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How To Make Your DIY Bridal Bouquet? 

A beautiful bridal bouquet not only highlights the beauty of the bride but also brings in her image of certain colors and light. Interestingly, the tradition of a wedding bouquet appeared relatively recently, during the previous centuries changed, as the plants used, and the appearance of the bouquet.

For example, in ancient Rome, young brides were married with a bouquet of garlic and rosemary: people believed that only such plants could guarantee a happy marriage. Currently, the bouquet of the bride is not limited by any traditions or fashion trends, the girl is free to choose the option that will best complement her wedding image and emphasize individuality.


Of course, you can go to the nearest design studio or to a good florist, who will be able to offer you the most interesting and exquisite models. It will also spare you time: instead of crafting a DIY bouquet, you can enjoy gambling at an online casino in New Zealand or do something else.

But, strange as it may seem, in recent times more and more brides have decided to make their wedding bouquets with their own hands. You bet, they surely know that a handmade bouquet has a special positive energy and can even become a real wedding amulet for your future young family! Even if you ignore all these magical things, a DIY wedding bouquet allows you to create a masterpiece that you have long dreamed of and imagined.

How to choose flowers for a wedding bouquet?

First of all, of course, it is necessary to start with personal tastes and preferences: if you are allergic to lilies, then such a flower you hardly want to see them in your bouquet, no matter how beautiful and fragrant it is.

The same applies to all other flowers, not everyone likes roses, although they are the most popular for creating a bridal bouquet, if only because the rose is perfectly combined with almost any girl and any dress. Here are a few criteria and recommendations that help determine which flowers to choose to fulfill your dreams.

  1. Reflect on the theme of the wedding: if the whole celebration is decorated in a restrained European style, then you are unlikely to fit exotic flowers and, conversely, a wedding in the marine or tropical style will not be combined with strict roses or, for example, lilies.
  2. Try to achieve a perfect and harmonious combination of the wedding outfit with the bouquet. For example, if there are bright elements in the dress, it is better if the flowers are the same shade as them. A delicate white dress will not tolerate too bright and saturated shades of colors – they will distract attention from the bride and look alien “spot” in the whole image. If you still want a bright combination, then take care of the balance – bright makeup, jewelry, and shoes. If you chose a dress of milky white or champagne (not pure white), it is better to give preference to neutral colors.
  3. Choose resistant flowers, because your bouquet will have to keep a fresh look throughout the day, another option is to use a special capsule or portbouquette with florist foam. Most often roses, lilies, unbloomed peonies, tulips, orchids, as well as additional shrubs and decorations are used for this purpose.

To create the most beautiful and unusual bride’s bouquet, you will need to acquire some necessary tools and materials:

  1. A sharp knife, portbouquette, and floral foam. The latter is sometimes called an oasis, because with the help of its moisture florals can, as long as possible, keep their freshness.
  2. Fabric, jewelry, ribbons. Most often satin ribbons are used to decorate the stems, sometimes organza or any other translucent material that holds its shape well is used.
  3. Flower glue may be needed when forming a bouquet.
  4. Green leaves, as well as other decorative additions, for example, gypsophila or branches of asparagus.
  5. And, of course, flowers! Their number depends on the type and size of the wedding bouquet. For example, to create a dense spherical bouquet of roses you will need 20-40 flowers.

The technology itself is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Having a little imagination and patience, which is important, because the average bouquet can take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, you can create a very interesting and pretty floral creation. Remember that you are inexperienced, so do not postpone the creation of the bouquet until the last hours before the celebration, it is better to make it in the evening.

If you do not use a portbouquette, then the usual bouquet of roses is easy to make: to do this, you need to cut all the thorns on the plants so that you do not hurt your hands during the holiday. Fill a large container of water with cold water and lower the roses into it, there, underwater, you need to cut all the tips at an angle.

Choose four of the most opened and large roses, and form them into a square, which will be the center of the bouquet. On one hand, we hold the bouquet, and on the other hand, we supplement the conditional center with a new flower, moving in turn. To fix the bouquet you can use a tight rubber band, which is hidden under a beautiful satin ribbon, or the stems are cut to one level and wrapped in a beautiful fabric, which can be decorated, for example, with a brooch.

If you want to make an unusual DIY wedding bouquet, then do not be afraid to use non-standard details in it. It can be shells, fruits, berries on stems, rhinestones, brooches, paper or felt flowers. Very interesting-looking wedding bouquets made of beads or fabric flowers, which are also realistic to make with their own hands. Be creative and enjoy the best day of your life!

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  1. This shared how we can choose a bouquet according to our dress color coordination and the wedding theme. Also, we can create DIY bouquets by using some tools and materials required to create unique customised bouquets.
    This trend of carrying bouquets is a great idea for sharing experiences and creating memories on social media.
    By sharing on social media, you can showcase the creativity and beauty of handmade bouquets.


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