prathisthan’ was held in April 2022. It is in Embleton, Western Australia.

Temples in Perth
Screenshot from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Embleton – Perth site

The temple has its roots embedded in Gujarat. The pooja and worship are conducted akin to the procedures followed in Gujrati temples. You can pay homage at this place from Monday to Friday from 06:00 hours to -07:00 hours and from 19:00 hours to 20:00 hours. 

2. Rules and Regulations

2.1 Dressing Regulations

Each temple has different dressing regulations.

  • Always be dressed modestly.
  • Remember that it is a place of worship.
  • Do not wear a dress that may be construed as inappropriate.
  • Do not wear shorts and mini skirts. In case of doubt, visit the website of the temples or ask a Hindu friend for advice.
  • Be respectful in your dressing. 
Temples in Perth
By Szefei on Unlimphotos

2.2. Visiting By Non-Hindus

Visit by Non-Hindus is allowed in the temples in Perth. If you are non-Hindu and want to visit a temple, make sure you understand the regulations of the temple. Seek advice from a Hindu friend and if possible, accompany them during your visit.

You may be surprised by the many amazing stories your friend will share inside the temples in Perth. As a general rule, be respectful towards the other faith and the sanctity of the idol in the temple.

3. Conclusion

In this world of never-ending stress and pressure, we need to find inner peace and stability. Visiting a place of worship will calm us. If you are staying in Western Australia, there are plenty of Hindu temples in Perth where you can relax and indulge in Hinduism.

Just remember – be respectful to all religions and faith to enjoy what each religion offers. Do visit the temples in Perth and share your experience in the comment section.

Dithiesh is a travel enthusiast with love for the Australian flora and Fauna. He loves reading about the unique life I'm Australia. He also loves writing and sharing his research on his blog.

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