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Fresh 5 Gringo Casino Games from Smaller Software Providers in 2023

New releases by major software providers always get a ton of attention at online casinos. At the same time, smaller developers frequently get overlooked, and some of them definitely deserve more attention than they get. In 2023, there have been at least two hidden gems released at 5 Gringos that deserve the attention of the players.

Fate’s Fury

The first 5 Gringo Casino game the players should try out if they are looking for a fresh experience is called Fate’s Fury. It was released by GameArt, which is not exactly an indie game developer, but the company is definitely much smaller than industry leaders like Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Yggdrasil, and others.

When trying out a game by a smaller provider, the players should be ready to have the game’s visuals be not as polished as in titles made by massive developers. It is reasonable, since smaller developers don’t have the same budgets. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to games that play well, as the developers will be able to improve visuals for their next releases, if the slots become successful enough.

Fate’s Fury is a perfect example of this, as the game has a ton of visual effects that could be improved upon. Nevertheless, the unique approach to the gameplay process makes the title much more interesting than some slots with much better visuals.

The developers at GameArt took the concept of Symbol Collection to the next level, as the game has two separate bars that can be charged by spinning the machine and matching corresponding combinations. The bars are associated with the two main characters of the slot, and each of them has their own unique special abilities.

When one of the bars is charged, a random special ability of the corresponding character is activated, which triggers various additional mechanics in the game. The list of such mechanics includes launching free spin rounds, spawning more Wild Symbols, adding multipliers to the payout, and many others.

The game has an unparalleled replay value, and what’s even better its RTP value is higher than average. It reaches 96.51% in this game, while the maximum payout multiplier is an impressive x10,000. Fate’s Fury is definitely worth trying out, and the players of 5 Gringo Casino should give a chance to the next GameArt release on the website as well.

Zodiac Hunting

The situation with Zodiac Hunting is rather similar to the one with Fate’s Fury. The game was released by KA Gaming, and it is a software provider of a medium size. It had some very successful releases in the past, but it is definitely less popular than some of the leading casino game developers available in the 5 Gringo Casino lobby.

Zodiac Hunting is the latest title released by this company, and it is definitely worth checking out. When the game launches, the players can choose between three game modes, which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. This choice determines the betting ranges and the potential rewards the users will get in the game.

The gameplay process of Zodiac Hunting is definitely unique, as the title is not a regular slot machine. Instead, the players control a turret that automatically fires shots in the selected direction. At the same time, different enemies can be seen on the screen, and destroying them grants various payouts.

The process itself is already entertaining, but the game is also packed with additional features like random prizes and even boss encounters with massive payouts. The RTP value of Zodiac Hunting is 96%, which is higher than average for the industry. The game has a demo version, so the players can easily try it for free before spending any real funds on it.

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