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How to Choose a Weighted Blanket: Unlock Sound Sleep

We must know how to choose a weighted blanket in our quest for a peaceful night’s sleep. Weighted blankets are beneficial and an enticing option for you to fall asleep easily with them.

Weighted blankets serve as a therapeutic tool that can offer a comforting embrace and improve the quality of sleep. Numerous elements come into play when you are out there to shop for a weighted blanket. These elements range from designs and materials to even the ideal weight for you. They also depend on who exactly you are buying the weighted blanket for.

how to choose weighted blanket
By slaapwijsheid on Pixabay

Discover the secrets of a restful night’s sleep with our comprehensive guide on how to choose a weighted blanket. Find the perfect therapeutic embrace tailored to your choice and unique needs. 

1.  What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a soothing and healing duvet item. It gives deep pressure stimulation (DPS) to the body. 

It is built with uniformly spaced pockets or compartments. These compartments are stuffed with weighted blanket fillers like micro glass beads, plastic granules, or even metal chains. The blankets also ensure that the weight is spread uniformly across the whole expanse of the blanket. These small spaces are either quilted or sewn into the cloth. 

A weighted blanket’s main function is to deliver light uniform pressure to the body. It produces the “embrace” or even the “swaddle” effects. This pressure stimulates the sensation of being snuggled or hugged. This fosters a feeling of safety and calmness. 

how to choose weighted blanket
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Deep tactile pressure therapy is a sensory integration approach. It is used in occupational therapy. DPS is also a well-known concept in the field of psychology. It is also used for people with sensory processing problems like anxiety and insomnia. 

1.1  How Does it Work? 

Deep Touch Pressure is a theory. This is what gives the weighted blankets their magical quality. Deep Touch Pressure commonly known as DTP is a kind of comfortable embrace that applies mild and uniform pressure on the body. 

This deep touch pressure also causes the skin to create melatonin. Melatonin helps in encouraging sleep and also other neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These help in regulating mood and also lessen stress. They also promote sleep

how to choose weighted blanket
By Slaapwijsheid.nl on Unsplash

The heaviness of the weighted blanket includes proprioception. Proprioception is also the body’s sense of position in space. This is also known as weight. The sensory input from the blanket calms your nervous system. It then helps lessen your fight and flight response. This promotes calmness and relaxation. 

1.2 What is Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS)?

Deep brain stimulation realized with the help of nanoparticles

Deep and uniform pressure is applied to the body using a sensory integration technique. This technique is known as the Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). It entails exerting light to moderate stress on the skin and tissues underneath. The blanket while doing so maintains firmness and evenness. 

People with sensory processing issues like anxiety, stress, and neurological illnesses like insomnia benefit from this pressure. It can calm and soothe the nervous system. 

Deep Pressure Stimulation’s (DPS) main objective is to control and alter sensory input. It can benefit people who are overly or under-sensitive to sensory stimulation or inputs. This is known as hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity. The goal of this stimulation is to balance the sensory system. 

It is not only useful for people who seek relief from hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity. Rather, people who want a day off from anxiety and stress or are seeking relief and calming effects can also use a weighted blanket. 

2.  History

how to choose weighted blanket
By slaapwijsheid.nl on Pixabay

Therapists in the 20th century started creating sensory integration treatment approaches. This was the time when the idea of utilizing weighted blankets emerged. People with hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity as well as autism and other disorders were to benefit from this therapy. 

It was Dr. Temple Grandin, an accomplished animal scientist who was also autistic who made a substantial addition. This substantial addition was to our understanding of sensory difficulties in autistic people. To give herself deep pressure stimulation, she made a squeeze machine. 

This machine was motivated by the calming effect that cattle chutes have on livestock. Her discovery sparked additional research into the advantages of deep pressure for those with sensory and other issues.

The 1990s saw the rise of weighted blankets. Over the years the design of a weighted blanket was improvised and modified. The aim was to deliver deep pressure stimulation in a cost and practical manner. They soon found their way into therapeutic settings

Weighted blankets gained mainstream popularity and became a sought-after product for general relaxation and comfort. Many people without specific sensory or psychological issues discovered the calming and soothing benefits of using weighted blankets in their daily lives. This led to an increase in the variety of designs, materials, and weights available in the market. 

3. Benefits of Weighted Blanket

We have mentioned a few benefits of a weighted blanket above. Here is a compiled list of the benefits of a weighted blanket. This will help you make an informed decision on whether you think a weighted blanket is worth adding to your budget or not. 

Do Weighted Blankets Work? Trying a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety, Insomnia, and Better Rest
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Say goodbye to insomnia or restless sleep patterns. It helps you sleep faster and better. It will also cure restless or broken sleep as it will help you have fewer disruptions.
  • Reduce Anxiety: They help to lessen the level of cortisol in your body. This hormone produces adrenaline, so reduced levels will help to bring a sense of calmness. It’s a valuable tool to handle anxiety and stress. 
  • Enhanced Concentration: A weighted blanket can help you concentrate better while doing activities like reading or working. Many people have testified this. 
  • Ease from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Fibromyalgia: People who have RLS and fibromyalgia say that weighted blankets provide ample relief and are beneficial. 

4. The Right Weight

Choosing the right weight for your weighted blanket is crucial to ensure you reap the maximum benefits while feeling comfortable and secure. We will explore how to calculate the appropriate weight for your weighted blanket and the factors that influence this choice. 

Selecting the perfect weight for your blanket may seem daunting, but it can be simplified if you look at some of the key factors: 

4.1 Body Weight: The Ten Percent Rule

Fish and LeMond agree that the ideally sized blanket should be 10 or 5% of your body weight. Many occupational therapists agree on this. But please remember that this is a generalized term and not necessarily a rule.   

how to choose weighted blanket
By Skitterphoto on Pixabay

Your body weight affects the choice and heaviness of your blanket.The majority of experts advise selecting a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight. This is the generalized rule. To conclude, weighted blankets weigh around 10% of the owner’s weight.

4.2 Age

how to choose weighted blanket
By YuriArcurs on Unlimphotos

Age can also affect how much weight is appropriate. Lighter blankets may be more effective and comfortable for kids and smaller adults. It’s crucial to take the person’s size into account. This is because an overly heavy blanket might be oppressive and ineffective. 

4.3 Preference of Your Own

Although the 10% rule is a good choice and a good place to start. We need to also take into account individual preferences. It also depends on how comfortable they are. 

Some people prefer a slightly heavier blanket and some people like a lighter blanket. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to experiment with various weights to find the one that feels most comfortable for you. 

4.4 Ask a Healthcare Professional

how to choose weighted blanket
By YuriArcurs on Unlimphotos

If you’re buying a weighted blanket because you have therapeutic needs, then consult a professional. Based on your particular situation and sensory preferences, they can make tailored recommendations. This is especially true for people buying a weighted blanket because they have sensory issues like hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity, autism, anxiety, etc. 

Choosing the right weight for your weighted blanket is a critical step in maximizing its therapeutic benefits. While the 10% of body weight guideline is a helpful starting point, taking into account individual factors and needs as well. 

If done right, a well-chosen weighted blanket can offer a soothing embrace helping you achieve better sleep and improved overall being. 

5. The Right Material

Making an ideal blanket material choice is essential for ensuring that you receive the relaxation you were assured of as well as overall contentment. Weighted blankets are made out of a variety of materials. These have their advantages as well as limitations. 

We will examine all the types of material and how this choice might have a great impact on your comfort as well as breathability. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By tanouchka on Unlimphotos

5.1 Cotton Weighted Blankets

A common material for these kinds of blankets is cotton. This is because cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable and has qualities that wick away moisture. 

It is gentle to touch and comfortable to be on your skin. You can also wear it all year round. For those who tend to sleep overheating or reside in warmer locations, a cotton weighted blanket is the best material. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By slaapwijsheid on Pixabay

Cotton is also hypoallergenic, which means it is very rarely going to lead to a reaction of allergies. It is also very simple to clean and routine washing is not a chore with it. 

5.2 Fleece Weighted Blankets 

Fleece is a soft, toasty material that is ideal for blankets in winter. Many people find its smooth velvety texture to be soothing. However,  fleece absorbs heat better than cotton. This means that it is not a smart idea of the greatest option for people who frequently overheat while sleeping.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all types of fleece are produced identically. One fleece blanket might be warmer and thicker than others. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By sarsa on Unlimphotos

5.3 Minky Weighted Blankets 

This is a fabric recognized for its fluffy and soft texture. It is frequently used in blankets intended to provide comfort and sensory stimulation. 

Although minky is quite cozy, it is not as breathable as materials like cotton. This is because cotton is a natural material and minky is not. When it’s cooler outside or in a place with gold ventilation, think about utilizing Minky blankets. 

5.4 Flannel Weighted Blankets

how to choose weighted blanket
By MiraCosic on Pixabay

Warm, cozy, and made of brushed cotton is how you will define a flannel. It is a great insulator. In winter, it’s a great option for blankets, especially weighted blankets. 

Again, like fleece, it might be a little too warm for hot sleepers or for places where it’s warmer. This means that it is not a smart idea of the greatest option for people who frequently overheat while sleeping.

5.5 Silk Weighted Blankets

It’s a material that is luxurious and breathable. Silk is a high-end alternative, but it can be pricey and not as long-lasting as other materials. The greatest candidates for these types of blanket materials are those who can afford them and seek comfort. 

Breathability is essential for sustaining a comfortable sleeping environment. By allowing air to circulate, materials like cotton and bamboo can help you maintain a consistent body temperature all night long. They are therefore appropriate for all weather conditions. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By FokasuArt on Unlimphotos

While selecting the material for your weighted blanket, it’s essential to consider your comfort preferences and other sensitivities that you have. 

Each material offers a variety of textures and special qualities. In the end, choosing the proper material will help you have a more pleasant and restful sleep and gain complete benefits from your weighted blanket.

6. The Right Filling Material 

The filling substance is a significant factor that affects how well these weighted blankets operate. The different kinds of filling material used in these blankets are discussed below. We will also discuss their impact on weight distribution and the overall feel. 

6.1 Glass Beads

Arguably, the most popular fillings for weighted blankets are glass beads. These distribute weight in a clan and even say. Glass beads are also lightweight and soft. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By GekaSkr on Unlimphotos

To avoid moving and sound, these are often encased side separate compartments or multiple layers of cloth. They are a well-liked option due to the gentle and relaxing influence they can have. 

6.2 How to Choose Weighted Blanket With Pellets?

Pellets made of plastic are still a prevalent filler. These are lightweight, strong, and don’t store heat. This means that they are good for people who like to sleep hot. 

To maintain uniform weight throughout the blanket, plastic pellets are frequently dispersed within sections and divisions. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By pkproject on Unlimphotos

Glass beads and plastic pellets provide an even weight distribution. This is mainly because they are smooth and have a tiny size. They don’t clump or bunch in between and the weight is uniform throughout.

6.3 Natural Fillings 

how to choose weighted blanket
By xamtiw on Unlimphotos

Natural fillers like grains, barley, and millet are used in some blankets. These products are biodegradable and even environmentally friendly. 

These might have a distinctive feel but they could need more upkeep and be less resilient than glass beads or plastic pellets. 

Natural fillings may be less uniform in terms of weight and size. There are very few selected people who have come to love the way this type of filling feels. 

6.4 Steel Shot Beads 

They are compact and dense. The weight distribution as a result of this is more concentrated. They are long-lasting and resilient even after repeated washing. 

To maintain uniform weight throughout the blanket, steel shot beads are frequently dispersed within sections and divisions. 

7. Whom are You Buying it for? 

Who the blanket is designed for should be one crucial consideration when thinking about buying a weighted blanket. This factor is very important in choosing the right weight, size, and shape of the blanket. It will help you make a smart purchase that suits the individual’s demands and preferences. 

7.1 How to Choose Weighted Blankets for Children?

how to choose weighted blanket
By Slaapwijsheid.nl on Unsplash

When it comes to using weighted blankets for kids it’s crucial to ensure their safety and appropriateness. The efficacy and protection of a child’s weighted blanket depend greatly on the correct size and weight selection.

According to conventional recommendations, a weighted blanket should be roughly ten percent of the kid’s body weight. For illustration, a kid weighing 50 points should have a weighted blanket that weighs 5 pounds. 

A correct blanket will impose a soft, uniform compression that fosters emotions of security and contentment. The goal is to stimulate the comforting hugging sensation known as DTP. We talked about this earlier in this article. 

By lowering tension and agitation, Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) can aid kids in unwinding and enhancing their quality of sleep. 

These blankets can be helpful for kids. But keep in mind that they shouldn’t be used by kids who are under the age of two. They can be potentially harmful because infants and toddlers have special demands related to their development. 

To lower the likelihood of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), babies should sleep in a secure, clutter-free setting during this period. These types of blankets can be burdensome and could restrict the baby’s movement and breathing. It’s recommended to completely avoid using these blankets for kids under the age of two. 

Before incorporating a weighted blanket into a kid’s regular bedtime routine, it is best to consult a doctor. This is especially for the case when the kids are around the ages of 2 to 5. 

If the blanket is appropriate for a child’s particular needs and stage of growth, it can be specified by medical professionals. They may also offer suggestions on choosing the right weight and the right kind of weighted blanket. 

7.2 How to Choose Weighted Blanket for a Couple?

When choosing a weighted blanket for two individuals, you need to keep certain important factors in mind and consideration. 

The weight and height differences between couples should be taken into account while selecting a weighted blanket. The usual recommendation for a weighted blanket is 10 percent of the wearer’s body weight. 

So it can be difficult to find a single weighted blanket that works for both people. This can be extreme if the two partners have drastically different weights. The heavier partner may find the blanket excessively light, or the lighter partner may find it suffocating and extremely heavy. 

This may cause discomfort and reduce the therapeutic effects of the blanket. Fortunately, there are options for couples available in the market. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By Wavebreakmedia on Unlimphotos

7.3 Dual Weighted Blankets 

Dual-weighted blankets for couples are provided by a lot of producers and manufacturers. Each couple can select the weight of their preference from the separate parts of the blankets. 

These separate parts will vary in weight. This choice makes sure that neither partner will have to give up on the advantages of the weighted blanket. 

7.4 Custom Weighted Blankets

An additional choice is to have personalized weighted blankets created in various weights for each person. This gives the option to customize the blanket. The personal preference customization will provide comfort and satisfaction to both partners. 

7.5 Large Blankets 

A blanket that is extra large can be a good option for couples who have similar weight. Both of the sharers can enjoy the luxury of sharing a blanket thanks to the ample coverage. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By TRMK on Unlimphotos

Weighted blankets can enhance the sleep experience for couples by providing a comforting and calming sensation. However, when selecting a weighted blanket for two people, it’s crucial to consider the weight and height difference between partners. By finding the right balance, couples can enjoy the shooting embrace of a weighted blanket while maintaining their individual preferences. 

8. Can You Use Weighted Blankets Every Night? 

The amount of time you can utilize a weighted blanket relies mainly on how comfortable you are and your demands. A lot of individuals discover that using it every night has a constant positive effect on their ability to sleep and unwind. 

Since the blankets are made to apply even pressure all over the body, they stimulate a feeling of getting hugged. Brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine may be stimulated by this pressure. 

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There is typically no harm in using it every night. If this enhances your quality of sleep and makes you feel more rested, then continue with your regular use. Many people depend on the relaxing effects of weighted blankets to get better sleep every night. 

Discontinue your use if you experience any allergic reactions from the material of the blanket or if you feel any discomfort in your sleep.   

9. How to Choose Weighted Blanket Covers?

Do weighted blankets need a cover? How do we find the right cover for our weighted blankets? We will explore the importance of weighted blanket removable covers and whether they are necessary in addition to your weighted blanket below. 

9.1 The Role of Covers

You could find yourself enticed to use a weighted blanket uncovered after you first get it. Since many weighted blankets feature attractive and cost patterns or textures on themselves, they can be quite enticing. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By Slaapwijsheid.nl on Unsplash

However, utilizing a cover for your weighted blanket has several benefits; therefore doing so can improve your blanket’s longevity and hygienic quality. 

9.1.1 Hygiene and Maintenance 

One of the primary reasons to consider using a weighted blanket cover is hygiene. Cleaning these blankets can be difficult, particularly when they contain glass beads or other bulky items. These covers act as a barrier to the weighted blanket. 

By acting as a barrier, an outer covering keeps sweat, oil as well and dirt from getting into touch with the main inside blanket. This implies that you can effortlessly wash the cover when it needs to be washed. You don’t have to work hard to clean the full weighted blanket. 

9.1.2 Variety and Style 

The benefits of diversity and style are additional advantages of weighted blanket covers. Covers offer a simple and affordable alternative if you want to alter the appearance of your blanket. You can alter it to match the decor of your room. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By slaapwijsheid on Pixabay

you can personalize your weighted blanket by choosing a cover from a wide selection of hues designs and even materials! 

9.1.3 Temperature

Covers can improve your level of relaxation and regulate your temperature. Some weighted blankets, particularly during summertime, may seem overly warm to some users. You may have a more comfortable night’s sleep by selecting a cover made of breathable material, like cotton. 

9.2 Where to Find Weighted Blanket Covers?

Many weighted blanket producers sell covers along with the blanket itself in a bundle. The cost of verint can differ greatly, with some going for fifty dollars or more.

When choosing a covering, it’s critical to take your budget and needs into account because the ultimate cost is dependent on the cover’s quality and manufacturer. 

Even though these blankets can be used without a cover, it is known that using them with one has some advantages. These advantages include improved hygiene, customization, and even temperature control.

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When choosing a cover, quality is important. You also need to take into account your comfort and the long-term savings that this cover will offer. Whether you use it or not is based on your personal preferences. 

Having a cover for your weighted blanket can have a big impact on how you utilize a weighted blanket in general. 

10.  Budget Considerations 

It’s crucial to have a balance between quality and price when getting a weighted blanket. 

10.1 Budget Friendly Options 

Budget-friendly weighted blankets frequently employ low-cost supplies like plastic pellets for the filling. They also utilize straightforward, enduring textiles like cotton and polyester for the outside layer. These fabrics nevertheless offer an ideal balance of weight and comfort. Even though these fabrics don’t have the opulent feeling of luxurious choices. 

In comparison to elite manufacturers, less expensive weighted blankets can come in fewer designs and patterns. Budget-friendly solutions can still deliver the basic advantages of a blanket with weights if appearances aren’t the primary consideration. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By simply on Unlimphotos

Low-cost blankets have a simple design. They might be missing extras like detachable covers or finely detailed embroidery. They can still be successful and do their work of providing deep touch pressure (DTP). 

10.2 Premium Options 

Beautiful fabrics like Minky and Bamboo are frequently used for the exterior layer of the blanket. The fill is frequently made of expensive supplies like glass beads. These components may improve the blanket’s overall texture and level of coziness. 

High-end companies may provide a greater selection of colors and patterns. This enables clients to select a quality weighted blanket that matches their environment and home decor. The beautiful look of these blankets makes them ideal gifts as well. 

how to choose weighted blanket
By Harris Ananiadis on Unsplash

Modern sewing methods to measure durability, replace covers for easy maintenance, and even temperature control are provided. These increase comfort and make premium blankets a popular choice. 

11. Conclusion

A good bed,  a suitable mattress and perfect weighted blankets are essential for a sound sleep.  Sleep is an important aspect for a human being. It refreshes us for the next day.  But, getting a sound sleep is not as easy as you think.

You can find many weighed blankets in the markets. The decision to choose the perfect one for you depends on many factors. Also,  the type of blanket would also depend on your choice of material and most importantly your budget. You can choose a premium blanket or a budget one depending on your need.

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a blanket can be your first step. Then take a look at your priorities, what exactly are you buying this blanket for? 

Once you have them clear you can start searching for the perfect blanket. You will finally learn how to choose a weighted blanket. You can make your informed purchase by reading reviews and gaining insights. 

Don’t forget to check for return policies. In case your purchase is not what you were expecting you can come for an easy return. Buy the perfect weighted blanket and have a good night. 

Do you own a weighed blanket?  Tell us your tips for buying a perfect weighed blanket.

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