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Melbourne’s Accredited Access Exhibition of Princess Diana!

The Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition – Melbourne is an iconic royal exhibit, being held at Tea House, 28 Clarendon St, Southbank in Melbourne, offering untold stories and photographs of the world’s most renowned princess, Princess Diana, organized on various dates and time slots.

About the Exhibition of Princess Diana

Immerse yourself in one of the best exhibits in Melbourne where two generations of worldwide renowned royal photographers, Anwar Hussein with his sons Samir and Zak will share their experiences of Princess Lady Diana and her family for the first time.

Princess Diana is known to be the most photographed human in prolonged history as she almost grew up in the public eye.

Anwar Hussein was one of the royal photographers who captured the most important and biggest moments of Princess Diana’s life, and later, his two sons joined his family business of royal photography too.

Get a chance to hear the life story of Princess Diana from their perspectives including what they saw, what they witnessed, and what they heard closely with their experiences.

Learn the fascinating facts and details in-depth that you have never heard as a hardcore Princess Diana fan or a knower.

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Source: FeverUp

What to Expect?

Get ready to be transported to the most spectacular moments of the life of the Princess of Wales via eight tailored themes and view the intimate photographs of Diana with her family which were captured by the royal photographers for two generations.

Indulge with the magnificent visual journey filled with extraordinary murals, bespoke art installations, and impressive images.

An unmissable opportunity as you will be guided by the royal photographers towards the stories of Diana and her family that you have never heard before along with first-hand intimate accounts.

This Fever exclusive event offers the Princess Diana exhibit merchandise, which is available on-site for sale.

Additional Information

Explore an incredible exhibit of Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition – Melbourne, which is taking place at The Tea House, where you can go through the stunning images of Princess Diana for 60-90 minutes.

The exhibit is arranged on various dates and multiple time slots to make it more convenient and accessible for the visitors on their desired date and time, which you can directly select from the ticket selector on Fever.

The exhibition is accessible for all ages and the venue is wheelchair accessible so that more people can experience this exhibit.

Around Town - Princess Diana Exhibition: Accredited Access

Where to Buy Tickets?

To indulge yourself with the Royal exhibit of Princess Diana in Melbourne, avail of your ticket on Fever, just simply visit the official website Feverup.com to get the tickets at an exclusive price, and book your slots from the ticket selector.

The standard admission to the exhibit includes an entry to the experience.

A general ticket for adults above 16 years is priced at $35.00 per person, whereas children aged from 8 to 15 years can get the tickets at $12.00 per child, and a student/senior ticket is priced at $29.00 per head.

A special package known as Family Bundle that includes two adults and two kids is priced at $19.00 per person and the Group Bundle, consisting of a minimum of ten tickets is priced at $29.00 per person.

Details to Remember About Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition in Melbourne

    • What: Princess Diana: Accredited Access Exhibition in Melbourne.
    • When: Numerous dates are available.
    • Where: The Tea House, located at Melbourne’s 28 Clarendon St, Southbank.
    • Time: Numerous time slots.
    • Tickets: Book Your Slots on Fever.

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  1. Ready to dive into the world of Princess Diana in Melbourne! An iconic exhibit capturing untold stories and breathtaking moments. Who’s up for a royal visual journey?

  2. It is a magnificent event for all Diana enthusiasts since it allows them to see the most stunning events in the Princess of Wales’ life through eight personalized themes. Diana’s history is being revealed through the viewing of private images of Diana with her family. On your behalf, I extend an invitation to all readers. Great work!

  3. Everyone still wishes Princess Diana well. It’s wonderful to learn that people are still remembering her and organizing displays like the Accredited Access Exhibition in Melbourne. I’m excited to walk into this lovely space and see the princess come to life in the form of art and photographs. Thank you for providing this knowledge.


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