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Enjoy the Thrill of a Lifetime with Wollongong Skydiving!

Fasten your seatbelts folks, to embrace Skydive Sydney-Wollongong which will surely give you once in a lifetime experience. This ultimate thrill of tandem skydiving from up to 15,000 feet above North Wollongong Beach is being conducted in Sydney and this adventurous sport is available on various dates.

The price of a regular ticket amounts to AUD 418.95 only and it can be purchased on FEVER or simply clicking on the link.   

Top Pick Aspects of the Activity

Are you an adventure enthusiast seeking some excitement in life?

Don’t worry pal, we are here to give you the most thrilling experience ever with the Tandem beach skydiving over Wollongong from a height of up to 15,000 feet.

Here you will witness the adrenaline rush as you fly over the crystal-clear North Wollongong Beach at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, as you take a leap of faith from Australia’s highest altitude of 15,000 feet. 

Skydive Sydney-Wollongong
Skydive Sydney-Wollongong/ FEVER

Feel the vastness of Sydney in a freefall of over 60 seconds and enjoy the beauty of Australian mountains and landscape in this seven-minute dive.

Additionally, you can enjoy the great marine life of the area. If you are lucky enough you might get a chance to see dolphins and whales in the clear oceans underneath you.

Also, please take note that tandem skydiving is also accessible for wheelchair users and additionally, after completing the skydiving, you shall be eligible to receive a three-month membership to the Australia Parachute Federation (APF) as well as a customized achievement certificate 

People who want to flaunt the dive in front of friends and family we got your back. We have photo as well as video packages available which can be purchased on site.   

Additional Details You Must Know about the Skydive

  • Age: The minimum age requirement for tandem skydiving in Australia is 16 years and any person under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by parents or Legal Guardians. Also do note that official approval from APF is a must for those under the age of 16 years. 
  • Weight: People whose weight crosses 94 Kilograms are required to pay extra charges. 
Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime at Wollongong Skydiving!
Photo by Russ Jani on Pexels/ copyright 2017
  • Attire: We recommend you wear a comfortable pair of clothes that are not too tight. Also, wear an enclosed pair of footwear. Additionally, it is strongly advised that you remove all loose pieces of ornaments including dentures to prevent loss of any valuables.   
  • Emergency Number: In case of any emergency contact the following number 1300 663 634


A regular ticket for tandem skydiving up to 15,000 feet for people above 16 years amounts to $418.95 only. 

Purchase your tickets from FEVER and select a date most suitable for you as there are various dates available. 

Skydive Sydney-Wollongong with the Skydive Australia crew

Embrace Yourself to Experience a Thrilling Skydive in Sydney-Wollongong

  • What: Skydive Sydney-Wollongong.
  • Where: North Wollongong Beach at Cliff Road, North Wollongong.
  • When: Various dates available which can be selected while purchasing a ticket).
  • Time: Seven-minute fall to enjoy the breathtaking view out of which 60 seconds is a free fall.  
  • Tickets: Click on this link to avail your tickets or visit Fever.


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