Florence Broadhurst: 4 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Florence Broadhurst was an Australian painter and designer who caught the limelight for her unique colourful prints. She was known for her vibrant and imaginative prints, which she had made into tiles that could be used to play a game of tic tac toe.

She was an innovative and influential artist. She is known for her creative and eccentric art, and her version of tic tac toe combined unique aesthetics with the classic game.

Her signature prints were often complex, featuring intricate patterns, textiles and vibrant colours. Broadhurst’s designs often included floral and geometric prints and were used to decorate various items such as plates and wallpaper.

She also wrote books and had her very own fabric line; Broadhurst‘s influence as an artist and designer can still be seen today in various products and designs.

She received many awards during her lifetime and was inducted into the Fashion Institute of Technology Hall of Fame in 2007.

1. The Early Life of Madame Pellier, a.k.a Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst had an exciting life. Born in 1899, she was an Australian-born painter, textile designer, and entrepreneur. She grew up in rural Australia. She had a carefree independent spirit from a young age, often leaving home to explore her surroundings.

In 1922, she moved to England and studied at the Royal Academy of Arts before returning to Australia in 1927 to establish her own fashion label. She came to be known for her bold and vibrant artwork.

She initially studied music, played in a jazz band, and wrote plays. Florence Broadhurst‘s designs were so famous that she was a part of the fashion label of many interior designs, furniture, computer and furniture collections.

In 1936 she moved to Sydney and began to work in commercial art as a textile designer. During the following decade, she started experimenting with various mediums, such as watercolour and oil paintings, successfully completed Broadhurst wallpaper, and later launched Broadhurst academy.

Florence Broadhurst came to be renowned for her abstract, avant-garde painting style. Her work began to be exhibited in galleries around the world.

She was a founding member of the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales and, later, also went on to become a member of the Society of Interior Designers of Australia.

She was not just an artist but also an accomplished businesswoman, having set up several successful fashion labels. She used her eye for business and design to create beautiful patterns, textiles and prints and used them in her clothing line.

After her studies in art school, Florence travelled to Europe and America, where she studied a variety of styles and movements. Florence was particularly inspired by the avant-garde movements of the time, and her work often incorporated elements of cubism and surrealism.

2. Triumph of Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst was a prolific designer who left an indelible mark on the art world. She achieved success in a variety of fields, such as fashion, wallpaper design, and painting. Her work was celebrated internationally and has been exhibited in many renowned galleries.

She was also the first Australian woman to receive a design patent for her wallpaper designs.

Florence Broadhurst achieved great success in her professional life, particularly in design. She was renowned for her vibrant colours and materials, often featured in her wallpapers and fabrics.

Among all the interior designers in the 90s Australia, she was one of the most innovative designers, and her work has remained popular and influential to this day. Florence also contributed to the fashion industry and had several successful labels to her name.

Her most successful venture was the House of Florence.

She was widely known for her bold and vibrant designs that innovatively used colour and pattern. She was a pioneer in creating original prints in an industry that was primarily dominated by mass-produced reproductions.

Also known as Madame Pellier by most french people, Florence Broadhurst’s designs and work have been featured in international galleries from Australia to the countries like the United States, Southeast Asia, Mount Perry, Sydney, China, and New Zealand.

Her designs continue to be celebrated by the design world for their timeless beauty.

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Broadhurst’s work was incredibly influential in the Australian fashion and design scenes of the time. Her designs were used in many high-end fashion labels in Australia, and her wallpapers were highly sought after.

She was even commissioned to create a design for the Royal Australian Mint in 1975. Her achievements were celebrated with a retrospective of her work at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in 2006.

Florence Broadhurst had a lifelong passion for design and was a career-long artist. She created over 500 unique designs, ranging from traditional botanical prints to geometric abstracts.

Her designs were featured in many galleries, including the V&A Museum located in London. She also won numerous awards for her designs, and her work was collected by many famous figures, including Sir Elton John and Princess Diana.

3. The Famous Broadhurst Tic Tac Toe

In recent history, the game has been adopted by the designer Florence Broadhurst, who created a modern version of the game and sold it in her studio.

This version of the game involves a colourful pattern printed on a board, with either Xs or Os used to mark spots on the board. While the game is a classic, it has been adapted to fit into a modern aesthetic.

Her version of the century-old game came to be known as the “Broadhurst Tic Tac Toe” and was made from hand-painted tiles she designed in the 1930s.

As a variation on the classic game, Broadhurst’s version used a combination of classics X’s and O’s along with her own unique designs. This unique version of the game is still popular today and can be found in many homes and game stores around the world.

4. The Murder Enigma

Florence Broadhurst was tragically murdered in 1977. To this day, her murder remains unsolved, and her killer still remains a mystery. She was murdered in her Paddington studio. Her body was found lying beside 2 cups of tea and cookies in Sydney.

Her killer was never found, but her legacy lives on through her art and designs.

She is remembered as an iconic figure in the world of design and fashion, and her legacy continues to inspire many artists and designers today. Her designs have been featured in many prestigious fashion labels and galleries, and her influence is still felt in Australian fashion and design scenes.

Her work is a testament to her boldness and creativity, and she continues to be a source of inspiration for many artists and designers today.

Her work is still highly sought after, and many of her designs have been re-released in recent years. Her legacy has inspired many artists and designers, and she continues to be an iconic figure in the world of design and fashion.

Her murder still remains unsolved to this day, and her killer remains a mystery. Even though her life was cut short, Florence Broadhurst has left a lasting legacy in the art, singing and design world.

Her work continues to be celebrated, and her influence is still felt today in the Australian fashion and design world.

Her designs have been featured in many high-end fashion labels and galleries around the world, and she has become a beloved icon of Australian fashion and designers. Her work is a testament to her passion for design and her commitment to her craft.

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