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10 Best Furniture Stores In Brisbane

Furniture stores in Brisbane will definitely fulfil your heart with their latest furniture styles and traditional architecture.

Choosing the right furniture is as important as choosing a beautiful place to live. You can not depend only on decorative walls, fall ceilings, and a safe place. You need comfortable furniture as well to make your place beautiful and worth living in.

If you live in Brisbane, then this article will be very helpful. Here we bring you the top furniture in Brisbane that you probably can’t miss. All these shop/store sales styles range from the bedroom, gold coast, and bedding accessories in their respective furniture stores.

Brisbane is a beautiful city situated on the Brisbane River, and it is the capital of Queensland. Brisbane is known for its outdoor dining culture, Spring Jacaranda Blossoms, and beautiful architecture, so its furniture should be as attractive as Brisbane and suits their sense of style. You can check out the furniture range on the online store as well.

Here is a list of the top 10 Furniture stores in Brisbane which enhance your place décor.

1. Living Edge Furniture Store

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: Living Edge Facebook Page

Living Edge is a well-known store in Brisbane; it offers curated collections for both residential homeowners and those looking to outfit commercial projects. They offer bedroom furniture and living room furniture. It has a facility for various brands like Walter Knoll, Tom Dixon, and Herman Miller under one roof, making it unique from other furniture stores. This place is suitable for style-conscious people who have an affinity for architecture.

They cater to a variety of interior styles but are curated with the Australian lifestyle in mind; it’s the go-to place for anyone looking to design a unique home. They provide personalised consultants who are qualified and experienced enough to support the customers. They have dedicated designs with extensive knowledge to assist trade and personal professionals.


171 Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006

2. Trit House

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: Trit House Facebook Page

Trit is a self-established Furniture designer originating from Melbourne and counted among the best stores. The people loved their designs which helped them to expand their legs across the entire city. They are considered trendsetters for infusing a global design perspective with the Australian style.

Trit offers Furniture ranges encompassing living, dining, sleep, outdoor, and work/home-office pieces and all the designs are original with global design perspectives. They have been working for the last 14 years as Click on Furniture, and their brand has matured into a refined curation of authentic, original designs.


129 Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006

3. Cult Design                                              

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: Cult Design Website

Cult Design is committed to offering only the best and high-level craft around the world. However, they are inclined toward Australian architecture and have the expertise of Australian designers and manufacturers. A knowledgeable and passionate retail team is there to help you find the perfect forever pieces for your home or residential project.

Cult is having a European touch with Carl Hansen, Zanotta, Cappellini, and Fritz Hansen. The cult design offers home décor, outdoor space, and modern furniture with the latest styles in Brisbane today. Apart from these, they offer premium furniture, lighting and objects from iconic international and local brands.


925 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006

4. Space Furniture

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: Space Furniture Website

Space is also a big name in the world of designer furniture. It has been offering beautiful, classy furniture since 1993. Initially, the space was set to offer only contemporary furniture.

However, Space outsourcing the crafts from third parties. Giving a quality touch to the furniture on their own. Space has become a big brand and has stores in Singapore and Kulala Lumpur starting from a small business.

Their belief and vision are to become the world’s most successful and respected retailer of contemporary furnishings for residential and corporate interiors. They believe in authenticity, showcasing only the very best design from around the world, and supporting brands that devote themselves to excellence.


35 Chester St, Fortitude Valley, 4006

5. Cosh Living                                              

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: Cosh Living Facebook Page

Cosh Living is another professional who are offering furniture not only for home and the corporate world but also for indoor, outdoor, or resorts/Hotels. They have plenty of clients who are the example of their high-quality work. Except for comfortable sofas or chairs, they have the world’s coolest beds ever.

Cosh Living’s designs are based on contemporary or modern styling, and material choices include teak, powder-coated aluminium, synthetic wicker, ceramic, outdoor rope and stone. They are quality outdoor furniture, and these are sourced both internationally from various brands and from our own cushion factory in Melbourne, Australia.


130 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006

6. Domo

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: DOMO Facebook Page

Founded by Franc Novembre in 1984, Domo is the one-stop to complete your journey of finding a luxurious European Furniture. It was first started with the name Grange, but in 2003, it changed its name to DOMO.

Domo is collaborating with several European brands to develop a strong portfolio of their products. They have a beautiful range of dining tables, designer pieces, and the latest style with excellent customer and Pushy salespeople.

With more than a staff of 50 experienced and professional teams, DOMO committed quality, craftsmanship and customer service unite DOMO with each of its brands. DOMO looks for practicality in design, originality and vision when it comes to selecting furniture for its clients, which includes both the professional design community and private buyers alike.


44 Abbottsford Road, Bowen Hills, 4006

7. Spiro Furniture Store Brisbane

Famous interior designer Ann Spiro owns black & Spiro; she has a master at playing with colours which makes her different from other designers. Black and Spiro’s offers a perfect balance between The Hamptons, the Scottish Highlands, and Havana, Cuba.

And each artifact is hand-picked or designed by Ms Spiro herself. Apart from the Furniture, Anna has designed a wallpaper collection in collaboration with Porters Paints, with a second collection in the pipeline and beautiful rugs as well.

They include beautiful custom-made frilled cushions, Vintage tea towel Hats, a special canvas tote bag printed with the latest Anna Spiro Textiles and Spiro store X Greer’s Bees. Anna Spiro designed the book “A Life in Pattern” includes more than 250 photographs from 20 different interior design projects.


768 Brunswick Street, New Farm, Brisbane, 4005

8. Coco Republic

furniture stores brisbane
Image Source: Coco Republic Website

Due to its quality furniture and Contemporary designs, Coco Republic owned a reputation among all the stores in Brisbane. The Coco Republic has a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture for your home, office, or any other place. The best thing is they have a cafeteria also to give relaxation with Coco’s beautiful furniture as well.

The Coco Republic offers diverse services across the Asia Pacific; the studio works on home furnishing projects to renovations and multi-residential developments. Their design heritage is woven into the fabric of the company, offering not only sophisticated attention to detail but groundbreaking innovation combined with the finest craftsmanship and quality.


400 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley, 4006

9. 5 St Barts

furniture stores brisbane
By Camille Santiago on Broadsheet/Copyright 2022

5 St Barts is owned by beautiful princes Jasmine Smith and Leanne Pearce. They both are travelling lovers and describe themselves as ‘peripatetic souls’. They offer mind-blowing brass sculptures, woven light fittings, hand-carved cabinetry, and a variety of soft furnishings made by hand, except for rattan chairs only.

Once you visit the place, it doesn’t matter whether you brought up something or not, but you will enjoy the designs and the softness of the sofas like royal peoples feel. The place and décor will not disappoint you at all.


6/ 31 James St, Fortitude Valley, 4006

10. Domayne

Furniture stores Brisbane
Image Source: Domayne Website

Last but not least, Domayne Furniture store. The best things come in the last, which is the Domayne Furniture store. If your style and taste are apart from normalcy and your love is inclined towards modesty and Authenticity, then Domayne is your stop!

They sell the best stuff like deep-seated linen couches, hand-thrown pottery, Chinoiserie lamps, Spanish trinket trays, and coral focal pieces. Before visiting the shops physically, you can get in touch with the shop/store online first to make your hunt easier.


1/1058 Ann Street Shop 1, First Floor, Homemaker City Fortitude Valley

furniture stores brisbane
Jackson Stock Photography on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

We want to acknowledge you that all the shops mentioned above are the best furniture stores in Brisbane and all are apart from others with their unique style and architecture. All of them have the best staff, which helps the customers in every way. They also offer an online furniture store to make the shopping more sufficient in furniture Stores Brisbane.

To know about the Special offers, discounts, and prices to purchase your home décor, we would like to suggest you browse their website. Have a search for their price range and shop or furniture store location for your convenience.


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